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A Military Requisition

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-Ü..1. rill, oftho New Ifork Bogimiwiv had charge of the construi'.tion of a b:ittery on Sturtha Isliuul, tim! hu tig of an cH-roüc ooiihtituüon hiuiself, and not a ffiml t enter swiimp-, onu can imagine bis .-urpi'isti when xho of lm Lieuten:inti, v. lioni lio had orderod to tak twenty iivSn and onior Ihis sv:imp, naid tliut he ''cMild iidt do it - llie mud waa too dt'cp." Ooi Serrül oidarud liira to try. JIo did so, and the Lieatenint wii! his men rettirned eoverod th mud, ind i-i;iid: '-Ciloiiel, ihu in:d is over my moii'rt iieml; I uun't do it." The Coionel insistnd, !ind told the LieuU'!i;i:it, !o iiinku k ro u'siiion for pnything that was neeessury for the fe p:i!sai! of the swamp. The, IioutciiMiit Hod'6 bis reiiii iin in wntiinr ofi tho spot. [t w:i ai foünws: "ƒ want twenty men, eiqhteen fe.t long, (o et&íé a swiimpjïfltenfeet (leep." TL7 A fuilow boinj; led to exooution, to'.d tliö offisir not to take kim through a oortain strcot. lest a inerohant who resicïed thero sboulJ arrest hiña for an oíd d.-bt. 2E" " Granduia," said an intelligent but crafty ohild, ' Do you want some omxly?" 'Yes doar," I should like som." " Thcn go to tho storo and by tió erna, aud I mSi jjiv.'g'dti st pari."


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