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piiTO gimtom "JJtT'bible society. tPOlTOüYüf Hibles and Testamenta at tlie So ]) „"y pnces at W. C Voorheis'. -TWATTS & BKO. ,rlI'R-! in Olocks, WU8, J 'welry anil Silver DffSn. ii. Me Block, Aan Arbor. " C BLISS. tvFUF.R n docks, V;itclus, Ji-welry and Silver Jj irire N.i. ü, New Block, Anu Aib.r O. H: MItrLBN. ;' nttl.ER in Dry Goid% Groceries, Crockery, &c. &c. [) Miúii Street. Aun Ai bor. ÏJACH & PÏËRSON. ■nElLERS in Dry riooSs, Uroccrii-s Hardware, Boots JjT8h 5.-c.,M:nn st.. Ann Arhnr ü. COLLIER. MASCKACTURER and dealer in Boots anc! Shoes, one d,n.r iwrlh of Post O.ttce. N. 11. COLÉ. DEALKIl in Boots Jï .Shoea, Robbers, ie. Frauküu !ck,Miii Street, Arm rbor " RISDON & HENDERáON. nlii-KRS in Hardware, Sioves, h..uae furnishing IJ (ooJa, TinW,.re. xc , &c , New Block, lUmst. GEO PRAY, M. D. T}HYSICI.X iod Surgeon. R-si(ience and oEQce on lDttroit Street, ner Ihe i epoti " O. C. SPAFFORD. IfASUKAOTLKEK of all kmHs f Coooper Work, [VJ City Couper Shop. Cuí-t-ju wurk daue on shorl stiet. Detroit Street, Aun Aitnr. A. J. SUTHERLAN D, IGEKr!or the N'ov York Lift Insuranco Cimpsby, Aoilosnn llurou Street. Also lias un hand stock Af th must :i[prove sewing inachines. ?85tf "geolígkTscher. MEAT MARKbTT- Hurón átreet-General dealer in Fresh Mid Sak Meats, Beef, Mutton, l'ork, Hams, fnultry, lard, Tallow, 5t, &c. ÖOHOFP & MILLER. DEALERS n MiKcellHneous,Schiwl aud Mank Books. Sttiuuery,Pl)er Hangings , &c. , ilaiust , Frnkln Moeit H1RA.M J. BEAKEá ITTURNF.Y anj Counsellor at La-'. Jxl Solicitorin A Chancerv. üllice in City Hall biock over Wobstèr1 Bok S'or.' wjuTlewitt, m. d. PHTSICIAN and Surgeon. Office at his resideucc, I north Hide of Haron street. and second house west oí Dimion Htreet. M. GUJLTERMAN & CO. WüOIiKS-VLKaiKl.Utitail Dealers and Manufacturere of Iteady-Madb Clothíng Importers if Ctths, Cas limífíii, iöoeskios, &c, N. 5, PuíéolS Blnck, Main at. WM. WAGNER. DEALER in Ready Vade Clothing, Cloths, Cassiineres, n4 Vi-JtiogH, llats, Caps, Traokí, Carpe, liags, te, Pheiik Ijlitck, Mhíii Ktreet. SLAWSON & GE ER. püOCERS, Provisión and Commission llerchanta, and U lltalcrs in Water l.imc, Land Piaster, and Piaster o( Piria, one duur ea-tof Cook's Hotel. T. B. FKEKMAN. BARBERandFashionable Hair Dressor, Main Ftreet, Ano Arbor, Mich. Hair KronU aud Curls kepl i;un'Untlyonhand. J. M SCOTT. AVBROrYPE and Photttgraph Artisl, in tlie mnms il or Oampion'ü Clotlung store, Plireuix Biock. l'er'ttutij(lctiongiven. U. B. PORTER. 0U8CE0N DENTI.ST. Office Corner of Main an.l Hurón O treuti, over ü.ich k Piersou's Store. All calis fomptly.uc.nd d to Aprl859 J R. WEBSTER & CO. BFALEIIS in Uw and Medical ISooks School Books, fiiiuk Uuokx, MiKcellaiieous Hooks, pp.ns. :nk, und "jririfty of gtationery, Huron st. , City Halllilock. G. B. THOMPSON. liEM.ESm Dry Goods p,nd Giocoriea. Boots and fhoes. I' kt Produce bou„'iit au. 1 ill, at the old stand of iwinpiim SJIillen, Comer Main and Washington sts. MACK & SCIIiMID. DWLEUS in Foreign and Donfestic Dry Good, Groce Hes. ilats an.i Caps, lloiits anl dLocs. Crockery, -, Corner of Uain & ljbertj st. O. A. KELLEY, pHOTOflRAPUKK- Corner Kourth fc Huron streets, Aa i Arbor. Cases frames and l'hntograph Albums '"tutlj on hand, and at losver ratos than can be 'oeltwhere. íyP!)! ANDREW BELL. M-1.KR ín Groceries, Provisión Klour. Produces: c, &c, corner Main and Washington Stree s, "Arbor. Tho liiguest markut priccauaiu lorcountry I. O. O. F. WASnrENAWLndge. Vo 9, of the Independent Or■lerof Old Felloivs meet at their Lodge Hoorn, "J Friday Kvening, at7Ji o'clock. ' 8.'DiiiiiM, N. (i. P. B. Bou, Secy KINGSLEY & MORGAN. AïfWNEYS, Counsellor, Solioitors, and ftotm-ies lijl 'bIic' h;l"i """k" ■■"" P'ats ihowioï titl.-s ii all ... toe'Jouiitv, an'l vttend to cotivi-yn ncinL' and UrLli SlemnilH,and to pavins tales and school in"'"oy part of thestatc. Olfice east ei thepark. D. DeFOREST. WiJ'I''SALE and retail dealer in Lümber, Latli, Ui vmlM'Sh, lloors, liliuds, Watei Liine.ürand i,u'PUst". Piaster Paris, and Niils of all bis A K1 rL'i "ort'a'at of tho ab'ive, and all otlier 1,„ , '" 'nniiig nitenal coimtantly on hard at tlie j,!,' II4"11 rates.on Detroit tt., a. few rodpfromthe 'VüT--iTt' '" ?"-'1r'S i"iteni1vflT in tt


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