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War Has Its Triumphs, So Has Peace

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- While the anuies of the Uuioii were winniog brilliant victories, the Chemical ,Sikratiis was enjoying a series of of uninterrupted triuiiiplis over the popular aversión to all saleratus, because the common kinds in use were fouud to be destructivo. Soiencebad demonstrated ■ that the Chemical Saleratus was not oulv pure io its nature, but wonderful in its effects, produciug botter bread and bis. cuit than any-other kind of saleratus or oda known. JFST Oue of our govonnnsnt officta's jast returned from Peru, tella us that among the first and most frequent inquirios made of hiui there about our public fflen was, whether ho kuew or had ever feen the eelebrated American Ohemist, Dr. J, C. Ayer of Lowell. His remedies f found in every village from the eléTted slopes of the Andes down to the coast, and their remarkablo cures seeiu 'o attraet even more atteution there thau in tuis country. The senti'fijcnt of w onder at their etfects, takes a f ir decper "oíd oa a half civilized and superstitious wan it doe with us whcro tlie rationale t medical problema is so muoh more generally understood. No other American liasmade himself s) familiaily known to % masses cf the people in foreigí cointries or excited in thein so livelj an interest in bimself asthe Doctor has by bis . akillful applicatiDn of clioiuic.ii scieucu to ."ie treatüicnt of disease. ihat mu4 be a dull man who does not wel some pride of country when he 6ods S distunt iwti.ins he is ah-oady tnown and welcomed there, tbrougb the ;abors of our Statesmen, Merobanta aud öcuolars, w lioso renown has beconie nafional pj-opei-t.y, and co:;s,'cuo!itly in some ■"sure bis own. Whether Dr. Ajera "medies do actually curo ramo than othra or uot, they have setured the reputation of beíng a God send to thuse afflio■tci with di-icis:!, ana where great mvnOís 'n ay comr.mnity believe that they Oïe their healih and lives to one's skill, tlley are sure to íeel an interest in him whieli wili íii.,1 expreszon when tliey


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