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The Great Door At The Capitol In Washington

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From the Republican. Nov, 5. lhat splendid work ot art, concorning wbich the public havo boeu led to form eucli high anticipations, bas been reoeived nd set up, though it is nnt yet pei-fectly ndjusted to its bearkigs. In tkat respect, however, it will soon be completo, and open to examiuatiun. It stands at the entrance of the corridor leading from the old hall of the House to the new, The door is of bronzo, Tho design was by Nr. Ilnndolph Hogers, an American art'st working at Rome. The founder was Mr. Frederick Von Muller, of Munich, Bavaria. It is said to be the only work of the kind in the World. lts weight is 20,000 pounds. To this date therc has been paid out upon it $28,429. There are some outstanding bilis, and ndditional expense is now mcuiTÍDg. - When it is completo and ready for use, the total expenso be just about $30,000. The leading subject of iis cmbellish ments is the history of Columbus. Ib has two valves, with four panvls on each valve, and ono sena.icircle vaho over the transum. I he ürst panel (begmning nt the bottom of tho left baud vahe) contains a scene reprcseuüng Columbus before the eouncil of' Salamanca ; tho sec ond panel, his leaving the eoDvont of La liobida; the third panel, his ludieuee with Ferdinand aud Isabella ; tho fourth panel, Lis departure from Palos ; the semi circular panel over the transoni represents his lauding at San Salvador; the fifth panel, his first encounter with the Tudians at Hispaniola; the sixtli pan uel, his triumphant eutry into Barcelona; the seventh panel represents him a -prisoner iu chaina about to be sent back to Spain ; the eighth panel contains a sceno representing his doath. Thero are sixteen stnall niches iu the border or frame around the door, in which are sixteen tatuetts, representing distinguished cotemporaries of Coluir.bus, and botween the panels are heads representing bisto rians who have written on his voyage from his own timo down to the present day, onding with Irving and Prescott. Crowoiug the door is a bust of Columbus. Tho ornamenta are hiefly emblematic of conruest and navigation. There are also about tho edge four statuetts, the lurgest of all representing the four grsat divisions of the world - Europe. Asia, África, and America. The surface of the work has a beautiful soft and mei low toue. All tho figures and ornatnents are very sharp and clear in outlino, and the mcchanical execution ís alijjost wondcrful in its perfection.


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