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Another Scare In Canada

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Intelligence of the tnost xtartling character has come to üs through a ebannel which leaves no doubt of ita correctne. Certain persons in Canada Lave been datected in a treasonable correspondence, the object of which was to induce tha Federal government to invade the prorince, overtbrow British süpertnacy, and bring us under subjection to the Lincoln dynasty. This corrcspondence has been pursued y Mr. Archibald, the British Consul at tfew Pork, who has communicated the "acts to the Imperial government. If our government should feel that it would not be compromising itself or ifs friendi t will doubtless be able to obtain tha necessary information by applyiug to the Sritisi) consul at New York ; but if t should fear tomike such a movo the facts will naturally come back frora Ëngland, in an official shape. But time should not be given to allow the conspirators to escapo. What can we expcct lowever, from men who believe no ar nameut is the best armament for Canada? Thero is no mistaku about it, we are surrouuded by traitors. Meu who admired he American government when it was a Fiepublic, und contained manv points calculated to challenge admiratiou, now as eagerly worship the despotism whicb ias supervened ; and maDy of them fau cy they are consistent. It is well that the names of the parties engaged in this treasonable correslondenee have not transpired; for unlesa -hey were at once placed uttder the protection of a prison, it would be impossib' oiwuarantee their stcutity again&t the ndignation of the people. justly Ücensed at the attempt to betray the country into the hands of a foreign power, ana )lace on the neeks of the people a yoke of despotism more intolerable than that of Turkey or Kussia.


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