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Whose Father Was He?

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Form the Phïlidelphla Inqmrer. After the battle of Grettysbunr, a Union soldier was fouod in a secluded spot on the field, where wounded he had laid hiinself clown to die. In his bands, tightly elusped, was an ambrotype of th'reo "email children, and upon this pic ture bis eyea, pet in death, rested. The bist object upon which the dying father loo kei) was the image of his cbildren, and as he silently gazed npon them, his soul passed away. vvhen, alter the battie, trie ueaa were eing buried, tho soldier was thus found. 'ho unibrotypo was taken from his emirace, and has since been sent to this :ity ior recognition. Nothing else was bund upon his person by whioh ho right be identilied. His gravo has jeen marked, hovvever, so that if by .ny mcans this ambrotype will lead to lis recognition, ho car, be disentorred. The picture is now in the possessioa ot Dr. Bourns, No. 1,101, Spring Garden itreot, of this city, who can be called pon or addressed in reference to it. - 'he children, two boys and a girl, are pparently nine, seven and five years f age, the boys being respec'.ively tho Idest of the three. The youngeBt boy s sitting in a high chair, and on each de of him are his brother and sister, ho oldest boy's jacket is made of the ame material as his sister's dress. - 'hese are the most prominent features f the group. It is earnestly düsirecl hat all tho papers in the country will raw attention to the discovery of this picture and its attendant cireumstanM, so that, if possible, the family oí he dead hero may come into possesion of it. Of what inestimable valué will it be to thoso children, proving, as t does, that the last thonglit of their ving father was for thetn, and thern only. jL=SL We shonld read books, not to r.nntülbem, but to strengthen our intelaeta and BUggest thonghts of ÖUr own. We fatten a sneep wilh grass, not to obtaio a cbop of hay írom his back, 3ut that hemay feed" ns with mutton and clotho us with wool.


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