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The Gymnasium

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Sfe HJkliipw jvp& A young person can no moro Lave too iiiuch lüve o f adventure than a mili can have loo much water power, only it noeds to be worked, not wasted. Pbysical exercises give to energy and daring a legitimato chanuel, supply the place of war, gambling, licenliousucss, highway robbery, and office seeking Üo Qmucy, in ]iko manner, says that Wadsworth made pedestrianism a substitute for wine and spirits; and Emerson thinks the torce of rudo periods " can rarely be compensated in tranquil times, except by sorae analo gous vigor drawn froui occupations as hardy as war." The animal euorgy caunot, onght not to be suppreased ; i f debarred trom ita natural channels, it will forcé for itself unnatural ones. A vigorous life of the seuses not only does not tend to seiibuality iu the objectionable Bcnso, but it hetpa to avert it. Health finds joy iu mere existcnco ; daily breath and (iaily bread suffice. Th!s inuoceut enjoyment lost, the normal desirea seek abnormal s:itifactior;s. The most brutal prize fighter iscoiupelled to recoguize the coonection between purity and vigor, and bccomes virtuous when he goes iuto training, as tho héroes of oíd observed chastity, in hopos of conqueriug at the Olym pie Games. The very word ascetic comes from a Greek word signifying the preparatory exercises of au athlete. There are spiritual diseases which coil poisonously amoúg distorted instinets and dis ordered nerves, and one would be gone rally safer n standing sponsor for the soul of the gymuast than of the dyspeptic. The Gymnasium is the normal type of a-H muscular exercises; the only form of it whicli is impartiul and comprehensiva; which has soniething for everbodv; which is availab!(! at all seasons, througli al'l weathors, in all latitudes.' All other provisioiis are limited ; you caunot raw iu winter, nor skate in suinrnir, epite of pjrlor skates and ice-boats; ball-plaviug requires coinrades; riding takes ruoney; everything needs daylighl ; but the Gymnasium is alway.i accesssible. Then it is the only thing which trains the whole body. Military drill malees one prompt, patiënt, ereet, accurate, still, strong. - Kowing takes oue set of muscles and gtretches them througli and through, till jou feel yourself turning in'.o oae lonsr spiral spring from finger-tips to toes. - In cricket or base-ball a playor runs, strikes, watches, catches, throws ; must learn quiekness of hand and eye ; must learn endurance also. Yet, no matter which of these may be your special hob by, you must, if you wish to use all the days and all the muscles, seek the gymnasium at last - the ouly thorough panacea.


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