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Big Pears And Pumpkins

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-To have mg pu .rs ,.r otbar fruit, ju.-t work n i ttie irn.Vi tl, at buirs iTiem the point of 'i acljoinüifi nhoot; thtm vuil wrr seo hat yon „hall se0 L,, „V8 a j,Yenuh amateur entiiusiataically in ihH fruit Yiw. U you vvhiit i)e" Wg pnmpkins mul squ heH,jut hoie a lutlo giiuUst Me ii thuir nnd when the frui( js a f-v dnya ol.l, und punb in a long nwin of civiin with theloose end in a [mo of wuttT. 'J he emtoa will mèk up the water, Ilie pimipkin will snuk tlio cntton, nnd by th.; me your fruit is i ipe }'oii uïjl mve ttiu largest pumpkin thut uver was een, ■-- i ■■ i i i m t, A bis boar wus buintr exhibitud in a eertfliü timn iu the Green Mount:nn State, ind a i'.n mc-r, whose olive pttmtê htid increused to twuny, winted Ma off.-pnu,í U) see t. Jiui Iwenly ti.iic, mié sin ling wik, too much for tí 'xcheq.ier, and he th,;refrre oreeü to a ilollar lor a privnto f.xhiliiiioü ii hw lack vard, whiih was d,iu. But lien, fter the " perloKn.mcuV' the doiliu' (.ffered, the -Lmwuan said WMft b oUitring sinilO, ♦ I Ci,,rt tt.ko mtyibrog; it i. no nioie f a f-iht tor your family to pee my In-ar, tiran for my beur to Hen your fatriilv ! ' jgsgT (j jf_ Beeuher, of the dittar nniu Fret man. hH hen drulted. In [jnoi)noiiiir 'tie fatit, ho sjiys : Wiiy ühonld wo mourn conscripted frieuds ')r ituibe at Draft's alarms lis but the vo.ce that Abiam sends To make us shoulder arnis! JCS" A psmgraph lias been gning ho round, ,f m d lady who l,.,s u muiistache on her lip. ft i„ not uncommon f.r youns ludit's n Ihs vioinity to have moust;ichtí.-i on iheirhps.


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