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Estáte of MiohaóTÍDiñoñ" LTVTEUF MICHIGAN, Countyol Washtenaw „ Alisessmaofthe PcobatoCowl u,e Ountr .sl,..n,,v, I,,,,,,,,, líbate Cffieo in iSg, nn Arto ...i rDjiwUjr.tte Bral flaj „f 8epilmíL PwMntjTliam,, .fudgc of Probate Jln ffie matter ol the E.iat ol Michaol Dilloni decMj 1 ' '■■■ ' ■' .i lor the hoaringof Bi.l petítion ial Othttiteniuu intented In sid c,-,tate. are rc„W of thepetitiowr should not be granttd: ► ive to persons in,,,esl,,l in ,aM tal " the penciencj of ?ald petiti, n. and the' hearing tbcriof' b' chu.,,,,., wjrrefthis Order tobepublished in lU Mtck,ga„ATgu3,n-aeip!ip.r printed and circuUti .ns„,,i (,„„„,-,:, WMMenj, t'hrc-e succcssive w,2 previous to saló .!uy ,1 beárhJg ' f A truc Cojiy.) TlIOlíiS NIXDE ' Juilge of Probali. A FEW KEASOÑS VVHYTHË" American Watch IS THE BKST. It UnjaJe on the best principie, while the foreip .tch is geaeralJy maiJeon no prir.ciple at all. lis look at the contrast. The foreign w.tch il raostly made by womeu and boys, ij, hand. While th Inbcrischeap.theirworkis dear at any price. tui watohea are marie without plan, and sold without gui,. anteo. They are irregular in construction, ani] quiten Irregular in movement. Ttej aie deigned only to 11, andthebuyer is ttic party most thoroughly eolj. Tiio.-e ivhn havekept "ancres," "lepmen" and "Swiu levers'' in professad repair for years will apprccilt. the treft of otir statement. rh.e Pían (f the Amanean Watch. Instead of bciag made uf seyeralbundred littlepiecM, ncrewed together, the body of the American Watch i formed of SOLID PLATES. No jar inferieres with th harruony of its working, anti no sudden sbock eu ttmnv its tnachinery out of gear. Pecessionof one pan from in-ithcr is unknown to t constitution, and inriding ,.r uny tuHHM pw,uit, it !a all held together u lirmly as a single piree of metal. It is just wht all macïiinery .should De - Ist. ACCCRATE. 2a. SDIl'LE. 34. PTRONO. 4th. ECOXO3UCAL. We not only secure 11IKA1'XES by onr system, bit Y. We do not pretend that our Waicb can bt bought for lessmoney t'ian tlis foreign makcbtlina bil that for its Wal vaíue it is solrt for one half the prit. OCR SOLDBER'3 WATCH (nsmrf Wm . Ellcry) l what its name inriicatis- Rolid, Subatantial, and alwaji Ri-liiibk - ivanunleil to stand any amount of Marchinp Ri iiii or Fightin; OURNKXTIÜGIIER QUALIÏY OF WATCH (nameá P P. ÜAIITI.KT I') is similar in size and general appiaranee, but has moro jewels,anda more elabórate fiuiih. ODK LADIES' WATfll, recoutly brought out, ij pul npmagreai varièty of patterns, many of tbem ol rare beauty and rorkmanship,is quite small, but warrantid to keip urna OCR YOlN-1 GENTLEMAN'S WATCH is neat.not large and just the tliing for IHe pockètof Toung America. ÏB! PHOOF of the merita of our Watch msy 1 found in the act tbat we now employ over flve huldred workmen in our factorios, and that wo are til unable to supply the constantly increasing demaod. OUR Tlll'.EK QUARÏER PLATE WATCH is thinmt andlightertban the others wc have described. Itl flne cïroiiomtter Kallance is delicately adjusted to correct the vanation caused by char.ges of tempertture. These W.itches are chronomi-lrically rated, ld aiethe liuils of the latest experiments in chronome' try and ai-e mftèlf by our best workmen, in a eparatï dopartmont of ourfactory. For the finest timekeep l irs ÜK-y challenge comparison with the besl ivorks of tlie most inmous KnIish snd Sirias makerl. ROUBINS & APPLETON, Ageiisforthe Anuilenn IVatcI Coinpnnf, ta 182 BííOADWAV, Y. IIÜST NATIONAL BANK ■ IÑTIISr .A-IRIBOIR,Subscription Agency for IJ. 5:20 Loan. Wearenow authorized to rcceive subscrirtionï H United States 5:20 Six per Cent Bonds AT PAR fnr Legal lindar N'otas, or Xew Ycirk exchang-. Riterest on tliea luni.u u pajabje M'mi-aumiallj Ciold. They are h1m egempi nom IbxAtroti C. H. KlCUliOND, Aon Arboi-, Aug. Í4, 18C3. 919tf Cnshicr. M1GU1GAÜÍ CEXTRAL imBÖïE Passeogei i nuw Unu e Uetroit, Chicago, ftsd tb severalátatioiis m ÊtiUCVuhfy ,s fpñawa : GOING WEST. Lv&ve Mail. Ex. .liu-k.Ac. NightE"; Detroit. s:ioa.m. t.'.Oa.ji. 6.08 p.m 7-iO r. ■ Vpsilanti, 655 " !.1Ü " 6.30 " 8.55 " AtinArbor, 7 ..15 " 9.8 " 6 55 " 915 i IVMcr, 7.Í0 -1 f M. 7.25 '■' ---' ' Chdsca, g.00 " " 7.4S ii _1 ■■ Ar.UlncHk'", B.30 " ;!;0lr, Th'e mail Iratú'goe&only to Michigan City. # goixi; kast, I.earc. Kiht Kx. Jack. Ac. .Mail. Pny I'x._ 7.10 i'.M. r.(()A.M 7.Í0A. j.:i5 a M. 3.05 p. M. l'.'.f.,r ' d.ñó " Ö.35 " - - , Aun Albor, 4.45 A. M. (1-30 " 3.50 r. K. 4.48 F'. V-ilauli, 5,05 '■ -55 '■ 4.15 " 5.00" Ar.Uctrit, C.05 " 8.15 " 5.40 " 6.'-'0 " Trainl Ho not ston at stations wbtrc figuresareomi''. teiliutho tab:('. Tfidijsr !-■ ■ ■ .lb theGicat Western an Grnna'l'rahlailwBjsVj CajiaSn.and Oie [lettottiij l'"li'ili., 1:1.1 I --t i ,i.' ;,n 1 Miiuuiki? Rulro4i '?i At tin ('(■tnp:uy's Ticket Offices at Detroit, Ch'Wi! Julirt ■!".! llayetto, tbroIi tickets can bi; (orchM4 ro-i II th ■ ;. iic-i;vil cine nthe l'iiitcil fla'M '"[.' XURIOUP SI REPINO CAUS npon li riifhl tfil! Ruttan7s celebrated Yeatflating Apparatus i'on aJ1 ilav trains - the best dust prerentativê in uw. R N. RICE, General SupciiuUndcnt. M C. B. E. Offlce, April 17, MfJ.


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