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Mr. Beecher On Glaciers

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■Rev. Ileury Ward lieeeber writes t'ruin Hvvitz eiland tu tlie Independí' t coiiceruing bis Alj)ine experienees : "There was a glacier ! It was the first i luid suen ! For years I had read everything I could tay hauds upou conceriiiug glaeiers had followed Alpine travélera with au interest tsearcely lesa tlian that excited by Polar regious; had been au invisible aud innig nary momber of tlie Alpine Club. aud bad explored wilb lts most adventarous men, the 'iJeaks, Passes and Glaeiers ut' the Alps,' and yet had uever secn oue ! TI16Ï6 was a kind of mystery buiig about tbem - They were ulo: bid iu uiy miud with au indesenbabld iuterest. At leugth I bebeld it. There it lay, of dazzlnig whiteuess, so tbat I could scarcely look upou it. It seeiued to be lot down trom the sliy. The olouds darketiod the villt-y where I stood, but they had opened, fur up this valley, to the Itfl, aud let through a blaíe ot' light that kindled the show to the must intense aud dazzlmg r;uiiance. 1 sut down iu silence. 1 do not kuow why tears should have started. It was uot siuiply the pieture Uiat lay before me. My in ward visión was far beyond any outward seeing. I almost expeettd to hear au Apoealyptio voice and to behold angels above it, as if this exoceding whiteness, lifted up against the far bky, could mean nothmg less than the openïug of the gate of heaven !" JLX" "Pior ILins!" wrole a Germán to a fiiend who had beeu etiquirnig lifter hi non, "he bit himself mil a rattlesnake, and vas nck into his pod tor ex weeks in to rnonth of Aueust, and dl hiscry vas vater. vuter?' And he oouldn't oat potting ut uil until he com plüined of being a leello petter so lie uould tand up on liiu elbow and oat n cup of te.;." C Pientice is uniinllant. He pay: - -'A lady who riisents a partiarnph of ours about a wiy for John Mok-gnó endones a look of very pretty hair au a contribution to a for oursell. We don't want such an nrliulo at present, dear ir!, buf, as yon seetn to be one of the hair pulling sort, we expect, thiit, if we ware to moet you, we nhouM soon need a ig and gut otily i big scratch " &F There is no danfrer il shnrp truth if the sieatb of leve is tuick enough.


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