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GREGOEY, Bï HCROX STKEET, ATTÏi AEBOB, Mioh. _ --p5ÑTYBÍBLBÍOCJIETY. - - yWATTS & BRO. tIER n Clocks, Watch.8, Jewelry siWer DESo 22, New' moLAanArbor___ . - cTilIíillbn. nII.I).y Good, Grocenes, Crockery, to. fe.. 1) Ifoin Street, Ann Attor. __ bTcíT& pierson. LFKS m Dry GooS, Groceries Hardwr, Boots ""aTcÓLLÍERT" nrANCFACTUREK-an.1 dealer m Boots and Shoes, one ftldwraorthot the FortOHw nTIbTcole. niAKB I. Boot9 & Shoes, Rubber,, &c. Frankli, U Blcck, Malí. Street, AjiD Atbor. _____ .- l[KDOÑnTENDERdON. dDHYSICUNana Suvgeon. Residence and office on ri)8troit Street, near the 1 epot, _ notice. Detroit StreetAnAitor aTj7utherland, of the most approve I MwlagnaehiM" GÉOKGE FISCHËR. MEAT MARKW-Huvon Street-General dealer m Fresh and Salï llcats, Beef, Matton, PorV, Hams, Poultry, l.ard, Tallow, &c, &c. Sü'HOFF & MÏLLER. DSALEBS in Miscellaneous, School and Blank Books, JJtatioW, Paper Hangtog.,c., lUintt, Franklm Blook HIRAM J. BEAKJflö Book Store. ■ WM. LEW1TT, M. D. ■nHVSICHN and Sunreón. Office at lus residence, F5K? tl of Hon street. and second house t of División Btreet. , M. (iÏÏTrillMAN & CO. nTHOLESALEana Retail Dealers .A '''."f'"" W of Raj-Mde CWUing. Importersof Cloths Ca."wmTvagner. TiEAKR in Made Clothing, Cloths, Cassimeres, 1) and ".tings, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Carpet Bags, ie, fhlnix BWck, Mjin Btjeet. ÏLAWSON (STgÊErT Í1ROCERS, Provisión and Commission Merchants, and U BilleniD Water I-ime, I.and Piaster, and P.aster ol Paris, ooe door east of Oook'a Hotel. J. M. SOOTT. SUBP.OTYPE aad Photogiaph Artisi, in the rooms A overCitmiHons Clothing store, Phcemx Block. Perfect satisfactiongiven. C. B. PORTÉR. SURGEOM DF.NTIST. Office Corner of Main and Hurón reets, over Bach & Pierson's Store. All .cana fromptly attend.-d to APrIsaJ ü. B. THOMPSON. DEALER in Dry Goods and Groceries, Boots and Shoes Sc Produce bought and sold, at the oU stand of rmon & Slillen, Corner Main and tt ashington 8t. MAGIV & öUiüUJ-U. DEALERS in FoMten and Domestic Dry Good, GroceriSHat and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, fo.Corner of Main & Lib.'.rty sts. o. XIbTélley, DHOTOGRAPHEK- Corner Fourlh & Huron streets, 1 inn Case frames and Photograph Albums Bitntly on hand, aud at lower ratcs than can i be foTua elsewhere. lytw ANDREW BELL. DEALER n Grocevies, Provisions, Flour, Produces, ke., Sc„ corner Main and Washington Streets, AonArbor ïhe higliestmarket yricespaid lor country ptaduue, ____. T. O. O. F. WASIITENAW Lodge, No. 9, of the Independent Or' der of O d Fellows meel at their Lodge Room, wry Friiiay F.vening, at7K o'clock. S. s )m,ueim, N. G. P. B. Rose, Secy KTÑGSLBY &MORGAN. . ATTORNEVS, Counsellora, Solicitois, and Notariee JX Public, have Books and Plats huwing titles of al ImdiintheCounty, aaflattead to conveyancing and :oirectinï6eraands,iindtopayinKtaxesand school in ietesilhiany part of thestate. Ofnce east of tnepark. D. DeFOREST. WÍ10LF.3ALF. and retail dealer in Lumber, Lath ',' ShiOi?le3,Sash, Doors.Blinds, Water Lime, Grand 8ÜM Piaster, Piaster Paris, and Nails ofallstzes A ralUad perfect íssortmént of the above, and allother kirnls of building materials constantly on hand at the Wist poisib'.o rates,ojiDetroitst.,a few rodsfromthe Riilroi.l Oepot. Also operating extensirely in the PitcntCemont Kooftng. IIOWAED ASSOCIATION, I'HH.APKLPIIIA.PA. Dlscases r the N'crvous, Semlnnl, Urlnnry and Sexual Systems- ntw and roliabletreat ment-ir, Report of the HOWARD ASSOCIATION- Pent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge ■Mrïi, IV.. I. Í1KJ7 LIS HOUGHTON, Howard Associa l',N'o. 1 S.j.itii Xinlh Street, rfeila., Pa. lyl


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