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An Item Which Every Man Should Read

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We hav probably all of us mot vvith instanoes in which a word heedlesuly spoken again9t the rcputation of a woman has been magnified by malicious minds until the cloud has become dark enough tr overshadow her whole existence. To those who are accustomed - not necesearily froni bad motives, but from thoughtlessness - to gpeak lightly of wonnen, we recoirmend these "hints" se worthy oí consideration : " Never use a lady's name in an improper phice, at an improper time, or in mixed company. Never make assertions about her that you think are untrue, or allusiuns that you fee] she herself would blush to hear. When you meet with men who do not scruple to make use of a woman's name in a recklesa and unprincipled manner, sbun thero, ior they are the very worul members of the oomtnunity - men lost to every senae of honor - every feeling of humanity. Many a good and worthy woman's character has been forever ruined aud her heart broken by a lie, manufactured by eonie villuin. and repeated where it should not have been, and in the presence of those whose lit tle judgment could not deter theai from circnlating the foul and bragging report. A slander is soon propagnted, and the smallest thing deroga tory to a woman's character will fly on ihe wings of the wind, and magnify as it ciroulutes, uutü ite monstrous weight crushes the poor unconscious viclim. Respect the name of a woman, for your motbers and sisters ure women ; and as j-ou would have their fair name untarnished, and their lives unembittered by the slanderer's biting tongue, heed the ill that your own words may bring upon the mother, the eister or the wife of eome fellow creature."


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