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Mrs. Partington On Weddings

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is a solemn tlnng in matrunony - a very solemn thing - when tho minister come into the chancery with liis surplus on, and goes through tbe ceremony of inaking them man and wife. It ought to be husband nnd wife, for it, isn't every hueband that turns out to be a man. I declare I nevcr shnll forget when Paul put the 'nuptial ring' on my finger and said 'with my goods I thee endow.' He used to keep ' a dry goods store then, nnd I thought he was going to give me the whole was in it. ï was young and simple, and didn't know till afterwards that it meant one calicó gown a year. It is a lovely sight to see young people ' blighting tbe trouth,' as tbe song says, and eoming up to 'consume tbeir vows.' JJtST Rather unexpected was thereply of ihe 11 r chin who, on being arrainged fur playing marbles on Sunday, and stenity asked, ''Do vou know where thoae little boys ga who play marbles on Sunday?' "Yes, sotne on'em goes to the common, and some on'em goes down by tho river."


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