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%mm pote, MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. Passengertrains now leave Detroit, Chicago, and th 6e veral Stations in thisCuunty ,as follows : GOING WEST. Leave Mail. Day Ex. Jack. Ac. NightEx. Detroit. 5. 30a. M. 7.60 A.M. 6.00 p.M 7.40P.M. Ypsilanti, 6.55 " 9.10 " 6.30 " 8.55 " AnnArbor, 7.15 " 9.28 " 6 55 9.15 " Dexter, 7.40 " 7.25 " ' Chelsea, 8.00 " " 7-i& " - - " Ar.Chicago, 6.30 " 7.30 A. 31. The mail train goesonly to Michigan City. ■ GOING EASÏ. leavc. NightEx. Jack. Ac. Mail; Day Ex, Cuicago, 7.15 r.M. 5.00 a. M 7.30 A.M. Chelsea, 5.35 A.M. 3.05 r. M. Dexter 5.55 ll 3.25 " AnnArbor, 4.45 A. II. 6.30 " 3.50 P. M. 4.43 P. M, Ypsilanti, 5.05 " 6-55 " 4.15 " 5.00 " Ar. netroit, 6.05 " 8.15 " 6.40 " 6.20 " Traimdo not stop atstations whereflguresareomittedin the table. Traína connect at Detroit witU the Great W estern anü Grand Trunk Railwavs of Caniula, and the Detroit and Toledo, and Detroit and MiJwaukee Railroads, and Cleveland Steamers. ■ At th{ Companj 's Tiokt OtHces at Detroit, Chicago, Jolkt,and Lafayette, through tickets can be purchased toall the principal cities and towns in the United States and Cañadas. LUXl'RIOUS SLEEPING CAUS upon all night trams. Ruttan's celébrate) Ventilating Apparatus upon all day trains- the best dust preventative in use. R N. RICE, General Superintendent. JI C. R. K. Office, April 17, 1863. LYON'S KATHAIE0N. Kathiiron la Erom the Greek word, "Kathro," or "Kathairo," ignifying to cleanse, rejuvinate aud restore. This article is what Ü3 n.imesignines. Forpreserving, restoring and beautifying the human hair it is the most remarkable preparation In the world. It is again owned and put up by the original proprietor, and is now made with the same care, skill and attention which gave it a sale of over one milliou bottlesper annum It is araostdelightful lUir Dressing. Iteracicates scurf and dandrufT. It keeps the head cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and glos!y. It prevent the hair froin falling offand turning gray It restoi-es hair upon bald heads . Any lady or gentleman who values a beautiful head of hair should use I,yon' Katliarion. It is known and usedthroughout the civilized world. Sold by all respectable dealers. Dm922 DÉÍÍ4S S. BARNES h CO.,.Prop'rs, N. T. Mathews' Chocolate Worm Drcps ? NETER fail to dístroy and extermínate all kinds of Intestinal Worms. Are perfectly rsliable in all cases and far superior to any and all of the Famy Worm onfections, nd nauseous Vermifuges in use. They may be taken at all times with perfect they containNO 51ERCURY,or otlwr deleterions Urug.- Mothers ahould always purchase them and give their children no other. (No Catkarlir. whatever, is necessary to ba given.) Each bol coutaüw 24 Drops or Lozenge. Price 26 ets. For Sale by all Drugttuts and Dealers in JiediC. R. WALKER, General Agent, j.qoo Bu(falo,N.Y and Fort Erie, C. V. HEIMSTREETS Inimitable Hair Restorative. IT IS NOT A DYE, But restorePgray hair to its original color, by supplying the capillary tubes with natural sustenance, impaired by age or disease. AU instanlaneovs dyes are composed of lunar caustic, destroying the vitality and beauty of the hair, and afford of theuiselves no dress ing, Heimstreet's Inimitable Coloring not oaly restore hair to its natural color by an easy process, but give the hair a Iiuxuriant Beaniy, promotes its growth, preventsits falling off, eradicate Jaudruff, and hnparts health and pleasantness to th nead. It hasstood the testol' time, being the origina Hair Coloring, and is constantly increasing in favor fjsed by bolh gentleman ana ladies. It is aold hy al respectable dealera, or can be procured by them of th commercial agents.D.S. Barnes & Co. 202 Broadway New-York. Two sizes, 50 cents and Í1. 6m922 WYNKOOPS ICELAND PETORAL Diseases of the Throat, Chest and l'ulmonary oigan are ever prevalent insidious and and dangerous. Th properties of a medicine to alleviate, cure and uproo these complaints, must be Fxpectorant, Aüodyne an( Invigorating, looseniug the rauciis of the throat, an( imparting tone to the entire system. No diseovery medica! acienceever mastered this class of diseaseslik Dr. Wynkoop's Ieeland Pectoral. It is used w!th th most astonishing results in all cases of Bronchitis, In lluenza, Whooping Cough Diptheria or l'utrid Sor Throat, Astbma, Croup, Ccughs, Colds, Nervous Irra tability. to, The Rov. J. J. Potter certifies, "I have nsed Dr. Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral for several years, myself and in roy fauiily, for l'ulmonary Complaints,and have recommended it to ruany others, and never seen its equal." Rev. J. J. Potter Brooklyn, N. Y. Hundreds and thousands of important testimoniáis eould be produced, showing its remarkable cures and that it neter fails ït is composed of pure Iceland Mos 8, Balm of Gilead Peruvian Balsam, Eleciimpane, Comfrey, Burdock,and other invaluable expectorant and tonic ingiedients. It U barinïess, prompt and lasting. Invalida and sufferers cannot aflbrd to neglect a trial. Every family hould have it.It Is remarkblö for Croup. Full description, recommendations, and directions accompany each bott.e. Sold by all principal Druggists. Preparedby Dr. R. D. Wynkoop, and sold by D. S. Barnes & Co. New York. 992m6 HAGAN'S MAGNOLIA BALM. This is the most dclightftü anl extraordfnary article ever discovered . It changos the sun burnx face and handw to a pearly satin tcxturc of ravishing beauty, impartlng the marble purity of youth, and the diLmgue appearance so inviting in the city belle of fashion. It removes tan, freckles, pimples, and roughness f rom the skin, leaving i t fresh, transparent and smooth, - it contains no material iujurious to the nkin. Patrón ized by Actresses and Opera Singers. It is wüat every lady should have. Sold every where. ÜeiïiasS. Barnes tfe Co. General Ageats, 922mQ SOS Broadway, K TT. AGOOD TREE IS KNOWN BY ITS KRUïT. So is a good Physician by lus Kuccessful Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THE GREAT AND CELEBRATKI) I'HYICIAX OF THE THHOAT, LÜNGS AND CHKST, Known all over the countri as the Cilebrated INDIAN ÏÏERB DOCTOR! From South America, will be at his rooaiR, RUSSELL HOUSE, DETROIT, OntheT8th and 19th inst.,on the same dafe of and every subsequent mouth during 1862 and 1863, A NElT PAMPHLET Of the lïfe, sttidy and extensivo travels of Dr, Lyons can be prncured by all whodesireone, f ree of charge. Dr. L will visit Ann Arbor, JackaoQ.and Adrián títch' , BI follo.wp : Ann Avbor, Monitor House, 20th. Jackson , inbh.'ird House, 21st Adrián, Br&cketl H ue,2'-id and 23-1. Modk of KjïAMiXATioN. - The Doctor discernfi disipasen bytkeevoa. He, thcrefore, aakfj no {iiet.i(Df nnr re quire patients to explaio ijmploms, Afflicted, come and have rom symptomi and the lucation of your dis taec jplaineú f ree of charg ID" TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO-XI Me. O. C.BEliffOL distinguished Cbemist and Druglet of tbe city of Buffalo, N. Y., nientdl and manuáctured a compound known as BKISTOL'S BAI.SAM OF HOARHOUND, which is a perfect stbcific for OCGH3, coli)S, or any beonchul or lunu uikkiccltiks ri.-ing from damp, cold, or suddon chango of the veather. Evcry person who lias ever taken BKISTOI.'S BALSAM F HÜARHOUND, pronounces it the btst article ever ïvcnled ; and m justly celebrated has il becomo, that he market is alreaily full of imitations , counterfeits, nd most dangerous componnds, under the name of Balsam of Hoarhound. Therefore, alwaji be careful o cali for Bristol's Balsam, and see that bis WRITTEN ignature is on the outsfde label of the bottle. Mark.- This invaluablc Medicine has been now some wenty-one yeara before the public, and without any ffort on the part of the proprietor, i tásale has become ery extensivo, and is daily increasing. The low price t which the Medicine is sold (25 CKNÏS) enables ALL o partake of its healing qualitie.s. C. CROSBy.BÜFFALO, N.Y. Solé manufacturar, to whoin all orders should be ddressed. For sale byall respectable druggists. iyeow922 FEMAI.F.S ! FKMAI.ES! TÉMALES! Use that safe, Pleasant, Romedy known as HEMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, For all Oomplaints Incident to the sex. No Family Bhould lie Without it. And none 11 when onca Tried by tt'om. It is used by YOUNG AND OLD, uthe decline or chango of hfe, Beore and nfter Marriage. Vuring and otter Confmiment, 'o Strenglhen the Nérvea Reestoie Nature to ts proper chanml and invigorate the Broken-down Constitution, From whaltvcr Cibise Onginathig. USE NO MORE WORTHLE.SS PILES ! Take HEMBOLD' S EXTRACT BUCHÜ. See Advertiseinent in another column, Cut out, and send for it: 929m2 O TOBACCO- You can buy the best grades of FINE CHEWING TOBACCO at 'rom 50 cen;s to One Dollar. SMOKING from fourteen to twenty oents at M. DEVANY'S TOBACCO AND CIGAK STORE Sign - Red Indian. Soutli side Huron street, a. few doors from Cook's Hotel. M.DEVANY. Ann Arbor, Dec. 11, 1862. 883tf rjlPTHERIA. DR. DKGLUBO'S DIPTHERIA SPECIFIO. CERTAIN CURE FOR DIl'THEMA AND CROUP. Inthepastyear over 200 CA3K3 OF DIPTHERIA in and around Rochestor, N. Y., CONSIDERED HUPELESS, have been cured with this medicine. Ñames and resideaces can be given. ALL THE PHYSICIAN8 THERE NOW USEIT. It never has failed to cure 1 Get a bottle ; it costs 50 cents. For sale by EBERBACH & CO. Prepared and sold by Iy913 W. E. SKINXER, Rockester, N. Y. An 1-Ntkrting Letter. - Messrs Post & Bruff , Agenta N. Y, Sanitary Society, Roohester.- Gents . I deem it due to you state the effect of that oiie boltle of People's Curewhich;! obtained from you in s'ovcmber last. Seeing tlie advertisement oí your So ciety oDTeriDg to give your medicine to clergymen for the poor of their parishes, I ootainod a bottle forapoor girl of my congregation, ivho had long been nearly help lesa from Rhcumatism, and atrauge to Bay, that one bottle cured her entirely. I write this hoping it may aid the Society in its efforta to introduce the medicine, and bless those who may need such a renudy ; and I use trong terms, as I believe its merits will fully justify the most suiierlative forma of speech. Yours, Respectfnlly ; C. R. WILKINS, Pastor of the Fitst Presbyterian Church 92-1 l'ittsfurd, Monroe Co N. Y. WONDEEFÜL SITCCESS. #Ë The attentinn and research of tho most distlnguiahed Chemists and l'hysicians for years have been devoted to the ptoductiDB '.r a ri-mudy for lliose mostdistreasing maladies NBüRilOlA and Ruecmatism. Uter lung .tudy and maiiy experiment, a specijic preparation has been discovered . WATSON 'S Neuralgia Kiiig.iin Internat Jlemedy , is curing thoutmtdt of cases whereall-other remedies have utterly failed. We are assured that t s no mere " ANODYXK," relieviog for the moment whilethe cause remains, but is a perfect SPECIFICand CURE for those raiuful discases. The vast number of Linimonts, Embrocalions and External Medicines, which act as stimulants of th surface only, are merely temporaiy in their ellVcts and of doubtful virtue The NEURALGIA KING reachen the source of all trouble, and effectually banishes the disease from the system. príce_One Dollar per Bottle. Prepared by t!. R. WALKER, Iy922 Buffalo, N. Y., and Kort Erie, C.W. For Sale bj Stkbbixs Si Wilscn, Gse.vvii.le & Teller, and C . F.BEFüAfH & Co. A FEW REASONS WH Y THE American Watch IS THE BEST. It is made on the best principie, while the foreign walfch is generally made on no principie at all. Let us look at the contrast. Tho foreign watch i mostly made by women and boys , by hand. While theii labor is cheap, their work is dear at acy price. Such watches are made without plan, and sold without guarantee. They are irregular in construction, and quite as irregular in movement. They are designed only to ell. andthebuytr is the party most thoroughly Kold - Thofe who havekept" ancres," "lepines'' and "Swias levers" in professsd repair for years will appreciate the truth of our statement. The Plan of the American Watci. Instead of being madeof severalhundred littlepieoei, erewed together, the body of the American Watch is formed of SOLÏD PLATKS. No jar interferes with the larmony of its workiug, and no sudden shock can hrow its machinery out of gear. Sccession of one part from another is unknown to ïts contstitutiou, and in riding or any buHiness pursuit, it Is all Jield together as finnly as a single piece of metal. It is just what all niachiuery should oe - ïat ACCURATE. 2d. SIMPLE. 3d. STRONG. 4th. ECOXO-MICAL. We not only secure CHEAPNESS by our system, but QUALITY. We do not pretend that our Watch can be bought for lessinouey t'ian the foreign make-believes but that for its real valué it ia sold (or one half the price OUR SOLDlER'tí WATCH (naraed Wm Ellery) is what ts name indicatea - Solid,Sub.-.tantialj and always Reliable - warrantcd to stand any amount of Maruhing Riding or Fighng. OUR NXT HiGHER QUALITY OF WATCH (named P.S. BARTLKTT)is similar in kízc and general appearanee, but has more jewels, and a more'elatiorate finish. OUR LAD IES' WATCH, recently brougbt out, is put upinagreat variefy óf putterns, many of thera of rare beauty aud workinaushipjis quite amall, but warrantedto keep time. OüR YOUNG GENTLEMAN'S WATCH in neat, no large and just the thing for the pocket of Young Araerica, t THE PROOF of the merits of our Watch may be found Ín the fact that we now employ ovr five hundred workmen in our faetones, and that we are still unable to supply the constantly increafiiug deauand. OUR THK]':ivQUARÏER PLATE WATCH is thinner and lighter than the others we have dencribed. Ist line chronometer ballance is delicatcly adjusted to correct the variatiou causpd by changen of tempera - Tliese Wíitchtís are cliroiiuinetrically rated, and aie the fruitsof the latest expenments in chronometry and are made by our best workmen, in a PLpLbt depaitment of ourfactory. For the nest timt'-koep ing quahties tliey challenge comparíson with tht bes works of the most famoüa English and Swlss makers. Stray Mare. TAKEN UP by the subncriber on the 20th of September, a Park Bay Maro,about 8 ycars oíd, has black mane and taU. The owner ia peques ted to prove property, nay cha'gea. Wit take said Mare away. .i.Mi:s E. GAIXAGflKR. BaseLake, Webster, Oct 6lh, 18(3. 9'25w6 Ayer's Cherry Pectoral BOOTS SHOES ! NOBLE & RIDER, Have just received at the old stand of Wm. S Sauuderd, ately occupied by W. S. Smtttf, A LARGE STOCK OF BOOTS SHOES, OF THE BEST QUALITY I Which they propose to Bell at LOW PRICES FOR CASH. THEY ALSO MAKE AP REPAIR, To Accoraraodale Customers. Please cali and oxamine tbcir stoek Before Purchasing Elsewhere. LAWRENCE NOBLK, CHARLES RIDKB. Ann Arbor.Sept. 9th.l863. M922. FALL C. H. MILLEN'S. Septoiriber, 1863. 922 ra2 i 1863. SEPTEMBER 1863. isriE'w FALL COODS! AT TIIB "Old Corner!" , I am now daily receiving a well selectod ■tock of NEW GOODS ! FOR THB í CUNSISTING OF STAPLE DRY GOO18, DRESS GOODS, TRIMMINGS, SHAWLS, HOOP SKIRTS, BOOTS AND SHOES, NOTIONS, &c, &c Also a fulï assorlment of Family Groceries! all of which were bought Iow and are to be SOLD CEEAP FOB CASH. C. JB. THOMPSON. At the Farmers' New Cash Store, Corner of Main and Washington sta. (922tf) Ann Arboi__ Ayer's Agüe Cura


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