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John M Botts' "commodore"

John M Botts' "commodore" image
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The N:i:4ivl!tí Uhitn says Gen. liosecrans eaptured ut or near Y 'inchestcr, the cclebr.-iteil lioi'se Commodore, formerly tibe ii. pn-ty of John 31. Bottn, ofl Vwgijii, eated and sold i.) Mujoj General Pulk for SlU.UOU; and m.liíied tho Gw cr.miint ut W;;ï!jin:,'!rH of tlie capture oí tina nuiiiiul. Tík; Scewítary of tbc Tre;iüury has direutetl j. lïnnvniuw to take charü! af the horse, take gooá cave of liiin, and al, llic jnoper timo l'urvvard liiin to Kentucky or Ohio, to benold, and if Mr. Jiot's .-; (!iii!!i(! to the prooeads) the. law provúlcs a uiethod of rocoveütts tlieiii t.'nouh the Ouui t of Plaitna. No (ither ]i!.;iiei,l' r.'stii! i njf (e horse to Mr. Iïoüs is at this time '(iraetieable. Mft Hotía tas tí, -d f;:i thfull v by tlic Uniou under groat diiEouities - has been in sevéral SOuttei prinons, and aii loyal men wili bc gwitiftod to üiü] that this captare inurea to his bcneiit. Oomuiodore is ;i small horse, dbout èfte'c hands liiirb, a ' dark b::y (lan in tJes!i, rtHd abor.fc twenty jears. He shows hia blood, however, iind is no ordinary animal.


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