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A Splendid Ornament To Broadway

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It must be a pleasant thuig for that venerable Individual, the oldesl inhabitaat, to run back ia recollection to tbe days when our now palce-beautified Broadway was in a much more trude condition than it is in these days of Progressive utility. Such iniproveruents have laken place within the past few years in the ppearance of our favorite thoroughfare, that it sems as if some arch encliantress had proiuced the change by one motion of her magie wind. All along the grand avenue, ft om Bowling Gren to Union Square, are to be seeu soiue of the most magniticent structures whioh ever ■prung from the train of art and architecture. And imposing aa they are externally, they re equally so within. Some of them are fltW up in a style which would draw tears of cstasy and adrairation from the eyes of the most extravagant Parisiau whose life is devoted to the study of luxury and magnificence geaerally. Recently a no vol improvement has been ushered into existence on Broadway. We refer to the splendid new Temple of Pharmaey (the doors of which were tbr the first time penedta the public but a few days ago) of Mr. II. 'J Helmbold, at No. 594 Broadway, and adjoiuing the Metropolitan Hotel. Ever 'tace its opening day it bas been been favored with fiill houses, (to use the langnage of the dramatic critics,) its unique splendor daily wd nightly attracting large crowds of admirara . The entire building which is 28 feet front, 235 feet deep and 5 stories in height, has tees leased by Mr. Helmbold. The street floar has been most tas tefully fitted up, the 'ront half being used for the retail departsnt aad the rear portion for the wholesale buiiness and as a laboratory. There is prob'bly no drug store in the world more beautiinl and luxuriousiy furaished than tliis new cquisition to our Broadway attractions. Connected with the establishment is a reWption room, which is iutended tor the comfort of those who areobliged to wail wbile the prescriptious which they desire to purchase r being prepared. This is somethiug which has long been a desiderátum which Mr. Helmoold has supplied. The room is furnished ith costly lounges, euairs, sofas and velvet rfpet. Taking this new establishment altoïther it deserves to rank as one of the


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