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A New G'rleáns corresponclönt of the Chicago Times, writing under date of the 19th inst., .says : It s evei-yW.hero asserted that the attack on MÓTife will sfiortfy be muele by three corps, undcr the xsMMtttctié ol G-ens. Fr:.i;kl.n, O rd and Herrón the whole dnder tha direciion ni Maj. Gen. Banks. Gen Ord's corps lias arrived at Carrolltnn, boye the city, and raiiny of his troops can now lie sen in the" city. Gen Frántfiñ has his beadquarters at Baton Rouge, and Gen. Her:üü is oü the way clown the riverü Most of ttie vesíeís of war nnd mortar boafs í ro said to have ffone, preparatorv to the rednetion of Fort Möfgflö at ihc nth of Mobile hnibor - Adwiirai Farragut is said to k-ad the fleet. The principal base o( operations aífüiiist Mobile is muJerstood to be Fasc:i!foula. forty-fivo miles frotn the fofmer place. The great stronchold of Alab-.una is expected to fáfi in lessthan thrce weeks. The pcoph; by the steamer Champion aerl tímt Gen. Gr:,nt is on his wav lo íismime commíind of this depnrtment, irfiávíng Gen. Banks, and the lat'er General ra bfl be recalled to Wiishirxrton, there to be assigned to an important position. Gen. Grant ia saidto have dcélared Ihat the whoïe country boitdéffltg on the BJississijjpi Bou!d be imrnediau-ly tbrown open to iinrestiieted ooninieroe; that military rn!e wuh too rígitF, as at present, for operntions of tradc; tlia it was beiter a few shouid be detected and punished in Ilegal traffic t'ian that the vast mn.jority shouid ewffer by unwise and wholesale prohibitious.


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