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Quantrel!, we believo, is a resident o Western Missouri, and belongrng to th men who beeame notorious in 1854 n Border Kuffianp, oppressing the early settlers of Kansas, burning and estroypg the houses of the pioneers, and endeavoriig by fraud and rapiño and rour der tó force ulaveiy upon Kansas agaiiist the will of the people, - Philadelpkia I'ress. Thcrc's where you are wrong. Quantrell was an early resident of LawTenoe', wbcre he went by tho name of Charles Hart, as any well posted man will teil you. In 1S54 hé ma anytiiing but a ';Border Euffitm," in the sense in which the Press applies the term. He was "on tho èoïrtrary quite tho reverse." Ho was a inember of Jennison's regiment, and proved himstlf an apt pupil underbis tuition. Of late ycars he seems to have Bultordinated the qnestion of po'itics to that of brigandage, and althougb he now professes to bo a rebel, holding a commipsion of sotne sort from Jeff. Davis, it makes very little difference to him by what name he is ealled, so that he gefs all the plunder he wnnía. His relations with pil the leadinn; briginds and Red Legs of Kansas were of lie most friendly charaeter - so mueh 80 that they liever did eaeh other müèh harm in battle or otherwise - and Quantrell's plunder of horsos, mules, cattle and valuables have frcqucntly been fmnd in the market in Ku'jsas. ■


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