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-Frora dcy's Arm Chair' - Octuber number - wo extraot the following, seusible paragraph : " We ask every one to tako the paper published in lus town or county, It is a duty you owe the publisher. Thi ouffht always to be done lefóre suhscribing for any paper or pe-riodical out of your own State." Show thia to your neihbor who subscribes for an indcfiuite number of foreigu papers, aud then borrows your copy of the AiiGua to rcad the marriage notice of bis jon or daughter, or the obituary notioe of some member üf hia faraily. - Blot out the halfliving, half dying local papers, and what would be the reputation of our city and county, aud yet too many of our citiïens eend money abroad whicli deserves to be paid to the loesl press, and on which they could improve their issues. Tlnnk of it. BP If we have any readers who imagine themselves and their brolhor republioans the only patriota a the land, aud who are accustomed to wrap their garments around thetn and pay to ic despised democratï, " stand back, I am holier than thou !" they are invited to read an artiele on the first pago of this ia6ue, headed " By whom tho Eggs were Laid." It will hardly do for men who have danined the constitutiou from time imniemorial, who have proclaiined the right of seceseion when secession was only dreamed of by now and then au extra radical aouthernor, and who have always regarded the Uuiou as an evil scarcely to be tolerated, to brand democrats as traitora becauso they dissent from sorae of the acts of the admiuistration as nullifying the constitution. Because they etill have no respect for tho constitution ig no reason why democrats who havo always defendod it should turn their backs upon it in the day of its severest triata.


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