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Presidential "responsibility."

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-liíü ciánica ot Xnursday eceniag of last wapl-, under a flaunting sensation kcading, contaiued the following paragraph whioh, indeed, "deaervos to be recorded:" "The message which thö President sent to Gen, Meado last Saturday deserves to be recorded as part of the Lis tory of thu campaign now drawicg to a olese. The President told Gen. Mcade he must fiud and fight the enemy at once; that if he won the victory he ehould have all the glory, but if defeated, he hiuiself would, as Commander-in-Chief assume the responsibility." Wo aro heartily tired of such aunouncements. Had Gen. Meadb obeyed, found and fought the enemy at once, and been badly beaten because of forcing a battle uader orders, and against his better judgment, would it have restored the sacrificed lives or sweetened in the least the defeat, to have the President "assumo the responsibility" ? If the "Commander-in-Chief," and his politieal advisers at Washington are to determine dutails and order speoific niovernents and eDgagements, let the "Commander-inChief" and his politieal advisers take the field, and share the dangers of the campaign. If they fall in the front of battle, even in a defeat, they will be more gloriously honored by the country than if they, porchanco, order victories while safely protected by the inlrenchments of Washington. As wo said on a former occasion when Gen. MoClellan's army was made the football of politicians - we repeat qow : If the President has confidence in tho commanding General of the Army of the Potomao let him leave Lim to "find and fight the enemy" when his better knowledge and judgement shall díctate ; f he has not that confidenee, then, in God'3 name let him give the command to sonie ouo in whom he has, and let the responsibility rest where it belongs - upon the General in the field, properly suppoited by the organizing authorities. The army of the Potomao bas already suffercd too much from the interferenee of office oomnianders.


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