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Raw Hides

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How few persons know tho valueof raw hides! It seerns ulniost strange ,o see them sell all their "deaon" kin 'or the smal! Biim of about thirtyorfory cents. Take a strip of well tanneci raw hide an inch wida and a borse car ïardly break it by pulling back - twoof hem he cannot break any way. Cut nto narrow strips and shavo the hair ofl with a nharp knife, to use for bagf stringe, the strings will outlast two sets of bugs. Farmers know how perplexng it is to lend bags and bnv tttni returned minus strings. It yriU outiast loop iron (common) in any shape and s strongor. It is goo-d to wrap uround a brokea thil! - beiter tban iron. ïwose;s of raw hide halters will last it man's liie time - if he dem't Jivo too ong. In gome placea-theSpaniards uwe raw lide log chaina to work their cattle with, cut narrow strips, and twisted togeiher lawsor fashion. It can be tanned so ,hat it wil! be solt and tiliabïo ?ike harDoss leather.


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