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Battles On The Rappahannock

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Washington, Nov. S. Ifc from iufbrmatinn rcoeivod licre lo niglit yosterday moruing Ihe Fifth aud Sixlii Anuy Corps, under Cüininaiid of Major General Sedewick, dvancod to llappaGannock Station, thcy ' having tlio right wing oí' (he Army.- , The First, Bccond, aud Third Army i Corps, formirig the k-ft wing, for Major General Freneb, proeeeded to KollVs Ford whou the right wing rcaclied the Rappiihannock, The euemy was found to be in considerable forcé, holding this side of the rfver, The rebel batteries, earth works'and redoubts crowned tho banks en each side of the Ilappahanuock. Gen. Sedgwick at once advuuccd and atormed theju with great gallauiry and impeluosity, oaueifig mucb ejaoglter and takins; a lar'e nunibfr of pi isonors. - Wheu General EVenoh reaehed Kclly's Fordíibout six miles below liappahannoek Stuíion,. the enciny thrcw aeross an entire división tu support tlieir pioket Unes ou this sido. General Fronoh hastily took a position so as to bring bis ar tillery to bour upon them, and sholled them with marked effeot, not only kill ing a large number but throwaig t.hein mto utter confusión, scattering them wildly una making many prisonerü. Gen. Frencli foilowing up bis advantage, immeiüately thrciv. the first división of the ïbird Corps, coinnianded by Geu. Biruey, acros-! tho river, wbich ended his operations for the day. This moriiing he orossed river wit i tho remato der of bis conimand. Gen St'dgwiek had previously crosied it, and ai nine o'elock this luoming the two wines bad formed a junction and held both banks of the liver. The enemy, after their dofeat in these two cngageinents, wero so hotly pursued by our victorious forecs that they threw theinsclves iuto the river in tbeir efforts to escape, when some were drowned aud many were killed by ouv infantry. All the artillery the rebels bod on tbis side was captured. . It is reported to be seven guns. Theirwholn camp eiuipage undoubtedly feil into our handV as they were coiiipelled to i-t in their hsstv retreat. Gen. 13 u ford 's cavalrv erossed at Sulpliur Springs to cover the right flank, several miles above llappahannook Station, and Geus Gregg and Kilpatrick crossed below Kelly's Ford to cover the left flank. No definite iiformation of their operations had been receivcd up to noon today. The enemy, after erossing tho Kap pahaiinock ander cover of night, moved in the direction of Culpcpper, and the advance ofour forces, supposed to be cavalry, reaclied Bran#y Station early to day. This morning our wliole line advanocd, and no dou-bt pressed rapidly forward after the i'etre:.ting foe. The entire number of prisoners taken by both Sedgwick and Freneh is now believed :o bo 1,826. The prisoners are coinposed irincipally of Norlii Carolina nx.d Louisana trooops. This afternoon the three o'clock train ccmmsnced bringinc; prisoners into Alcxandria. The number taken by Sedgwick was 1,200 to 1,400. The remaiuder were taken by Freneh. A gentleman wlio was present with the army says it was a novel sight to see all sedgwick's prisoners in a crowd - the argest !ot ever cspturcd by our forecs on the Virginia side, and they were guarded by cavalry to prevent stragglïng or escape. Froiich's prisoners were also gathered in one body, Our total loss is tíported to be 400 in killed and wouuled, but no prisoners. Our wounded were carried to "Warrentou Junction. - .u-om thonee they were sent to Alexaudria this afteruoon. Ii:ADai'Ar.ïnKs Army of the Potomac, ) Nov. 7, Ö 30 1' J(. 5 Major-Gcneral Sedgwick advanced to he railroad crossiug, fi om whieh he Irove the ccemy, assaulied and earried wo redoubts with artilleiy oa this side aking a number of prisonery. Major 3-eiieral Freuch advaneed to Kelly'a Ford Iriyiag the enemy in small forco aeross he river, and capturing scveral huudrud jrisoners at the Ford. GEOKGE (i. MEADE, Hajor-Géneral. Seaona Disjntleh. [eadquaktees Aumy of tuk Pütomac, ) Nov. 7, 10 P. M. 5 General Sedgwick reporta capturing bis afternoou, iii his opcratii)ns, three jieutenaut Colonels, maiiy olher offieers, nd 800 men together with four battle ags. General Freuch captured over 00 prisoners, offieers and men. GEORGE G. MEADE, Major-General.


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