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Hints On Gathering Fruit

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site ú&ipn m$. " " tuwirii; iiNUMii [unís are trom (ia drrwp's Weekly Magazine. Hi.t j)di-[ile ire disposed to gather e umi-mi fruit too soou They hear Mií tr.-e.-. iTtukiog in tho wind, and they tin í the ou iil strewn with wind t;i!ly ; 'uitli-H preinises tliey junp al the con''umi ii tlrit the fruit ouglst to be gath r-d But a curtain pr ceiitage of tho oopmay, in vtrrioua cundes beï-re th.-y ure nipe, The di.suiised portian tril! Idho ta luit I, or the wind muy dis lodge -.vhit is suund, long bcfure tho portioi! whieh roiiKiii,s tiini is fit togiithcr. A f;iie!ti!y adopted by garden - ers, tfiut it tho pips of applas or pears ure tiirniiig hrTiwti, tbc erop may be ta):i'ii ; but we -hou ld r:i tlior say tb-it a dei'idcdly dark umi eettled Iiuo of the Heed is a sater cii erion. As to the objection tllut waiting Lite into thf autumn causes a loss of. the fruit by falling, it bas little weight ; bi.'Cause it ia by tuis process tliut the ( aker and lss sound fiuit is g t md af, hile the best remains. 'Jaknig. t.he ui-np too ear!y will not only i„. jure the good fuut, hy causing it to sinivel, bat will also rendrr frcijtiont reninvals iiecessary, in o der to separate fVónl .lie stotk the ro'teo mies, whieh would of theniHtilvoa have falleu faun the tico if inore time had b en given ïiiost important matter is athering t!ie fi uit without bruising it in the slight" est degrée. Apples and pears bought in thenink.'t are g,;nerally inueli epeekod by wliieh their beauty is spoiled ; and most. of this ioüoasio ed by blows rec.-ived both ni antlieriiig-anil in rolliti. tiir fruit, fi-nta One basket to snother.- Thts eau rwrc(4y be avoided when orohrdjag is eurmd on largei.y ; but amateur g.irdeners oannot. wt-i( giVe too much artentioti to trathfiring their fruit. A y tMlin; Bhouíd bo (Tbviated, and wimt does fill .-„louid be placed sepárate ly. ; A. eoar,, witlt detp side pockets, is (etter tlian a biisket t'UM to u ladler nd siicb reeeptaclris, bein quite under comniaad, may be m.d to hold a good í)"bI. The kmd of weather durin" which the is perf orniod is a matter of nnpornnee. The tiees sbould be thoroughiy dry, and a wiudy day chosen if p sihle.


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