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Last Words Of Gen. Lytle

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ruis glorious gentleman and tbc "miror üf chivulry," tlio vsry idol of liis ■iends wlio fèll at tho head of lila brigde at Chioamauga, as he ofton feil before i tho battlo front, but this timo, alas ! ever again to walk tho earth iu all tho jrido of liis generous mauhood, said a 'ew weeks before Lis death, ia the presnee of l)is troops : "Aüd then for you, soldiers but freaicu and armed citizens of' the liepublio ; will bo for you, to Remember tho lioïau saying : Feil pnce veil lello chrum, furi Heit, or as oJd Milton lias paraphraod it, "Peaeo haa her vietories no lesa euowncd than thoso of war.' Gen. Lytle further said : "It will be for you to sec that the powrs of tho governmect aro restricted to jeir lawful and their appropriato chanels, that each State has its ful! aud por'ect rights uuder the Constitution." There is the utterauce of a truo man wlio ha given up bis rich life for tho uperiled causo. Placo it aido by side with the oütgivings of John Urough, the States sha!-! not hold alavés Ño Jnion with slavcry." Place it side by side with the outgiVngs of Forney, "We raust have a govruinent with republican fonns aud monrchical powers." Place it sido by side with the declaraion of Thaddeus Stevens, "The old Uniou ? God forbid !'' HZST - recent Washington dispatch ays : Full advices have been received 'rom Grant of the capture of sevoral mndi'ed prisoners from Burnsido, by the ebels in Northeastern Tenncsseo, but as ouüngent movemonts are dependent on 11e present loeation of ]3urnside, it is not cerned prudent to furuish fur publication lic details rcferrcd to.


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