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Whisky Drinking In The Army

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"JUunn Jirriwne, the army correspondent oí the Springfield Republ 'ican, thus discutses the use of whisky in the aren y : An army a a big thing, and it tnkes a great inany entables and not a few driiikables o oarry it along. Have yon aiiy idea how many barrels of " oommissary" (that's a gontle euphetnism for whisky) it takes per week to run iho machine ? I don't know exactJy, bnt I do know that it would be better to Uncle aam than 100,000 volunteers to bis arroy if be would shut off entirely and abeolutely the supply of kitoxicaüijg liquors f'rom officers and men, trom lurgeoos, bospitaln, and every tbiúg and everybody conne ted with tbe army. On what ground is the present vast supply of whisky furnished ? Is it that an oceasional ration may be issued to the foldiers when returning frorn pioket or after an exhaubting march ? Why, there hasn't been a whisky ration issued to a singlo regiment, to my knowledge, tor many a month, and I am certainly withln the truth when I sny that not ten a year are issued to the troopa on an average. It is as good as a total abstinence society to be a privato in the army. - Cause why ? The use oí' liquor has so increasert among the officors that none is now left over to be issued to the men ! Three gallons a week is about the ptesent usual lio anee of a Brigadier General, and otficert) in proportion. A Major General, who is liberal and reasonably hospital, is expeuted to spend at least hia pay in various liquors Every time a general or staff' ofticer calis on a comrade, the botlle ts expected to be produced. Everytime an ( fficer is proinoted, he is expected to '■ wet hiscommision." Every occasion of a sword or horse presentation is improved for a drunk all round, it is not considered yet quile reputable f r an offif-er to be helplesily or crazily drunk when actually engüged on soma special duty, Buoh as nfficers ot the picket or Judge Advocate of a court-martial, but at other times it is nothing against him, and even'if caught in such a caso it is rather his misfortune than his fault.


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