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■ klever? Friday thethird story of t.ol%rnèr„f Main and Hurou st .. ANN ' g ich. Entrauceon Huron Street, oppositethe SflU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Hltltlli AdVttlice. j „ll.mi!-Qne square (12 Unes of less),one Ad e,.t' ná 25 cent for every insertion there'" 'than threc months. 'f: are 3 möS $3.00 i Quarter col. 1 year 20 One "Va „ (. mo„ 5 00 H Half column 6 mos IS '"'" l8r 8 00 Half column 1 year 35 e"1Uc"fra" 8 00 I On, column (i mos. 36 T"-o's 1 year 12.00 , One column 1 year 60 T!11 d,.rtismenU vtuacconipanied oy written or Wiinotions willbe pubhshed until ordered out, ertUemèn1stlrt insertion, 50 cents per „Mts P" folio for each subiequent irsertion. (olio, a c 't ' Cnement is added to an adveitisement the iMl m b charged tlieaame as for flrstinsertion. , KPrintlng- Pamplilets, Hand Bills, Circulars, ? 5 Tickets, Labels, Bkiuks, Bill Hetds, and i3r ' SiMOf PlainandFancy Job Printing, execuJt'"! romptness, and in the best nyle fJldt-Vll have a Ruggles Rotary Card Press, and , ñrittyof thelatest styles of Card type which 1 bT" print Cardri of a11 kiDlls ", " .1 "'"tvleaDdcheapertliananj other house in the C B M aess cards formen of allavocations and pro-i-mj Hall Wedding and Visiting Cards, pnnted on 5o'tce. ' Cali and see samples. onoK BINDING- ConnectedwitVi the Office Is a '"..,,„ n (.haree of two competent workmen.- Utecóïd" Ledrs, Journals, and all Blank Books f.der,ánof the best stock. Pamphlet. nfl "n.iicals bound in a neat and durable marnier, at De"es. Entrance to Bitdery through the Argu,


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