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List Of Drafted Men

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itie draft for this county was commonced on Thursday, and we have received from Provost Marshal Barrï, the names of those drawn ia this City. The full quota has been drawn as appnrtioned, and surplus will come from the latter end of the list. We undorstand that 14 only are wanted to serve in the lst an& 2d Wards, and 9 only in the 3d, 4th and 5th Wards : FIRST AND SECOND WARD3. 1. Chas. S. Brownell, 2. James S. Hawkins, 3. Mathew Senner. 4. Nathan H. Drake, 5. John P. Little, 6. Jacob Woitbricht, 7. Abram Hawkins, 8. Andrew Hiller, 9. Orville W. Coolidge , 10. Henry H. Wines, 11. Henry Matthew, 12. Williara W. Bliss, 13. Benj. F. Watts, 14. James E. Davis, 15. John Zegler, 16. Glareuce H. Campbell, 17. George M. Miley, 18. John JRier. 19. John Pfisterer, 20. Michael Henley, 21. John Hum, 22. Martin L. D'Ooge, 23. Lucien B. Stewart, 24. Mauley Spencer, 25. Albright Gwinner, 2C. John Euller, 2T. Samuel F. Cook, 28. Henry Binder, 29. Byron W. Cheever, 30. Benjamin Martin, 31. George Sander, 32. Jacob Eisher, 33. Albert Drury. THIBB, FOURT1I AND FIFTH WAEDS. 1 David Finley, 2 Earl 8. Taylor, 3 ÏW Bogel, 4 Charles Moore, 5 George W. North, 0 Elijah W. Hough, 7 Henry K. Warren, 8 James Killpatrick, 9 Hiram II. Cotant, 10 John Barns, 11 Levi S. Uaibour, 12 Bernard Kirk, 13 Michael Riley, 14 James Sniitb, 15 Lee Armstroug, 16 Alonzo Tack, 17 William Mallory, 18 John Ebehardt, 19 Samuel Tajlor, 20 James Stephens, 21 Rouben Taskall, 22 Joseph W. Irving, 23 Albert Sutherland, 24 Honry Miller, 25 Mathew lleagan, 26 Israel Bogel, 27 Hudson liouse, 28 Moses Seabolt, 29 John Kean, 30 Clarkson J. Decker, 31 Ezra S. Bowen, 32 Edward Stiling, 33 Joseph W. Jackson, 34 Charles Beach. féjL" The rebel loss at Chickamuga, killed wouuded, and missing, is said by j a correspondent of the Columbus (Ga.) Inquirer, to be officially put at 17,999. L3E Th o election ia New York takes place on Tuosday next.


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