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HANGSTERFER'S HALL, -A-IMUNT ÁEBOE. The Four Smallest Human.jBeings, OF MATURE AGE, EVER ENOWN ON THE FACE OF THE GLOBE POSIflVELY ONE DAT OXI.Y Friday, November 20th, 1863. TlIÜKKUKAXli EÜBIJC J.KVEE3 Fromllto lü'i , -Éi t 4 ' iui.1 J !,- lo ;.,Vlck. Doors open hall an hour in advonoé GEN. ÏOM TEÏÏMB ANB HW BEAUTIFUL ÏJÏTTIJE WÏFE ïlie latf; Mis L&yinja Warren, TllKFASHNATINi! f;UKKX OF BEAUTY I COMMODORE NUTT, ■vrheFamoufl"$:.0,oio Xutt.'' o oalled, frnm havlna rti'civcil tbat suin frum Mar I'. T. Harnum for DircL' ypara' eeivjces. ILFIN MiNNIE WARREN, TliE . leaüet Laúy of lier age ever f-fcfD. HEKÉÁHKAM.ÚíRiEDcmn'LE, A BACIIEtOR AND BELLE, AU. FOrn VTEIGHllJG BUT ' 100 i'O!_'Xl. I'eifcct in Fonn anc Keaturef. The VfrorM riover sa .anjlliiug half so Vonderful No Lai'ger thnn so EnWes ! At tte.ijpmlrg.of the 11 o'cloek moFhing Levw, tlio CfiHM-nl an.i hi.i i;n!v Die idéntica] Wedding Coatí ej woreattírací Cbu:ch on their Harria Day.Feb. [0 .. Ifi :. .Si.vtj dJUirs ira-B üffsa-ed fot a ticket tu tlmt wedding hcre the fame Ihing can lic seeii for a írifle. 'ilicy will a],ear in :i greal variety of fawcinatingpercoi mancea aud costwmer. 6S" Ibevich. r ie nd soatlj ÏTe 'ilinj; Present?, also the Magnificent Jewel.i pfèrentod foGen 'ii m 'J'liuiub by tlieUrowiied ofEiiropé, wil] be exhibiled t each Levee. Admission 25 Cent;. ' S2)w2 GMIdftfi npder 10 yearsof age, 15 Cents. Farm For Sale. riHAMCKFOR A BARGAIN, mTlw to#n of Rnnald, V_; Ionia Counly, Mich., ii. the best heat grmvlng regiun in the State. lh is farm euataitla 16O -A.O2FÍ.32.1O, of choico land wilii sevunty aeres itnder iipproremoilt, with soiiie three miles uf eood nak lence, It is well watt-red, liaí a au-i.i log house, n frame liortie oarn a GOOI) SCGAR BÜSH, and athrifty Orcliard. It is welllocated for school and üthtr privileges . The owner haring do help of his own, and wishing Kj lecatu in tlio región of the University woulil like to exebange pruperty in or nenr the city of Aun Arjbor. Addres l'.O. Hux 863, Aan Arbororin 't""'1' "f Dr. GEO i'P.AY. 99ji3 UeiroitSt., oppoüite Aiksej'.i axln hhop. JLy FAIEBANKS' !pi Standard Pi' Also, Warékoust Trucks Letter Faivïa?ï]:s, Grecnleaf & Co., 172 Lakeïfreet, Chicago. SöiJ'ïii'DétraH by FAKiï vd &SÏ3KLTSY. JJiïti Ciircful te uiv nul the -geil ÓÍ &."$L 8g5rl Family Dye Colors. ■RöR R.teing Silk , Wuoïcii ara5 ïüiefl Coús, 8hwi, L ;'r:u-, llrww . i'.iijbun.-", Qkun. Bonnot.1, Hatij Featberit, ; i G!ïvw:, OiÍMfed'a CÍo.h'ñ, and all kiiidá of Wearig Api ar#l SA SAVIIVU OF 9O PR CEM-B Pqr 35 u c,n color suhmany gpo aa woiild olbrt ivise bf)f ciAffiw tli a f ,-;.m.' Varinus sliadès can be ■ri'iíuctil I uní Hf snrjic Dyc. Tlie proceat i. sïiogle, ftüd ;;,■, ■ the ü;. i vith pesfect suel'irecriofï- n Ktilisii, Freoolï sn 1 Germán, i naide of ench package. For furthef ufo: mation in Pyeipgj aftd grving a perfect knovled{ce wlkal eoij rs ar tfest atlapted to dye over others, (wïtli man y valuable recipes,) nurcbaae How & Step] .iis' "ii Jt( int: nd Culuriug. - iunt bj laailoo reowpt of prtee - 10 Geuts, Mannf.ictürfd by HOWE Í; MKVf.N".1?, L60 lírondway, Btisícm. rnr ie by Drigi.-.U nnfl Déalerif(rciierally. yJ6m6 Toba eco I Tobacco ! I AM SEIÏ.INS GOODFINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO Atjrom fiftg cents to $1 per pound. SMOKING TOBACCO, From 1 1 cents to 20 cents per pound at retail. M. DEVANY. Ami Arlior, Mich., Dií. 17, 1862. 8S3tf CAEPETS, AND OÏL CLOTHS ! J173T RE O El VED AT HlíNION & GOTT'S. Aun Arbor Oct . 23d 1363. 927m2 JUST OPENING? The largest Stook and best assortraent of CABINET FÜKNITURE ? ever brought to this city, inoluding SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS, CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CIIAIRS,; CSrlfisises Gilt Frames and Mouldings c;o3JsJJ1xiiríSí METALIC CASES, &c, &c, anl all other goeds fcépt in the bost anl Iftigsst houses n the country. We j;ccp no söcond liaud fumitme or Anction gonls. CnfTns kopt coógíarttíy on hand, and muie to ordei-. 4fy gooös art ollered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES N. B. I must havo mrnoy. and re-pcctfui'v reqnest höse Indcbledjto cali and fix up their oíd mattera without delav. o. ld. martin. Ann Artor, Oct. e, IK. Wiff BOOT SHO EF. B. COLE, (Successor to Moom & Loomia ) FRANKLIN BUILDINGS, Main treet, Ana Arbor, has just received Wi FALL AND WINTER STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES & RUBBEB manufactura! from the bart material and wamat,, give satiwfaction, conjsisting of MEN'S KIP, CALF AND THICK B00] DOÜBÍ.B SÜLED, MENS BUFFALO OVJSRSHOl of al] (Icscnpti'ons. XÖlIDIES GAITERS, Morocco Bootees, Balmorals, Feit Overtkott, a Rubbers. Also, Boy's Kip, Calf & Thick Bool together witli a variety of CHILDKEN & YOUTH'S SHOE I iiiii also Manufacturlng WAERANTED BOOTS & 8H0E Meii's Fine French Calf Boo Peg-ged and Sewed. Givemeacall before purcbasing elsewher. sell my oods chcap for cash. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE AND O SHORT NOTICE. N.B. COLI Ann Arbor, Oct. 23d, 1863. 9J71( TTENTION I A. C. LOEB, Are !happy to announce totheir numerous friendi n patrons, ttiat tbey have lately received a large additii to the ir forincr heavy Stock of Beady-Made Clothing FOR GENTS' AND BOYS' WEAE We have also on hand a LARGE And Well Selected STOCK OF Gentlemen's Furnishing Goodi HATS, TRUNKS, VALISES &c, &, Anti we wouM respecttnll rolicit jou to cali and amine our Good.s, béfofe purehaRiug elsewher,ii are conftdent that wo can hll you Goods CHEAPER THAS THE CHKAPB AT THE Cleveland Clothing House. A. & C. LOEB, Ann Arlwr, Haroti Street, opposiic Park, ffïïim WeatofCooka' Hotel. 95"m3 P. B AC H Has received A. LAEGE STOCK FALL AND WINTER GOODS! INCLUDINO LATEST STYLES -OFSliawls, Dress GroodS) and everything for Ladies & Gents OTear. GOING FAST FOR CASH! Cali and See ! Ana Arbor, Oot. 1863. NEW FALL GOODS! I am now receiving my FALL STOCK which is large and well selecttd and marked 23 3VI ATjXj FROPITS I have as usnal DRESS COODS, in great variety, Shawls & Cloaks, WHITE GOODS, G-loves & Hosiery BALMOEAL ANP HOOP SKIRTS' andafullSTO::K of all m O is m s t n s oOiSí -AND- CHOICE GRQCERIESí Buyers for CASH or PRODUCE wil] slway flni"01 of the Stock unüer C'RKDIT 1'EICES. J. II. MAYNAKDAno Arbor, Oct. 16, 1SC3.


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