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Madame Charlotte Varian

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no Mrs. Hoffnian, but better known to our citizens as Mrs. C. Varían James - jings tbis evening in Haugsterfer's Hall. t is hardly too muoh to say that she ranks as one of the best of the niany singerswhohave tested their powers in our city, Lovers of genuine musió will be jure to go and Lear. See Card. Wítson's Tiieological Institutes Defended ; The teachings of Transcendeutal Philosophy shown to be at vaxiance with scripture and matter of fact; and the Bible proved to be complete in itself both in teaching and íridence. By Eev. John Levinqton. The author, a member of the Detroit Conference of the M. E. Church, Las laid on our table a handsomely printed volume of 284 pages bearing the above tiüe. It seems frorn the preface aud opening scntence of the first chapter to be a review of certain articles which bsve appeared in the Methodist Quarterly Eiciew, and from the initials used by the author, we may presume that the "Reviewer Reviewed" is the Eev. Mr. Cocker, Pastor of the M. E. Ohurch of tbia city. If so the bo ok has a local interest. Not being a theological critic e will only add that when Reverends diiagree others must decide. For Sale by J. R. Webster.


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