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h is jileasaiit to be occnMOusilly reminded that nt least two or thréè of the iUtesmun who have m:idc Massochiisptts famous in uur civil liietory stil! live, though discroivuO] und tttiliouored by tho people of a comuiunwi-alth wlo liave watidered alter slrango god. Hon. lli'beii C. Win'liTop, is in; of the few men lcft toreuiiiid us of the golden z"e of New Etigland statcsmanship and on tory. Contrast, i'ur iru-tunce, ihe follow ing parngrspb From a slmrl speech he re cently diilivcied in Boston wilh the bcatec partisan raviiigs-of Wilson, and the nar row negrophilism óf Sumncr : " Sir, tt is in tho power of the loya press of ihe lojal staïe's of tliis country while vi urges aud stlniuUtqs, as it ough unceasingiy to ui'gé a(ï stimulate, b CTery appeal to fpterest, übliyatiün an patriotisin. t tic d'iauharge of oui' firs graat duty, that of rcinfiireing oüï arnr and uavy to the utmost practical exten and with the utmost practicable dispatcl i" that we may be able to stiikc a vigoi ou's and crusliing blow upon the hydra beuded reb'cllion wherever it exists, yc so to deal with the questious of ihe fu ture ; go tu abs'.ain from wanten irritatio :tnd vituperation ; so to abandon all sav ge thrcats ot' indiseriniiuato and wliolü sale veugeance, as to prepara the way, o at least to leave the uay open, for tha ultímate resloratiou of fraternity ant concord, without which all the suectsses of our aruiies and navies will prove vain and worthless. We must not forget that hi tclio over comes by farce overcomes lut half his fue. Theie is an old maxim that we should so deal .with our f'riends as aöt forgetting that they ouo day may beeome (nir euemies. The reverse of that maxim is not less wise, and is more Christian - that wc should so deal with our enemies as rememberiüg and lioping that they may sooii once more beeome our friends. - Sir, if the press of the loyal states coulj be condueted in such a spirit, and if all our pens and tongues couid be similarly inspired, both towards enemies at homo and neutrals abroad, wo might well feel coijfidence that the day was not far distant when the old Constitution, for which tho mechanics of 178S streek so decisive a blow, might once lapre bö re stored over the -Md ; and when our flag might have a star for every state, and our country a state for every stat', [(ireat applauso.]" Had the Winthrops instead of the Wilsou& and Suinnsr directed the policy of the administratiou from the outsot of the war, we would by t-his time have luid a reunited country upon a foundation of listing peacü -


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