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Frankfort, Sept. 1. Governor lirrunletto was inaugurated lo-duv. In bis inaugural he contnils tbat, tl.e revolied Suites did not hiiBe their slatns by njbeliing thnt all Uut is itecbusary is fbr them to roturo Ui their fealty to take their pot-ition as Btatcs; that ttie rebellion did not remit tliein to a territorial status. He says we have novv, and will huve when tile rcbcllion clo-'cs, tho idcritical Donstttfllion vs bieb tin: extitímists peek to ili stroy - tbe one by innovalion, t!ie ether by ibrco. It is nol, a restored Union, not a reconstruoted Union, thnt Kentucky düsirus, buf. a preserved Union and a rastorttd pofloe upo:) a contitudooal basis. Tbe öoveinor Btfo.igfy abjeotö to t lio arming of negro regimentH, and 8fk uhat is to be done with such noldiers at the close of tbe wur, He poiiits to the result of the recent election as prooi tbat Kentucky uili not frateriHze U rebt-llion, citlitr o-en or ciAert. and deulared tbat Kenluckv h;is! bcc.-f!, no w is, and always will ieiiiain loyal to the government of jiir fuiliers.


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