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Unfitted For Market

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Ihe New Eiiyiand Farmer tells the following inuident of h farmer wlio look hia barley to mmket witbout duly cleaniug it, and wl)o, on reuching the market of fered hú barby for nmetij cent per busw, but the otter wns not accepied ; do oue eeuicd desirous to sueh a mixture at upy of the usuul p'rioss paid for bar cv. VVi'iilein this unpleasant dilamma, he beard ihat .ne Santord Adanis, iu JS'oith Mirket 8,r.-et. had iuvented sonie sieves whereby he o.mld sepi.rate the most obstinate aseof oomulicated eoiiglomoratiOD of secds. It was int dirfiuuit to fiud thu mau of sieves, to wboui he, suuiewiiat piitliytically, made lus stateiuant, and iuquu-ed if ho cmld relieve h ra. "Why rerainly, Mr. A. replied, '-lf [ could takt 3 UUü rebel prismiers, aad blow tbem up, I did last week, (al)uding to a tiiiilion of woims, or laa whicii he trok fmiii eight barrels of Puarl barley), it vtnM be strange if I eoitíd not separate tare f om wl1( at, aiid oats and peas fr un haney! "Weli ad the fat nier, "th t.mes an hari, I ani hcre on expeiise tii d I ith jou would try." Aud he dia r.t y wiih tiii; f.jlluwiüg result : firnier li;id eveniy-seveii bushels ot whát lie csiled barley, wlnch he ofi'erd _fnr nn.ety e.'iits per bushei, ecpial to $67 O. VVhen eleaused, he had .sixTy one bushels tt-faich he .Id for S1.2Ó per biwhel, Kjual to S76.25, makiug a gain 0186.9.3. thn h.d uine bussels of I cle:i!i oats. nw orit sevcn y cents per b'shel . q-l t,S().aO,-iour t.ushi-U of If-Tted poa, ut $1 -J5 eqnuJ to Sö.OO, - and (brea and a half busJwia of wiW fe d and cna bus ol of eimff, vulue n t MoertJiiieü. Bv tuis prooegg he made a gaiu of $18 25, or af.tor pay-, n.g fjr si-peratn.g, a net gaiu of $400, to saj niitliing of stopping expüuvH he wassurely iwourriag fur siorae ! board, vexalkm, &c.


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