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The Best Story Of The Season

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lC IplíijJMl JUflU It is reportcd tbat on tbc deelension of Mr. Olcott, the uomiuee of the Rewhliean Coiiventiou for Comptroller, a delecjation frora tbe Republican State CoiiiitiiUee waitcd upon bim ; when, af ter sundry preliminarie?, tbe following conversation, substanlially took place: ■Well, Mr. Olcott, I see yon decline to run, eau you suggest any capable pcrBoii wbose name you would like to Lave substitutcd for your own ?" After a mornent's thoughfc, Mr. O repponded, ''Yes, I think 1 could." "Theu tbe Comniittee would be pleascd to have you do so. Wbo is it ?'' "Well, geutlemen, I would sugest the name of Sanfonl E. Church. He made a good Comptroller before, ind I should be glad to see hiia in tbat office again." Committeemcn aghast, " But, Mr. Olcott, be doesn't beloitg to our party I" "Excuse me," said Mr, Olcott, "I supposcd tbat I was nomkuted by a noparty Convention: As I was in error, I have no name to suggest." terminated the iaterview. The story is told us as n vcritable one, and it is said tbat tbe geutlemen composiug tbe delegatiou which waited upon Mr. Olcott do not deny its truth. . --.. It" During the sitting of a county conrt, not long ago in Connecticut, on a very cold evening, a crowd of lawyers bad oollected around tho open fire tbat blitzed cneerfully on tbe hearth in the bar room, when a traveler entered benumbed wfth cold ; but no one moved to give him a placo ta warm bis shffls, so he leaned against the vvall in the back part of the room. At laat a smart young limb oí the law nddressed him, when the followiog dialogue took place : " You look like a traveler." ' Wall, I esp-pose I am-I nm c:me front Wisconsin a foot, at any rate." " From Wisconsin? What a distance to come on one pair of legs." " Wall, I done it any how. " I say, oid you ever pass through heil in your travels ?" " Yes, sir, I've been through tbeoutskirts." " I thought likely. Well, what are the manneis and customs there? Some of us would like to knów." " Oh you'll find them very mueh the same as in this place; the lawyers sit nighest the fire."


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