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General Mcclellan's Report

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The Philadelphia Aye assnres its raiders, upon the best autliority, tliat Gen. McClellan has not oi:ly transmitted his report to the War Department, but aiso that he accompnnied it with an earnest recjuest tluit, if the Department dectined the tiouble and nf its publicatipBj he should be allowed to pubhsh it himielf, at hts own cost. V het her (snva the Age) the adiiiinistration will grant liim even tliis privilege is very uncertain; and as the rule which forbids the pablieation of oflmaJ reports, except under the sanction of the War Departmeut, is pei enu'tory, it ffi piobablo thüt the country wiil DOt be permitted to learn the trulh about the eampaigns under Gen. lUcOlKllan's cominand nntil the present adniiuistration bas been turued out of office. '■ Wc underst;nd that this report is an elabórate and carèftil histnry of the services of the Army of the ' tatnad during Gen. 3IcClcllan's connee tiini with it, and that it will constitute a must thorouirh and authentic record of tl;; most i:uportant military events which occurred up to November of lust year, and that in tact, it will prove one of the most valnable contribuí ions to military history that ever appeared."


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