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HEIMSTREETS Inimitable Huir Rcstorative. IT IS NOT A DYE, But restores gray linirtoits original colur, by Bnpplyngthe capiïïary tubS with n;itur:il sustiMiaiu-c, impaircd by age ur disease All instaxtaneous dijes are composad of lunar caustff, jlestroying the vitality and beautyoftbe hair, and affbrd of themselves do dressing. Heimstreet'a Inimitable Coloring not only restores hairto its natural color by an easy procesa, but gives the hair a Luxiu-lmit Ucnuty, promotes its growth, preventsits falling off, eradicates Jandrnff, an.i imparts health and pleasantness to tne nead. H liasstood the testo!' time, being the original Hair Qelotíng-, and ia constatly increasing ín favor. Usedbj both gentleman ana ladies. It ia sold by all reepectable dealer, or can be procured by them of H-i commt-rcial agenta, U.S. Baráea & Co. 202 Btoadway New -York. T-o sies, 50 cents and $1. 6m894 S-T-1860-X. DKAKE'S PLANTATION BITTERS. Tl'cy purify, atrengthen and invigorate. They créate a healthy appi'tile. They arean antidote to chance of wívter and diet. Tbey overeóme efteets of dissipation and late hours. They.atrangtben tlie y stem aul enliveti miad. Tlioy prevent niiasmatic and ntermittent l'cvt-rs. They purify the breath ana acidity of the stomach. Tlifv oure dyspepsia apd Qons.tipatloo. Tbey cure Diarrhea, Cholera and Chole Morbus. They cure Livor Complaip.c and Xervous Headache. They are the best bitters in the worli . Tney makt the weak man Bttong, and are exhau-ted nature's great restoror. Thpy are nvulc of pare St. Cmix Hum, the celebi ited Calisaya Bark, roota and lierbs, and are taken ivith the pleasureof a beverage, without renard to age or time "f day. Farticularly recommended to delicate uuiriiig a gentle stinuilant. Sold by all Groceis, Druggists, Hotels andSaluuns. P. H. Drake&Co. 20:2 Broadway New York. 6m!H . LYON'S KATÍIAII10IÍ. Katnairon la trom the Oretk wurl, ('K;ithro," or ;Katli;iir)," higa ify ing to cloanse, vejiivinato and restore. Tlïijj ariiole is wiiiit its n mefcigaïtwiS. Forpreserving, ftsloringaud beautifying ïhe liuman üair itia the most roroarkabtle prepara tion in the world. It s again owued and ntit öp Ky the m%imtl proprietor and Ís now made with the sarae care, skill and attaation wbich gave it a sale of oVer one million bottlesper annum Jt is anxeetattlightfol Itai Dressing, Itractotesscurf and dandruff. It keeps thé hpart cnol nnd clean. It malees Üie .hair rlch, suft and glossy Itpreveníta t!;cliair frbjn r.-iüïn-otTund turning gray It restoïa hair upon bal ï Uemls. Ai'.y lady or gentleaiaB whO values i beauLiful hend of hair sboúra use Lyón's fCattarion. It is known ;ind ased fchroughou,t pie ciyilized world. gold by all reape :t tbjfi (JealèrS. 6m8W DEMA? S. 3ARXES & CO.,Prop'rs, X. Y. 1CT TWEXTT-ONE YEARS AGO-XD Mb. O. O. iï.usTOL a di.sting-uished Cbemist and Druggist of the ei y of HuiTalo, N, V., invtiiited and manufacture idknnwnas URi.-TOL'S BALHAM OF H'JAKIIOÜND. which is a prii-ct m-küic for cougus, coi-DS, or any B]'.ociMAi, or i.rvi; niKFirrLTiF.s a ris mg from ':nijp, oW, or sudden cbange of tlie Every e'rson ho has ever taken liKIriTOL'S BALSA M OF ÜÜAnfioUXD, prpnounce's it the bíftt ariete ever invonted ; and s'ó jötly cdebraled has ït becomL1. the ui.u-kct is already Cu.ll of ïmltattons, counterfeits, and most thmero-jii cóiqpouná under ihe name of Bal aam of Hoarhound, Therefore, nhvays be caraful to cali for Balfl im-, aud see thaí, his WU1TTKX signature is on the outside label oi Ihe bottle. Xliis invaUiabU? Medicine has been now some twenty-öiie years before the pabhc an 1 without any efforl on the part of propriötor, iïs sale lias bfoorae very extensive, and is da'ly incrasing. Tlie low price at wüich ;he fifedicine is sol (36 ChNfj enables ALL to partake ot its healing qualitiea; O. C IOSBY,BÜTALO, N . Y. Sole ra.Liiufucturer, to whum all o r dei 8 should be addreased, For byall respfecrable áruggists, lycowSSS A CüRD TO THE LADiES. DR. 1jItPOJW3 GOLDEN P1LLS FOR FEMALES. Enlallible m cumictlng, reulating and removing .illob structiuoí-, irurn whatevcr e-iuse, and alwiiya sacutsaful as a preveutive. The comljinatum of ingrediente in Dr. Duponco's Solden l'ills for {Témales are perfeetly harmltss. They have been used in the private practice of Dr. Dupouco Ore -a) yeajffi,and tÜoa&wads F ladies can testify to it and never faiÜDg succesa in nlmoftf every case iacorrecting irreularities, relicving p&inful and (listressiiiLT mcristf u&tioñ , particularty at the changa of Yfe. Frtmi iivf to ten pillswill cure that cotnmnn yet .irciiilful compi.iint, tlu; Whites Xi-arly every female in'ue land Buffets fri m this ccjnipkiint. The above Pili has pefmanently cured thous.inds. uu they wiUcure j ou i!' yon ose them. Thy can no t l:ai m you; un the contra ry . they remove all obstructions, re .store nature to ït s proper chao sel, and in tgornte tlie wboií sy:,ti-in. I.ailies wbose health will oot permit a 11 aerease of fatofly, Wlll tfnd these tílls a succt-ssíul i.adies {K'CMiíiíirly siUiatPl. or those sup. Iré so, should not use tliese l'ills d uring fche ti rs t tliree uionlhs, as tlu-y are cortuhi to pro dueemiscarriágé, "alter which admonition" the prop ,. : asaumes no responsil)iuty. altboíigb their müdíii'-s wüi prevent an injury t lienltn. The ingredíents 1 lov i'ilK are inade known to every Agent, and tliey will tell you they are safe and wil I perfonn all clnimed lor theui. Príce L1 por bux uld in AXN AliUÜLí, by . BTBBHH ís WILSON1. Pruffgists W. A. llf'XL', DniMEï Ladiw living -at a'rlistíince by st-tuling .llem $1,00 throuh tl(! Aun Arb'T !'Mt Hice, ean V9 the Pilis aent (Bbnfideatially) by mail, xu any part oí the couníry free oí po stage. V B. - Beware ufa base counterfeit of these Pilis.- Yon can bvy the counterfut anide a! auy pricefrons 25 to 76oetttss box (dearat that). LadiSs your live and health are oF too mut!) valué to be triíled with, besides beiag Infposed opou with a wortülesa afiícle. Therefore, any M) 'ttlerinü: you thftJW Pillsi'ur less than $1 % box, cni an yo'u wbuld polson, Tbey arebogs. None trae iiiilejas the naine of" S. E). HÜWEía on every box which lias recently bren addeloja accouat of the Pilis being couterfeited. Sofd Iso, bv K.WK fc MTTH, Yp.silaDti. 1;.!SS .í: Hi'KiíK.fackson, andby one drufre fcit ín every villni?e and city in the I'mted Strfe, hmHvv FARKAXi,t[ÍKEI.KYi: CO.. General State Agenta, Detr it. S. 1.1 IIOWK, SoIePréfor, 8;"yrs2 N'w Yobk. niPTIÍEKIA. DR. DEÖLUBO'S DIFTHERIA SPECÏFIC. CÖttTftlN C&SLt FOR DIPTIIEKIA AND CROüP. In Úrpftftfjm n-er200 CASKñ OF DIPTÍIPIA in iind aruund Koouster, Nr. Y., COXSIDKIiKlHI'l'E.'■;-:-. ha '(■ be'én cured with thís medicine. Ñames and retfideaoes can ÏK gíven. ai.:. Tu:-: i'inviciANs ti-iit.e now üSEit. !! never has faiVd to cune I Uet a ; it eosW 50 centa. i't r sale lv EBËRBACB &CO. i'i ■■, ati d ÉHd Fold hy 1 H3 VV. K. SK!N.VEU, RocUesteijN. Y. A GOOI) TTÍEE ÍS KNOWN SY ITtí PRCITi tío iti a poo'l pby-oiftn lji huí tiuccoesfijl Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYOKS, THOGEÍiT ANÜ CÉI.KBjtiTEI) PI1VMCJAN ÜF THE IllllOAT, tl'SGS ANÜ ( 111T, Knnivri ;il] OTCT t!u' countr; ;t8 tfie Ci-iubrated - INDIAN Ï1 K R 13 DOCTOR! From tuuth Anieriea", wíl! be at hís monis, -, LL HOUSK, I-KTiiuir, : I id Í9th, iii-..on Ule same dale of aud ovi.-ry .'-■:-ini iT iiMMJlli il.irirjr 8 12 and lb'li:;, A NKAT f'AMl'HUa1 OC tffe,8tudy and etKensKé treméis of Dr. Lyona 111 b" procure btaHwIw dfiir nc . freí óf chr.r. e. !);■ !. wi 1 vKH Ana Ar'or, Jackson.aod Adriau ..Ih.v.. : Aun Vrh..i , ifetiilpf Ü-ü i '.'0: h. íou uu ii u'.i ü,iic. 2isi ATriiiñ ■ fí m-c -j; 1 Hnad S3d. UODK DP EXMINATION. - í'Iltí T) -ct'f 'lUcfrn.s d-eaP({S '■.- . ]Jc, : t, - ■■! ,.. ::- , s no i ■■■■■ I imr ic q i!---'!,1 cu' t '".]■!.: 11 ■ íiip'i.u.--. AttfUclfd, eome ñni :i'il i Ue ii'Oiitioti oí lis!ainfd f re öf cïxaïfïe iD" TOBACUOYdh can trov tho bëot gradea o i-I A I'. O'liöWiXG ÏOJ3ACCÜ al l'ri'iu 5.0 eeiiie to One Dollar .iMüiíL'íG from llui-teec to twenty cents ívt SI. DEVA,XY'S TOBACCO AKD CIGAtt SlOI.'Ii. Sign - KS3 Inaittn. South side Hurón atrect, a lew doors ('rom Cook's Hotel. M. DEVANY. Ann Arbcr. Dí-c. 11, 1868. bS3tf TO THE LAD1ES OF AMERICA! ; MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD ! MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD ! MORE VALUABLE ÏHAN GOLD ! MO11E VALUABLE THAN GOLD ! Dr. JNO. L. LYON'S ] F 11 E N C II PERÏÖÜICAl DROPS, F R E IV C II PEMÜDICAL DROPS, F RE Kil PER1ODIGAL DROPS, fit P J PEHIÖDICAL DROPS, FOR FEMALES. FOR FEMALES FOR FEMALES, FOR FEMALES, SufTering from ïrregularitv, or Obstruetion of the Menses, frum wh&tever cause, IT ISSURE TO GURE! IT IS SÜHE TO CURE! IT IS SURE TO CURE ! IT IS .SURE TO CURE! it is impossible to enjoy the blooni of health, an] vivaeity of bpirits, unlesa tlie .Uenses ure regular hn to the time, th' quantity, and qunlily. Wlicn tliry are obairuotedt mature mak-'.s hei' effortü to obtatuforfp some oÜHïr uuik't, ind, unless these elïiuts oi' nature are assUted, tb patiënt usually expdrteftcés, and Hnally CON'SU MiTiOX 18snnie.s itfi sway, and preioaturtly teruiinattí.s a miserable life. IT REMOVES ALL OBSTRUCTIONS ! IT REMOVES ALLOlïSTKUCTIONS! [T REMOVES ALL OBSTHUCTIONS ! [T RKMuVES ALL OBSTKUCTIONS! IT TS A PERFECT REGULATOR! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR 1 IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR: BEAR IN JIIND. BEAR IN JIIND, BEAR IN MIKD, BEAli IN M1ND, THAT I GUAR ANTEE THAT I GUAltANTEE THAT I GUAKANTKE THAT I GUARANTEE My IiROPSTO Cl.'KE Suppresslou of tlie Mentes from wliatevev cause, thüueb care slioulií be takeu to stHCertainif preguancy bethe cause, as tiloso D1ÍOPS ffoulü bo sure tu produce miscarriagfc ; they will also cer'ainly 1'KEVENT eoncepTion. i!' taken twn ur three davrt bet'ore the in;in1hly period ; therel'"re, I wUh it ditiücty understooü Uiut I do not liolci myselt respousible when used such circumstanccfc. BUY THE BEST I BUY THE BEST ! BUY THE BEST! BUF THE UtST! EU Y THE SAFF.ST BUY THE SAFEST ! BUY THE SAFEST! BUY, THE SAFEST ! BÜY THE SURFST! BUY THE SUKEST ! BUY THE SUREST! BUY THE SUREST 1 WHICH IS LYCN'S DROPS. WHÏCH 13 LYON'S DROPS. WHICH IS I-YON'S DROPS. WHICII IS LYON'S DROPS. TE1EY ACT UKEA CHARM, by streijgthening and invigoratmg, and restoring the sy.-tciti To a hcalthy condition. It mbderates uil excei,, and removes all obstructíons, and a speedy cure inay be relied on. TO MARIilED LADIES, They aro peculiarly adapted, as tüey bring oa the inuutlily period withsuch perfect regularity. SURE TO DO GOOD ! SUKE fO DO GOOD! SURE TO DO GOOD! SURE TO DO GOOD! CANNOT DO HARM ! CANNOT DO HARM! GANNOT DO HARM! CANNOT DO HARM! I could furnih any quantity of testimoniáis of lts Mlicatv Iriira my mm paiiciits, but tlio practice of p&rading bought and fictitiuus ones befere the public is so preralent I dunui deern H ulvi.-ublo ,M ubject Is to place mj medicine before tlic public, not alone tu niake moiH'y, but ti dr g;.od Jt is proverbiallv lrue of the Aniencüu Laiiies, tliat not ten perteell hcalthy ones can be found in any oue vicmity. BE WIS.E IN" TIME ! BE WISE IN TIME I BE WISE IW TIME ! BE WISE IN TIME! Let not cÜBeaM destroy ynur constitution, Try a bottle of mj l'EHIODICAL IKOPS, and you will be satisfieó t!i:it I' an no hnpostor. Ten yoür alïlictcd friend what restnrel the bloom of health to your cheeks, and thereby confer a favor, more valnalile thr.n gold.- F(r p:i irifiil or cauly Mi-nstri;ition it is 1he thing I have U'nv roind-an -ia-tauce oC a lady who had been uifering from puinful mensti'tyition two orthreo years. confininii lier to her reomench time ; slic bail applieil tó severa] eminent physic:aT:s thout relief when one bi-ttleof my DROPS entirely cured her. ONE BOTTLE uTJRES! ONE B'TTI.E CURES! ONE BOTTI.E CURES! ONE BOTTLE CURES! In almost every cnse. D3 NOT BE 'MPOSED UPON ! DO NOT BE IMPOSEI) HPON DO NOT RK IMPOSEDUPON! EO NOT BE IMPOSED UPON ! But cutthisout anl senil it to your Druggist, and if ho ha ootgotlt,make nim buy it fcf you ; or, il iniy I b oblamod al ihe General Agents foi;.tl}.s United Sla tes c. g. cL,,vnrc & co , YilULESALE Bjll(i(;iSTR, Nr.iv Ha vin , Cox. Korsalu by a'H' rosnectabló Dïu.ïgist. J-j ice, $1.00 bittle, and by Stebbina & Wilson, GrfnrUlg k rullia-, F.berbach &Co. I'reparud by J.vo. L. Lvo.v, M. T), ly90-. 1063. May. 1863. isriE-w SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, AT THE "Old Corner!" I am uow receiving a woll SELECTED STOCK OF NEW G OODS, ÏOK TUK Spring and Summer Trade, CONSISTINO OP STAPLE DRY GOODS, DRESS GOODS, TRIMMINGS, SHAWLS, HOOP SKIRTS, BOOTS AND SHOES, NOTIONS, &c, &c. Also i f uil assortment of Family Groceries! 11 nf vvhic.h were bought low and are to be SOLD CIIEAP FOB CASH. The highest Ma: ket prrce paid for %KF 'O O 3 l C. B. THOMPSON. At the Farmers' New Cash Store, Corner of Main and Washington sts. (00 Uf) Ann Arbor. öaëp"ets7 OILCLOTHS, CA K TON MATTUXGS, Largest & Best in the city, Just Received at HENION & GOTT'S. Aun Albor, April 23, 18G3. 901tf. For Sale. Two Dwelling Houses ! 1TW0 STORY FRAME nWEI.LING HOLSK and Lot 4 x 8, now occupied . li Barleson. Fóssessfan givenOct. 1,1W. 1 "X 'IORY FRAME DWEILJN6 HO.UPE, BARN. and LoT,4x a, noy oicupii'il by I Klly, Msesiim givén Apri! Iftt, 1804, good cellars, cisterns and on.t about tlie premisps. Property n rijoitiiij the house of L. C Ri-idcm on William streel, Ann Arbor.- For lurther particular intiuire of AXDRFW BELL. Ann Arbor, ïlay 14, 1S63. Ot( j_ FAIRBANKS' jTpTj Standard gljRs -liso, IVarehouse TrucJts, Letter Presscs, ffc. Fairbanlis, Greenleaf & Co., 172 Lake Street, Cliicago. PoUl in TVtroit by PAUiï M &SFIEL15Y. SCïTBi: cirt;fu! to buy onl}1 tlie genuiue. 885yl Grand Truuk and Veimont ANOTHERGREATREDUCTION! Detroit ti Rouse's l'oint, St. Aihiins, Hurüngton Muiilijclier and White i,iv r Junctiun, only ...$12 Detroit to Boston via Ogdcnubuig or Portiand.... 14 liet roí t to Bostiin and return 25. Persons purclia in Boston nul return tickets can go via Aiontmil, (íii:'liun, (White Mouniains), Iland Pond, and l' Btiturniag via Lowell, Xa.hua, ('(iiiroiM, Burlington aiül Oiienfbuig, givilig the pu?sengíra thí benent of botb routes Tickets goocl until Novembey, 1863. Through frnm Dl'troit to Boston in 'i(') hours. xwa expresa train e leaveí Detroit dail (Sundaja excepU-i li.V Clii'-if o tinu' at 6.1)5 A. M. .■1n10VJJ ' . M. Stleudid steeping ♦ on nïght trainrtand ituttan's Tut -i 'ciitiiati rs on ..;iy ti a ns. Ticki-is can be ubtajpt;iia.tthe Uand Tnink Hailway . Tickpi oiïice, 1 -4 -lelïi-Tson avenue, a few duors aboye M.chi-au KxcUange.. ' SLOtUM ,tTHOMPSOT, AgenU, Detroit. FAEM FOR SALE ! A mail I-'nrni for fal nr cxcli.mge for city property, ir. A pn ArMr or YpVilanii - ttiifl f;u m is Kitimtt'd on toe raiddlu Yurilanti road, about i milc from Ilic CnlTersily. and about fO ïodslrom lb city limmits-a kom1 "'wo ítpr'j Dwelling House, i', ni .ml O'it luuisc-, and a choice v:rirty of fruils - i'ir-lrartif uiars ii(üirr nf .lohn X. Gotí, Aun Albor, or (. 11 Philips, on tliu p-rem laes, tf913For Sale. Q K ACRES of vrry cooïoe land, within balf a niilo ijJ of tUg city o' Ana Albor, about half of it impruvc.l mrt tocíosimI nitii a liod fínOÍ, tho lialaucc tinibi-rtd and well watared. l.miuire at tliis oilice. feüï. J. GREEN & E. miOWN, bave pqtehand 0 Hórset nd 'rrUgo of ]!. fircun, aad have alaö kdilëd scJWe verjr ffne [ïorses iV f'ai nitgte to the &&ve .tnek in th_ simo barn, so tliíí they can suiL you all nn riïasouablo tenni. Cali and See! Aeu Arbor, Juty Hlb, 1890. ta'-4.


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