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TFIíí American Collecting Agency, No. 240 Tïroadway, Now York. Claims f all kinls agflbfüst tho General Government, gtate Gvrn ne ut. the City, or gx-ivate wrües, proseeuted atra cdlleiffted atmy expense andrisk. Against prirat partios I possegs superior facüities f o r collecting claims eviivywhcre in lli United oíales tnd Cañadas, relieving merchanta, aflsigntfbB.bankQrB, and otherw, oí the caí e atid all responsiljüity. Special atUvntion giveo to oíd debts, hard casen, di, yor zas, wilia, esta teB, etc. lieing familiar wiih allthe details of tbe " Int f mal Rentnvc Law," I will atleml promgtly tn the coltoction of drawbacks-, and táxee Overpáfa Ihrough ignorance of the law. SoIAiora' pensions, pa y, and bouniy seeured forlhem or theïr helrs. For that purpose, and for proaecuting claiins aainst tho Governuient, I iiave a bninch oíífce it Washington. No charge made unless claims are colletfted. All Boldiers dUohárged by reason of wounds - howe er slior! tlic tibie they liave garfred - are emtitled to One Hundred Dollars Bounty. All Boldiera havingserved two years, are entitlcd to the name. tfcft The higliest marketprlce will be pald for solliers' t-hiiins, aud o the demanda agajnat the General 'ïovcrnmiM.t. Information and opinions ivt:n, and investigíitlon mudo without charge, tipon e la iras pro-posertto be placed ra my banda. For partleulif, acRress H. HUNTING-TON LEE, OOOtf No, 240 Firoadwny, N. Y HPHE ROOTS AND THE LEAVES JL VvíLL bo for tlia IleaüLg of the Natious. BiUe. n. r. ijyokts, THE GRKAT AXD CKLEBEAÏED PHYS1C1AN of tbe THRÜAT,LUNGS, HEABT, LIVhít AND THK BI.OOI), Known allover tbecountrj as tbe CKT.E11IÏATKD I3NrX)IV3ST HBBB DOCTOR I Of 2S-2 Superior Street, ClevIauú, Oliio. Will visit the followmg places, viz APJPOINTMENIS FOR 188Ï, 1863 uiirl 1864. Prof R. J. Ljrons can be cousulted at tbe following places evory nionth, viz: Detroit, lUissollluuse, eacb month, 18tli and 19tb. Ann Arbor, Monitor House, each montb, 20th. .litckson, íiibbard House, each mouth, 21. Adrián, Bracket Bouse, each montb 22dand8Sd. T.ileilo, Obio.Collins üouae,eaeb montb, 24th áótb andSfitb. ' ' niil;i!c Midi-, Tlillsilale House, each month 27th i ,. Munter, Micb., Soathsrn Micbigau Huuse, each month, 98th. Elkhart, Klkbart Housp,.each month , 29th. South Bendjlod., St. Jo. Hotel, each montb, 30 Laportíj Ind., IVe Garden House, each month 31st. Vuo-tcr,Uhio,CrandnllKxchange, eacb month, Ttb anilStb. ManaBsld, Ohio, Wilsr House, each monlh, 8tb and lOth. Mt. Veinon,Konyon íIoukj eacb month, lltb and Xcuark, Üliío, Holton House, each month, lDth and 14 tb, PainesTÜlSjOhlo, Cowles House, eacb montb 4tn ULLVKI.AND', OHIO. RESIHKNOE ANÜ OFFICE, 282 SUPEIÍIOR STREET, East of the public square, opposite the Postoffice. Office daya each month, lst, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th uth - Offlco hours Trom 9 A. M. to 12 M. and from 3 P. M 'to 4 1'. M. OuSunday from 9 to 10A. il., and 1 to 2 P. II. jiMaximsstrictly adhered to - I gire sucb balm as liara no strife, Witb nature or the la-s of life, With blood my hauds I naver stain, Nor poison men toease their pain. Bei a physician indeed, rcho Clires, The tedian Hsru Doctor, R. J. LYONS, cures the followmg compiaints nthe most obstinate stajesof their existeilce, viz": Diseasea of the Tbroat, Lungs, Heart, I.irer, Stoniach, Drnpsy intbeCbest, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Fits, or Falling Sickneas , a nd all other uervousderangements. Also alldiea-e.of the biood, such as crofula, Erysipclas, Cancers , Fever dores, Leprosy, and all other complicated chrouic compiaints. All forms of finíale difficulties attended to with tbe bappiest results. It is hoped that no one will despair of a cure until they have given the Indian Hérb Uoctor's Medicines a fiuranilfaitbful trial. tg.Dnring the Doctor'f travels in Europe, West ludies, South America, and the United States, he has been The instrument in God's hand, to restore tn health and vigor tbousands who were given up Had pronounced incurable by the most eminent old school phyicians; nay, more, thousands who were on the verge of the grave, are now living morutinents to the Indisn Herb's Doctoi's skill aud successful treatment, andaré daily exclaiming: "BJessed hetheday when flrsi saw and jiartook of tbe ludían líerb Doctor'a medicine. " Satisfactory referencesof cures will be gladly and cbeerfully given w henever requjred. TheDoctor pledges bis word and honor, that he will in n vn'se, directly or indirectly, induce or cause any invalid to take bis medicine without tbe strongest probabiHty of a cure. Mode of examiuatio, wbich is entirely different from the faculty. Dr. Lyon professes to discern diseases by tlie eye. He therefore asks noquestions, nor doeshe require patientsCo explain symptoms. Callone and all, ind have thesymptoms and location of your disease explainedfree of charge. ftrrT!H' pnor.sliall beliberally considered. arTostoülce address, box 2663. B. J. LTOWS, M. P . Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 25, 1S62. ly8S9 THE GREAT AMERICA TEA COMPANY, 51 Vesey Street, IVe-v York; ince its orgaaization, has created a new o i in ;,' history of "Wholesaling Tea iu tMs Country, They have iutroduced Iheir pelections of TEAS, and are selling them at not over TWO CEXTS (.02 Cents) por pound above Cost, Neütr dttiaiing from the ONE PRICE asked. Anothorpeculi;trity of the Cumpany is that thefr Tea Tastkii uot only devotes his time to the selection of heir TEAS as toquality, valué, and particular tyles for particular localitics of country, bat kt helps the Tka buyer to ckoose out of their enormous stock sucfi Tk,s as are best ndaptedto their jyarttcufarwavts, and not only this, bat points out to him the best baigains. It is easy to see the incalculable advantage a Tea Buyer has in this establishment ovfir all otliers. 1! he is no judge of Tea,or the Market, if his time is valuable, he has all the benefits of a wcll organized system of doing; bijKiness, of an iminciif--e capital, o' the judgement of a prolessional Tea Tapter, and the knowledge of superior salesmen. This enables all Tea buyers - no matter i f they are thousandsof mi:e3 from this market - to purebase on as jpood terms here as the New York merchants. l'arties can order Teas and will be serred by us as well aa thongh they carne theroselves, bein sure to get original packages, true weightsjandtaxep; aud the Teas are Warranted as representad. We issue a Prioe List tf the Corupany's Teas, which will be sent to all who order it; comprising Hyson, Young Hyson, Impeiial, Gunpowder, Twankay and Skin. OOLONG, SOUCHONG, ORANGE & HYSON PEEOE. JAPAN TEA of erery desrcripiion, colored Rnd uncolort'd. This list has each kind of Toa dividedintoFOUR ClnfBes, namely: CARGO, hïgn CARGO, KINE, FINEST, that rvrry on e may nndéritaad from description and the prices annexeil that the C'onipany are determined to uncU rsL-11 the whole Toa trade. Weguarantee to sell ALL our Teaa at not over Two Cents („313t CENTS) per ]onnd above cosí, believing this to be attructive to the raany who have heretofore been paying cnormnns prufiis. GKKAT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY, Im)iortcrs nnd Jobbers, Sni'Jol No. 51 Vesey Street, New Vork. SCHOFF&TMILLER RESTILLOXHAND at tbeir old Stand, A No. 2, Franklin Block, with themost complete assortinent of Books and Stationery7 PERFUMERÏES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, ■ SHADES, ROLLERS, CORDS, TASSELS, GILT CORNIOES, CURTAINS, HOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever offered in this Market 1 and they wouldsuggpflt tothoacln pursuitcfanythingin SANTA CLA US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! by piirchaning from this Plnck, as each purchaser gets an additional present of Jewelry, &o. , Ranging invalue trom 50 ets. to $50. " Theytrust that theirïong experionce in selecting goods fur this market, and strict attention to the wanta ofCuptomers,may entitle tbem te a liberal share o Patronage. Ann Arbor, Oec. 5. 1880 777tf Ayer's Cathartic Pilis. THB ALL SUFFICIErïT THEEB, THE GREAT "-AMERICAN REMEDIES," Known na ' lïelmboltVs" GENUINE FSEPARATIOM, VI Z.: HEUIBOLD'S EXTKACT " BUCJIU," " " SARSaPAKTLLA, I.Ml'KOVED HOSli WAS1I. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PBEPARATION, " UiGHLY COlVCENTItATKD CÜMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positivo and Specifie Remedy, For Diseases of the BLADDER. KIDNKYS, GRAVEL AND DROP 3 [CAL SWELLINGS. This Medicino increases the power of Digestión, and excites the ABSOEHENTS into bealthy actson by whioh khe WATERY OR CALCEROUS áeposith'uH nntí iM VXNATUIIAL ENLARGEMENTS are ndoeM, aa wollus pain and inflmmoation, and is KOod for MEN I WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU FOR WEAKXESSES Arising from Excesses, Habita of Diasipation, Early Indiscretion, or Abuse, ATTENDED WITII THE FOLLOWING SYMTOMS '. Indioposttfon toExortioii, Loss of Power, Loas of Memory, liitïïculty of Ureathiug, Wfi'ik Nor ves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, wáfejef ulness , Dimness of Visión, Pain in the Hack, Universal Lassitude of the Flushing of the Body. Muscular System, Eruptions on the Face, Hot Hand, Pa Hul Countenmce. Dryness of tho Skin. These symptoms, if al'owed to go on, which this medicine invariably removes, sooji follow IMPOTENCY,F4.TUITYEPILEPTICFIT3 Inoneof whih the patiënt may e::phe. Who can say that theyare iut frequent ly folio wed by those "direfnl diseaaes," Insanity and Consumption Manya reaware of the cause of their suffering, but none will oónfass. Tho records of the insane Ahj lums and the molancholy deaths by Consumption, bear ample witness to th Iruth uf the asMertion. THE CONSTIÏÜTION, ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNE3, "Requh'ea the aid of medicine to strongthen and inviKt-ratethesystem,which HELM BOLV' S EXTRACT BUCHU invartably does. A trial will convince tlio most sl:entical. Fe-malea, Females, Fernales, OI,D OR YOÜNG, SINGLE, MARRIED, OR CON TEMPLATIXG "MARRTAGK, In many affectíons peculiar to Females the Extract Buchu is unequalled by any other icmedy, u in Chlorosis or Retentiun, Irreuïi-.rity, Painfulneas, or Suppression of the Ciistosoary Eraeoations, Ulccrated or Öchirrous state of the Uterus, Ieucorrliea, or Whites, Sterility, and tor all complaints incident to.the sex, whether arising froru Indiscretioa, Habita of Disaipation,or in the Decline or Chango of Liio. 8EJC SYMÍTOMS AIJOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no Balara, Möicury, or Unpleasant Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangerous Diaeasea. HELHBOLD'S EXTRACT jBUCHU CURES Secret Diseases. In all their t:iges ; at little expense ; little or no chango in diet ; oo inconvenionce, AND NO EXPOSURE. It causes frequent desire, and giveis strength to Urinate.therebyremoving obsfructionn, preventing and curingStrictures of the Urethra, allaying p&ln and inQammation, 80 frequent in this clat'.s of iliseases, and expeUlng POISONOUS; DISEASED A1VD WORN OUT MATTER. Thousands upon Thousaii'ls WHO HAVE BEEN THE VIOTIM OF QUAOKS, And who have paiJ HEAVY FEES tobo cnredinn short time, havefound they weredeceiveil,aiulthat the "Poison" bas. by the nse of "Powerfnl Antringentü," been dried up ia tho sytem, to breok out inanaggravated fcrin,and PEBHAPS Aïter S1ARRIAGC Helmbold's Extract Buchu For all Affections and Diseases of The TJrinary Organs' Whether existing in MALE OR FEMALES, from whatever cause originating, and no matter HOVV li()G 8TANDIBI6. Diseases of tlicse Ürgans require the aid of a Hiuhetic. Helmbold's Extract Buchu IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, And t is certaia to have the desired effect in all Di sease.i, for which it is recommended. BLOOD ! BLÖÖD ! BLOOD! Helmbold's Highly Concent ratcd Compound Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla SYPHILIS. This is au affection of the Blood, and nttic-l.s the Sexuil Orgaan, Linings of the Nooe, Ears, Throat, Windpipo, and other Mucus Surfaces, makingits appearancb in the form of Ulcera. Helmbold's Ext.act Sarsaparilla purifiee the Blood, and remove i ;ill .Scaly ErujitionH of the Skin, giving to tho Comploxion a Clear and Healthy Color. It bein prepared expressly f;r thiH claKS of complaints, its iïïood-l'urilying l'roperties are preserved to a greater extent than any other preparation of Sarsaparilla. Helmbold's Rose Wash. An excellent Lotion for Diseases of a Syphiltíc Nature, and as an injection in Diseases of the Úrinary OrganR, arising from habits of dipsipation, used in connection with the Extracts Buchu and Sarsaparilla, in such diBeaHen as recommended. Kvi'lciice of the most rewpon.sible and reliablechacacter will accompany the medicines. certifícate of cures, From eight to twenty years standing, ■W"' known to SCIENCE AND FAME, For Medical Propertiesof BUCHU, sec Hispensatory the United States. Soe Professor UEWEES1 valuable works on the Practico of Physic. Sec remarks made by the late eelebrated Vr.PEYS1CK, Philaálpbla. See remarks made by Dr. EPHRAIM McDOÍVELL, a eelebrated Physicmn, and Member of tlie IiToyal College of Surgeons, Ireland, and published intheTransactions of the Kingand Queen'fl Journal. See Medico-Cirurgic:al Reiew, bublished by BENJAMIN TRAVERS) Fellowof the Hoyal College of Surgeons, See most of the late Standard Works ou Medicine. Extract Buchu, $1 f 0 tkh bottle, or six fok $5 00 14 1 00 i; " 5 00 Lmproved Rühk Wash, 60 " t( 2 50 Or half a dozen of each for $1200, which will bc sufficient to uure the most obstinate cases, i? directiens are adhered to. Delivered to nny addresa, securely packod (romobservation. I3P Describe symptoms in all Communications. - Cures guarantced. Advíie gratis. A F F 1 D A V I T . Personally appeared before mean AUerrnan of tte cityof Philadeljjliia, II. T. EIki.mhoui, who, being duly sworn, doth say, his preparations contaiu no naicotic, no mercury, or other injurious drugs, but are purely vegetable . H. T.HELMBOLD. Sworn and subacribed before me, this SSd day of November, 1864. Wit. P. HTBBARP. AUterman, Ninth-street, above Race, Phila. Address Letters for information in coniidence. H. T. HELMBOLI), ChemistDepot 104 South Tenth-street,below Chestnut, l'liila, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCirLED DKALERS, Who endeavor to disroBe l( OF TTIKIR OWN ' and "other" articlftf on tho jeputation attained by Helmbold's Genuine Prepanttions, " ' Extract Buchu, i( ' ' " Sarsaparillft, " [' lmproved Roso Wash. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S- TAKE NO OTHER. Cut ont tho advertisement, and Rerd for it, AND AVOIP IMPOSITIOH AND &XPOSUR& lyCOS; I am Bcund for IGÜITERIAMCO'S! Dispute the fact if yon can, It takcs the T AILOE affcer all to give appearance to the outer man. If yon wish to appcar well You must accordingly Dres3 Well Go to M. Guiterman & Co'a,, Thero you will find things esactly SO. SONDHEIM alvvays ready to take your mensure, GUITERMAN will sell you Goods with great pleasure, At figures LOWER than you will find in tho State, Tako heed - cali, eahly, elso you are too LATE. The iNDUCBJiENTS are now greater tban ever, Our Clerks you will find obliging and clever. We will show you good CLOTHING oí our own qbttino up, Filling our Store from Bottom to ror. STUDENT8 especially will find it to TIIEIR ADVANTAOE, For it takes but LITTLE MONEY to replenish. 1500 OVEHCOATS of O'oth, Beaver, and Bear, Warranted for almost ever to wear. COATS of Cloth and Cassimere of our OWn IMPORTAT1ON, Forwarded through our New York relations. From England, Belgium, Germany and Franco, Such as you can stand up ín, or wear, at the dance. Pants ! Pañis ! ! Pants ! ! ! Faney CASSIMERES and DOESKIN oí everv grade, We sell them from ONE DOLLAE up lO EldíIT. VESTS, &C, of every descriptiou, You will find it 80 without fiction, Furcishing appabels From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. Thía Ib all we Lay now, Therefore we malte our bor. Tours truiy, ever so, GUITERMAN. A Co., RIS DON & HEJN DERSOÑ BDOK.EYÏ3 GRAIN DRILL, and Grasa Seed Sower; Manufactured at Opringfiold, Ohio. rpiIEVKRYI.ATEnTIMPROVEMENT.and fcetterthan JL all ot}iera; adapte to sowing Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley andGradB Seed. lst. It has a Botafy Feeder. 2d. Will eow all kinds of GroÁn and Grass Seed. 3d. Never bunches the Gram ith. Nevar breaks the Grain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcast iehindihe Drill. 6th. Has high wheels and long Hoes. Ith. Has long and wide steel points. 8th. It has a land measure or Surveyor. 9tA. It has doubU and single rank drills. 10í7i, It has a self adjusting shut off slidc. It is neatly and suTistantially made. There is hartlly a Drill ofíeredin the marktít but can boast of more or less F1RST PREMITJMSP They are about as imlisorimiuatcly bcstowed as the title of (i Professor," whích is sometí mea a-pplied to the lljiddler" or l bootbiack," ïhey cease to convey the irlea of merit. The ütickoyc Drill has been on Exhíbition at quito a number of Sta tí a ml County Fairs, and without seeking favor at the liméis of any Cüuimittee, has recoived its full sharc of Premiums TESTIMONÍALE : TVe give the following Danies of a few Farmers in this vicinity w'qo havo bought and used the Buckey e Drill : Godfrey Milier, Scio. Jacob l'olhernus li Jacob Tremper, u ThoraaB White, NortbfieM. JohnBrokaw, " Christian Kapp, " Edward Boyden, "Webster. James Trcadwell, AnuArbor DanielO'Hara, " " JnhnG.CooU, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, ' Ii. Edmonds, Saline. George Cropsoy, Green üak, Lïv. Co. "We arealso Agenta for the Ohio Reaper & Mower, ackno-wleclgod tobo tlio Tery best in uso. We are just in receipt of 100 Grain Oradles Whicli we will sell ClieapAlso alarge assortraent o G-rass And the largest and best selected stock of BE1STT STTJFF FOR CARRIAGESever before oifered in this market. We also keep a large and full $ïïmi ui? piiPigSs) HAUA, GLASS, PUTTY, PAlNT,and LINSEED OIL. A complete assortment of STOYES, TINWAEE, AND EAVE TROUGHSalwaju on hand and put up at the shortest notice. RISDON it HENDKRSO.V. AnnArbor, Juni a0th,18(2. #tf 1863. spring. 1863. o We are now opening A Large and Beautiful asaortment of STAPLE AND FANCY Dry Cloods ! IADSES' DRESS GOODS in great varioty, mss osirs, X)resa Trimminssj efccAlso a large stock of Gtoöds for Mens' Wear, Cassimeres, Gloths, &c. and a full assortment of Ladies and Children's HATñ, CAP8, GROCEEIEG, CROCKERY, All of wliich we will sell at the LOVVEST POSSIBLE o .&. e rsa: je sa x c :e5 : MAGK & SGHMiö. Ann Arbor, March 19, '63. 896tf CITY CCOPE31 SHOP. Tholcsulo .n.l iU'tail, O. C. SFAFFOUD WouU reftpectfnïTy annotmce to ie citizens of Ann Árbor and vfclnity, that Vo ín now ixa&afActnrfng and keep constantly on hnd a Large Assortment of Cooper Work ! sueh m -?or2t and C!:ler ÏÏRrreïa, 2Lega, Firkins, Ohurns, Well Buckets, &c. Which tvHI be sold chsap for ca h. CXTSTOM WOBK Made to order on short notice. Tïepairiag done with neatucas and dïsp&tch, J wonld cali particular Pítention to iljrcïuints in want of Bnííer Firklns. I amraanafitc turing tb e tfeUT Twfc Stnte !Firïtln, which isa better Firkin thftn ever bofore been of fered iathis market. I woald invite all ivho is-ant FirkïDS tO Qall and exanine for themselve.i befnrc puvchising olsewhre, aod I will couvince you thst jou have calfsd ut the right plftO. I would also oiiHtlie-attention of vBr,-rd In -.Tant of BEER KEGá, I an now prt pared to manuf.-cturö Eights, Quarters and half Bbls, inlurjeor s,::p.ll Iota, aal of a Setter Quality than can ba liad iu Detroit orulaowhcro. TA11 work warranted to give entire satisfaction. Thaiikful for paatfTora ,md bj a atrict attentinn to ba-iineas, I liope to meril a oontinuec1, liberal supply of the public patronage, Tfcír. Do uot forget to cali at the City ConperShop. O. C. SPAFFORD. Detroit St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 388jl GaEAï.öESATER GREAÏEST BAKGAIN3 EVEK OFFERST) 1859. JLq1859' In this City, are now being oLFered at the CHEAPLOCK.WATOH, & J" O -VÏ7 O 1 33 3 t O I O- rriHE3übscribor wouklsny to thecltizensoi Ann Ar L prticulnr, and the reït of Waslitenaw Crmnty in general, thnt hohasjust 1MP0RPED Dl RECTLY i'rom EUROPE.a Tremendons Stook of Watches! AU of which h bindsbimselftOíell CHEAPER than can be bought west of New York City. OpenFace Cylinder Watches trom $6 to $10 do do Lever do do 8 to 2' HuntingCa8e do do do 14 to 3i do do Cylinder do do 9 to 28 Gold Wateheefrom 20 to 150 1 have alBo the CELEBIIATKD AMERICAN WATCHES, whichlwlll eeVl ttr 835. Every Watch wurrantad to üerform well, or tb e money retunded. Clocis, Jewelry, Pinted Ware, Fancy Goods. Gold Pens, Musicallnfitruments and Strings Cutlery, &c, and in fact n variety of everythini; usually kept by Jew e Iers can be boughtforthe next ninety days at your OWN TRICES! Persona buying anything at this well known establisfame ut ran rely ujïon getting gooda exactly as represented, orthemoney rofunded. OaJlearly and secure the best bargaina ever ofFo red in thii City. One word in regard to Repairing : We are prepared tomake any repairs onfine or common Watches, even to makins:o er the entire watch, if neceasary. Repairing of Clocks and Jewelry na nsual. Also the manufacturine oí RINGS, BROOCH9, or auything doaired, from California Gold onehortnotice. Engfravire in allitsbranchesexeented withneaN ne-ÈS and dispatch . J C. WATTS. Anu Arbor, Jan. 28thlP59. 794w Rifle Factor y! Beutier & Tra ver, [ñuccessors to A. J. Suthevland,] Manufacturera of and Dealers in Guns, Pistols, Ammnnition Flaslcs, Pouvhcs Game Bags, and Everjotlier article fa that Lioe. AUUinflsof done at the shortest notice, and in tüebest manner. a full assortmrnt always kfpt on hand and made order. fr Shop corner Main and Washington etreets. Aon Arbor, Oct. 8, l62. 873tf Trusses ! TUPTURE CAN BK CÜRKD BY A TRÜ?S of tho IV riffht kind, if' properly filtcd nnd duly attemlod jt. ThiB has been abundantly tlemonpirated in Innúmera ble iDstanceaby the u"e ofthe Multípcrtnl Trusa of Dr. RlRgS, (lurine; tht Tast few ye:irs. Tliïs Trnss being covoï od with Hard Rubber, is pprfeetly watorprnof, may he uwed in batblng, and is always cleanly ai wel] ba Indestructible by ordlnary usage. If not satisfactory after a fair trial of dnys, it may bo rturned. It cballengis comparison ivith any trnsa npr.n'RIGGS' Offlee. No. 2 BARCLAY Street, . RS Ayeres ,B WOBLU.S o ■■JxXXjV- KOR r -S5TEDY SCROFULA AND SCEOFÜLOUS DISEASES. From Emery Edes, a well-K'noirn merchant of Oxford, Muitte. ' I have sold larè qnantities of your SarsaparH.LA, but never yet one bottle which failed oí' tlic desired effect aud l'ull satisfactioji to those wlio took it. As fast as our people try it, they agrce there has beeu 110 medicine like it belöre iu our uommunity.'1 Eruptions, Pimples, Blotches, Pustules, Ulcera, Sores, and all Diseases of the Skin. From licv. Jlobt. Stratton, Jlristol, England. " I only do my duty to you and the public, w lien ï add my testimony to that you publisn of the medicina) rirtaes of your Sarsapakilla. My daughter, aged ten, had au aliücting humor in her c ars, eyes, und hair ibr ycars, which we were unable to cüre until wc tried your Sarsatauilla. Slie has been well ibr some mouths." From Mrs. Jane E. Mee, a icell-lnown and mucfoesteemed lady of JJennisvillc, Cape May Co., N: J " BI y daugliter h&s sutïercd ibr a year past with'a scrol'nlous eruption, whicli was very troublesome. ïiothingaübrded any relief until we tried your Sarsaparilla, which soon completcly cured her." From Charles P. Gaje, Esq., of the widely-lcnoienfirm of Gage, Murraif Ar Co., manufacturers of enamtlled papers in Ñashtia, N. II. " I had ibr several years a very troublesome humor in my face, which grew constantly worpe until it digfigured my features and btcaine in intolerable affliction. I tried almost everything a man could of both advice and medicine, but without any relief whatever, until I took your Sausai-aru-la. It immediately made my face worse, as you told me it might ibr a time; but in a few weeks the uew skin began to form under the blotches, and continued until my face is as emooth as anybody's, and 1 am without auy symptoms oí' tbc disease that 1 know of. I enjoy perfect health, and without a doubt owe it to your Saksaparilla." Erysipelas - General Debility - Purify the Blood. From Dr. Hobt. Samin, Houstón St., 2V. Y. Dr. Ayer : I seldom fail to remove Eruptions and Scrqfidous Sores by the persevering" use of your Sarsaparilla, and 1 have just now cured an attack of Malignant Erysipelas with it. No alterative we possess equalötbe öarbaparilla you havo supplied to the proi'ession as well as to the people." FromJ. E. Johnstou, Esq., Wakeman, Ohio. " For twelve years 1 had tlie yellow Erysipelas on my right arm, during whicb time I tried all the celebrated physiciansl could reach, and took hundreds of dolíais' worth of medicines The ulcere were so bad that the cords becamc visible, and the doctors docided that my arm must be aznputated. I began taking yourSAKflAPARïLLA. Took twobottles, and eomebt your Fills Together theyhave cured me. I am now as well and sound as auybody. Being in a public place, my case is known to everybody iu thia community, and excites th wonder ot all." From Bon. Henry Monro, M. P. P., of Netccastle, C. W., a leading member of the Camulian I'arliamrnt. " I have used vour Sarsapakilla in my i'amily, for general debility, and for purifyiiig the blood, with very beneficia! results, and feel in commending it to the aiilicted." St. Anthony'3 lïre, Bose, Salt Kheum, Soald Head, Sore Eyos. "rom ITarvey Sidder, Esq., the able editor of the Tunckhannock Democrat, Tainsylcania. l Onr only child, about three years ol'age, was attacked by pimples on nis ibrenead. They rapidly spread ur.til they ibrmed a loatlisome and virulent eore, which covered his face, and nctually blinded his eyes ibr some days. A skiltul physician applied nitrate of silver and other remedies, without any ap{mrent effect. For flfteen days we guarded his hands, est with them he should tear open the festering and corrupt wuund whioh covered biswhole face. llaving tried every thing else we bad any hope from, we began giving your Saiísapaiíilla, and applying the iodide of potash lotion, as ycu direct. 'Ihe eore began to heal v.lieu we had given the iirst bottla, and was ell when we had fini. lied tiie second. The child s eyelaskes, which had conie out, grew again, and he is now as healthy and fair as any other. The whole neis-hborhood predicted that the child must die. Syphilis and Mercurial Diaaase. From Dr. Iliram Sloot, of St. Louis, Missouri. "I Gnd your SarsaparilLa a more efiectual remedy ibr the secondary eymptoms of Syphilis, and for syphilitic disease tijan any oiher we possess. The profession ere indebted to you ibr some of the best medicinas we have." Frovi A. J. French, M. D., an eminent phy sitian of Lawrence, Mass., who is a prominent member of the Legiilatwe of Jlassachusetts. "Dr. 'Ayer - My dear Sir: I have found your Sarsapakilla an excellent remedy for Syphilis, both of the primar and secondary type, and eflectüal in some cases that were too obstinate to yield to other remedies. I flo Hot know what we can employ with more certainty of succees, where a powerful aiterative is required." Mr. Chas. S. Van Liem, of New Brnnswck, N. J., had dreadful u'cers on his legs, caused by the abuee ofmercury, or mercurial disease, which grew more and more agravated for years, in spite of every remedy or treatment that could be applied, until the persevering use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla relieved nün. Few cases can be found more invetérate and distressing than this, and it took several dozen bottles to cure him. Leucorrhoea, Whites, Female Weakness, aregcnerally produced by infernal Scrofulous Ulceration, and are vc-y often cured by the alterative effect oí' this Sabsapa billa. Some cases require, however, in sid of the Sarsaparilla, the skilful application of local remedies. From the well-lcnown and widely-celebrated Dr. Jacob Morrill, of Cincinnati. "I have found your Sarsapaeilla an excellent alterative in diseases of témales Many coses of irregularity, Leueorrhrea, Internal UJceration, and local debiiity, arising from the scrofulous diathesis, have yieldcd to it, and there are few tbat do not, frheu its effect is properly aided by local treatment." A lady, umvilling to allo;n the 2)iillication of lier name, writes: "My daughterand niyself have heen cnred of a Tery debilit'ating Leucorrhcea of long standing, by two bottles of your Sarsaparilla." Hheumatism, Gout, Liver Complaint, Dyspepaia. Meart Disease, Neuralgia, when caused by Scrofula in the system, are rapidly ourcd by tkis ËXT. Sarbapauilla. ayTrs cathartic pills possess so many advantaos over the other purgatives in the mnrket, and tbeir superior virtnes are so univcrsally kr.own, that we need not do more than to aseure the public their quality is maintained cqual to the best it ever has been, and that they may be depended on to do all that they have ever done. Preparcd by J. C. AYER, M. D., & Co., Lowell, Mass., and sold by BTEBBINS & HflLSOX, Aun Arbor, F. SASISON Ypsilanti A V. U 'ING, Dexter, WHKKHOX & HATCH . Wholesalsby FAKBAMBSHELBTfcCo., De troit. C. E. tOBURN, Travelling Agent. "UNIVERSAL r '■'".' i' SÍ fe CLÖTHJÏiWIUMEIL No. 1. Larie Family Wuixciüt $10.00 No. 2. HïWUM " " 7.00 No. ïy, " " " 0.00 No. 3. Sjiai.l " " 6.50 No. S. Imhoe He rni, " 14.00 No. 18. Mkdtu.m l.AUNDIiv ( to run by " IS. 00 No. 22.L.ARUE " -! Bteam or 30.00 (. hand. j Nos. 2}í and 3 have no Cogs. All otbors are warranted. No. 2 is thesizp eenerally used in private families. Orange JudDj ot the "American Agriculturtst "says of the UNIVERSAL CIjOTHBS "WRINGER. "A chii'l c:in reodtly wrlHg out a tubfnll of clothes in a few minuten. It is in reality n CL0TH1 8 .- ER AIME SAVJER ! andaSTRNÖTH SA VER I The saving of gariiK'uts will alone pay :i large per oeittave on its cost. vVe think the macbino much more than PAY8 FORÏTSELF EVERY YKAï! in the saTin of garmental Thre are ievefal kinds, nearlj alike in general conBuructioa but we consider it important that the Wringer be fltted with Ccgs, otberwisc a niass of garíní'iits may dog the rollers, and the rollers apon t ho or:tnk-sh:ift .slip ;inu I .kíio-, ot tlie rubber break loóse frota the sUaCt. Our owp is tuie of the first male, and it is neariy as GOOI AS NEW after noarly FOUS S TAKT O8K " Every "Wrigei -vrith Cog "Wheel3 is Warranted in every Particular. NO WRINGER CAN BE DURABLE WITHOUT COG WIIEELS, A goo' ('A ■ töd ''i "Vfry town. On receípt of the pr!ce from places whore no ob is sollí&g, ira will seud tho wringer fus cf i.xPENS1S For 'M'tlcular-í and circuí arfl ■■■' 9lStf R C. BROWNING, "47 Bíoadwíiy, N.T. LIVERT! LIVERYÍÍ J. GHEEN & E. BR0WN, havo purchíipoil the Horsen umi Carriages of Ti. Green, anl have vIho ulileil some very fine Uorses Sí Carriaíres to the above stock, iu the same barn, so that they can suií you all ou reasonabtii terms. Cali and See ! Anu Arbor, Juljllth, 183. Ím914. SheriflPs Sale. " BY VIKTDE of on execution issued out of ana the Seal of the Circuit Oourt foi the C„ nai WaAhteHaw and of Michigan. hearing Zllltf ?J September A.D. lg63, .mltoSJ '""' and deTivered against the goedsand chaftles aJÖ4 vant thereqt iandsand tenements of J„BB ñuL I .? lefendaot the-ein named I d.d on the 4 'ï f lrl "eptembem A. i). 1863, levy upon and neio all ,, J 5 itle and interest of the said Joim Buabati in .2, lio following described land and Juhe north east ten (10] acres in a square form tromt? north-east corner of the west half of the nortbl iiiarterof section number thirteen [1") n town V Himber onc South range live east in the Coiini, 'P WaAtenaw and State of Michigan, which premi'',.0 snall expose for sale at pubiic auctionastlielawili it the front door of the Court House, in the City of?" Vrbor, that being the place tor holding th cir Court fiir the (Jountj of Washtenaw, on Saturdai T 84th day of October next, at eleven o'oloek Í," forenoon of said day. "" l'IIIUP WIXEGAR, Sheriï Daled, September lOlh , 1883. 7lv921 Chancerv Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Fourth Judicial Circuit I ij Chance ry. Snit pending in the Circuit Court für'th" 'ounty of Washtenaw, in Chancery, whortin Harri t lillman is complainant, and Benjamin Hillman . , endant ; ut Aun Arbor City on the lOth day of Senifm bor,186"j. Ifsatiafacto-ily appearing to mi the SJ? icriber, one of the Circuit Court Commiss'ioners f nad .County of Washtenaw, by the affidavit ot l u 'owell, .Sdicitor lor the complainant in the aboTe cji' hat the 3aid dofendant, Benjamin Hillman u not ' ■esident af tlie State of Michigan : On motion of i v 'uwell, Solicitor for the compiainant, it is onlereil ihli FenSant, Benjamin Hiltoan, causo his apja, ■nce to be entered in said cause within two montlis (k heilate of thi.s order, and that in default thereof th bill of complaint, filed in said cause, be taken as confei id bv aaid defendant. And it is lurthef ordered tkt vithin twenty days said complainant caueacopí,í iiis oriler to be publiahed in the Michigan Argüí . lewajmpei printed and puWished in the city of An ior.4 saidCountyof Washtenaw, and that said pabt ■nti(.n be continued once m each week for sil sucta Mve weeks ; or that said complainant cause a copt of this order to be porsonally seryed on said defenJaüt uenty days before the time prescribid f„t 'J ippearanee. GEO. DANFORTH Circuit Court Commissioner, Washtenaw Co. Midi L.M i'i)Wj:j i., Comp's ol. Dated.Sept 10,1863. 6w925 MortgHge Sale. DEFAULT having been milde in the cnnditioniof i cevtain Indenture of Mortgage cxecued by frpeEc., D. Gpodale and Sarah A. Goortale his wite, ol tbe Ciir of Ann Arbor, Countj of Wanhtenaw aia Sute 'i Michigan, to Maria B. Royce, of tlie Cityof Newboi,' State of New York, benriii!; 'at8 tLc twenty-set1 iay oi August, in the yearol our Lord onee tbousud eighthundred and sixty.and recorded in the office of the Register i f Deeds in and for said County of Wi.), tenaw, on the 22d day of August, A. D. 1860, in ia 11 of Mortgages, on page 182 . by which default th, 1 ower of sale containi-il in said moitgage becanie o erative, uurt the amount clHimed to be due on said 1, denture of Mortgage at the date of this notice tukt eighthundred and eighty dollars, and no suit or pn ceeding having been instituted at law. or rn cbniicm to recover the debt sucured by said mortgage or ' part thereof: Notice is therefore hereby given thatti FatOïday, twenty.flrst day of November, A. I 18C3, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day the South door of the Court House, in the City ef in Arbor, in said county of Washenav and State of Btki. gan, (said Cnurt House being the place for holding tht Circuit Court 'or said county.) I shall sell nrcauieto be sold at public auction , in foreclosure of said Mortgi ■ highest bidder the premises described tlurtin' orsomuch thereof as riial be aecessary tosatiiiytt, amount due on ■■(nd mortgage, with interest, and til the teasoDable cosfe, disbursejnents and expensei of il dinga relativo to the foreclosure of the same, cliidimr reavonable charges for attorneys' services.u proyidedin said indenture of mortgage ; that is to at "All that certain hact or parcel of land situated iitbe Grty "f Ann Arbor, known, bounded, and describedij follows.vii: The iiisthalf of Lots number Seren int Etght, Bloei; Four North, Range ten Kast, in Lawrew and ilaynaid's addition." MARIA B. ROTCS. Dated, Aug. 22,1863. 919]) Commissioners Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, CouKTY OF Wjishtekat SI ij The undersigned having been appointcd by the'Pnbate Court för said County. Comniissioner to reciirt, examine, nnd aOjust all claim-s and demands of allper sons against the estáte of Michael Dillon, late oflli roniiship of Webster in said county, deceased, lierrtj ïiutice tliat six raonths from date,' are, by orttt of the Probate Court, allowed for ernditort to prtMl tlieir claimsagainst said deceased, and that thej lil meet ftt the renidence of Mrs. Margaret Dillon, infte Towoship of Webster, in said County, oa Saturdaj,tbi Pwenty Sixth day of December, and Thursdaj. tlt Ïwenty-Fourth day of March next, at one o'olo'ok, it the afternoon of each day,to receivo, examinp, acdii. just said claims. DEKMIS WARNER, { Commissiown Dated,Seiitember25th,1863. 92i m. FAIRBANKS' Jj pf Standard S CALES! Ujë&JÊSÊk OF ALL KINDS. LL: siMÊfS Also, Wareliouse Trucks, Lttttr Preuts, 4. Faïrbanks, Greenleaf & Co, 172 Lake Street, Chicago. Sold in Detroit by PAKR4SD !fc SHEtET. flBo careful to buy only the genuine.L&' Wj! Por lïats, Mice, Roadles, Ants, Bed Bp' Motlis In Fnrs, Woolcns, &c. InstctJ PlantB, Fowls, Animáis. Síc. (í Only infallible remedies known." " Free irora poivons." u Xot da-ng 'idus to the Human Family." " Kats come out of their h(des to díe." %& Sold Wiiolesale in all large c ttes. ÍS Sold by all Pruggists and lielailers everjibQ3T '. '. ! ijiAWABU : ! ! of all worthlese imiUtiojgÉi'See that '-t'osTAK's7' name is on each Bo3,w'' tle and Flask, beföfe you buy. Address HEÜSY R" COSTAR. Principal Pepot, Xo. 428 Broadway Xfw !■ Hgf' Sold by all the Wholesale and Retail DrSIL! Ann Arbor. Mieh 915m3 (■HMIIlillimilllHHII ii I III " C. BXiISS 4 Wooldtake tbia method ofinforming his ob . fojj and patrons-and all others who may favor hjni fl their patronage, ttathe has greatly eularged bis Stock and Assortmeut! and bavlng ulopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BÜYING & SKLlRfi is prepares to ell Gooda at ]El9a,aiO5i TolO rITioeiS, His stock coaslsts:"!11 ot the tollowiiiiT jMk AMERICAN AND OTB jk Watches! CLOCKS! Fine Jewelry Se GOLD CÍTAINS, TABLE ANU POCKET CUTLEKY ! Bazors,Sheara,Scissorand Brnshes, . A,, BOGEES PLATEDWARE, tlie bestinm" Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencü. PAPES and KNVEI.OrE?, Musical InstrumentSi Strings Sf Books for Instrument, of Qold, Silvcr, Steel, and Plaid, "' PERISCOPIO GLASb, a superior article. rersons ha.ving difflcult watches to (it wi,11' ? c,e eau be accornodated, as my stock is larg"."" píete, P. S. Particular attention to the of all kinds of fine Watches, such us j Making and Setting new Jeff Pinions, Staffs, and Cijlinders. All" C1OCKS, Sz iTÉWEL neatly repaired and 'war'-anted, at his old at side of Main Street. - - C. BLISS;, Ann rbor.yov. 25.1863 - Ayer's Cherry Pectoï1


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