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A True Snake Story

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jur. xsarnum nassuceeeaea in securing 'or the Museum the largest snake that ias probably ever been seen in the Uni ted States. It is a python of the boa, from the East Indies Securing a snake is quite a different tbing from seeuring an actor. It is a wonder to spectators how this appalling monster was ever oaught alive, aDd how it was ever transfei red so safely from its native wilds to become a harmlcss spectacle to the seeker of euriosities. The stones that imaginative nurses are wout to teil eredulous urchins for the purpose of putting to sleep with pleasant dreams, are tame beside this great re:ility of this serpent world. Oa Lis voyage from the East Indios nobody dared approach hira to give hun anythiugto eat, and it was not until he was got into Barnum's glass cage that anything went into the vast re ceptacle where he is wont to put his fooi He was then regaled with rabits, guinc pigs and pigeons. lie has way o eating which lias a tendency to make th spectators feel vcry tbankful that he i shut up in a vcry tight cage; for it is ev ident that if he should be found to posses that reüned taste for human flesh whic some nations have exhibited, he could ea up half a dozen childreu in a very brie space of time. It would be best to remov him when another baby show comes on. This gentle animal caught with his own hiduoua mouth, and took into his own body üve fat guinea pigs and sixteen full grown rabbits, fmished with a deísert of several plump pigeons, and then curl ed himself up for an afternoon nap. He was shortlv after seized with another slight pang of hunger, however, and swallowed a rooster that had been previously tempting his appetite near his corner of the stage. There were belore several tremendous boas in the cage, but all of them roiled into one would be swallowed whole by the python. The python is from twenty to twenty five feet long - not being a pleasant article to handle his exact measurement is not taken - and it would be impossible for him to wear a lady's corset. Of course, the fat woman at the other end of the huil, who measurea four yards and seveuteen iuches a bout the waist, is an exeeption to this statement. fíe has a shining skin and a graceful taper of the body. The monster will be visited uot ïuerely by amusement seekers but by students of natural bistory, who will seldom find a moreextraordinary uatural marvel thun this. - N. Y. World. 5P A soldier in ono of the late battles sitting very coolly behind one of his gurs, where the ehol were falling fast, being asked by tbe Chaplain whether he was supppm ted by Divine Providence, replied, "No, 6ir, we're supported by tbc? Ninth Ne"' Jersey."


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