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Singular Spectacle In Battle

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At the battle of Stone Eiver, wbile .bo meu were lying behind a crest waitDg, a braee of frautic wild turkeys, s aralzed with friglit thutthey were incapable of flying, ran betweeu tlie lines, aud eudeavored to Lide amopg the nieuv 3ut the frenzy acuong the turkeys wa not as touohing as the exquisito fiifjht of he birds and rabbits. When the roar of the battle rushed through tho cedar hickets, flocks of little birds fluttered and circ'led above the field in a state of utter bewilderment, and scores of rabbit led foa protection to our men lying down n line oa the left, nestllog under their eoats aud creepiog ander their legs iu a state of utter distraction. They hopped over the field like toads, and as perfectly amed by fHght as housohold pets. - Wany ofiSoers wituessed it, reraarking it as one of the most singular spectaclfl ever eoeu upon a battle-fielá.


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