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In The Garden

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From BÍacKwóod8 Magftzibö. Green grass beiiéath, green Ieaves above, That. rustle liko a rtmninu stream, And Miiisliin that villi tender gleaiu Touches the littlo heads 1 luvo- The lïttle heads, the rlewy cyes, THat shine and smile thrüügh sun and shower, ïliat are iny pO-rtibn and tny dower, My suni of wealtli beneath the skies. The white doves flut ter on the wall, Aniiil tlie rose-treo's CrimSon pride; The small hinise Opea it s wiudows füd, Fearless, whatever may helall. Wlmte'er béfallB- oh, instinct strong Of Uiis siranee lite, so sad and dear, That still foresees som? coming tear, Aud mi its joy slill asks- huw iung ? I sit and rest from all my woe. 'Peace in the air, ligtit in the sky ; llere let me íest niitil 1 d.e, Nor iurther pain nor pleasure know. Half on tlie tender greensward round, And hall' on me as liere I rest, My nestlin.s rustle in their nest, Witli littul arras about me uound The while I read- and smile to see My boy's eye lilit witli glearas of war- Hów tlie plúmeo tietmet of Navarro Set bleeding Frailee at Ivry free ; 5r in iny little maiden's face, At hearing ot Lord Buileigh's bride, Añil liow lic loved, and how she died, A glow of sol'ter radiance tiace: While the small brother pauses Oft In bahble half as swcer. to hear. The moaniii lies bevond his ear, But sweet the niusic chimes and soft. If thcre be. any cloud that glides Unseen ahove this (juiet spot, Bear Lord, 1 thank Thee I know not What still in Thy good hand abides. But while fhe peaceful moments last, I snatch this hour, unstained by tears, Out of my storaiy tale of years, To eharm the future and the past. Por grief dwells long, a legering guest, And urites her records full ajid pla'ra; But g'adness comes and goos again, W;th noiseless step that will not rest. And here memorial glad I raise, llow on ouejoyous day of June, Through all th: sunny atternoon, San" birds and babes unconscious praife.


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