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1863. SPRlNtt. 1863. We are now opening A Large and Beautiful assortment of STAPLE AND FANCY Dry doods ! LADIES DRESS GOODS in great variety, HIBBOKTS, ■Oreas "Triixi.iiiiia.Siaií ehc Also a largo stock of Goods for Mens' Wear, Cassimeres, Gloths. &c. and a íuli assortment of Ladies and 1 Ohildren's i "'W m Hl 'w MP Hl ' .'JiM A HATS, CAPS, GROCEPJES, CROCKERY, All of which we will sell at the LOWEST POSSIELE MACK & SCHM1D. Ann Arbor, March 19, '63. 896tf I , CITY COOPER SHOP. 'Vholesale and Refail, O C. SPAFFORD Woulrt respeetfully announce to the citízens oí Ann 1 Arbor and ricinijy, tluit he is aow aanufacturiDg andkeepscon-itantlj' on hend a Large Assortment of Cooper Work ! such as Pork aml Ciiler Barrels, Kcgs, , Firkins, Chunos, Wcll Buckets, &c, Which wili be sold eheap fox cash. CTJSTOM WORK Made to order on short notice. Repairing done with neatness and dispatch, ] wnnld cali particular attention to Merchante ín want of Butter Firkins. Iammanufacturing the W ïojk Slate liikin. which is a better Firkin than bas ever hefore been [- fereil in this market. I would invite all who want Firkins te Cali and exanine for themselves beforepurchasingelsewhre, and I wül convince you that you have calleil at the n'ght place. 1 would alsocall the attention of 'Brcwers in want of BEER KEG8, I am now prepivred to manufacture Eights, Quarters and half Bbls. in ïiirge or smalí íots, and of a Better Quality tlian can be had n Detroit orelsewhere. "A11 work warranted to give entire satis action. Thanklulfor past . fnvors and by a strict attentinn to business, I hope to m-ii a eontinuei'. liberal supply of the public patronage. 3 Do not forget to cali at the City Cooper Süop O. C. SPAFFORD. Detroit ?t. Ann Ar'oor, Mich. 888yl GREAT.GREATER GREATEST BAKGAIKS EVER OFFERED In this City, are uow be'. ,i Teredattbe CHEAP,CLOCK,WATOH, & JeCT7 elry StoreTHESnbscrlber wouldaay to the citize.nsol Ann Arbor, in particular, and the rest of Wnahtenaw Countv in genern], that hchasiust ÏMPORI'ED DIRECÏLY from EUKOFK.a Tremendous Stock of Watches! All of which hR hinde himselfto sell CHEAPER than can be bought west of New York City. Open Face Cylinder Watches trom 86 to$!0 do do Lover do do 8 to "1 Hunting Case ito do do 14 to 35 do do Cylinder dt do 9 to 28 Gold Watehes from 20 j0 jq Í have also the CELE BR ATE D AMEH?CAN WATCHES, which I wlll sell ttr S35. Every Vvatch warrantud to perform well, orthe money reiunded. Clocks, Jewelry, Pinted Ware, Fanüy God. Gold Peni, Muslcalfn8truments and Strings Cutlery, &c, and in fact a variety ot evpryt.hing usually kept iyjew elers can be bought forthe next ninety days at vuur OWN PRICES! Persons buyinc auything at tliÍB weil knonn estab lisime ut can rely lpon cietting goods exactly as rep resented.orthemoney rèfunded. f!allearly imd se cure the best bargains ever olie red in thi( City. One word in regard to Repairing We are prepared to mnke any repairs onfine or com mon Watches, even to makin? o er the entire watch f necessary. Rnpairlng of Clocks and Jewelry a usual. Also mnnufacturiniï of RINGS, BROOCHS or aaything desired, from California GoM onshortno tice. Engravine in allitsbranchesexeented withnea ness and dispatca . J C. WATTS. Ann Arbor, Jan. 28thl85P. 7S4w Rifle F actor y! Beutier & Traver, [Successors to A. J. Sutherland,] Manufacturera of and Dealers in Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pouches Game Bags, and Everjother artiele in that Line. AU kinds of RBPAIRÏKTG lone at the shortest notice, and mtttebest manner. a ful] assortmcnt always kept on hand and made order. Ü, Shop corner Main and Washington atreets Ann Arbor, Oct. 8, 1?62. 873tf Transes ! RUPTURE CAN BE CURED BY A TRÜSS of the right kind, if properly fiitcd and duly attended Ito. 'lus has been abnnaantly deinonfttrated in innúmera ble í anees bv the use of the Alultlpeclal Trusa of Dr. Kl's, durins the last few years. This Truss eing coveie'l with Tïard Rubber, is pcrfeotly wateriroof, may be used in bathing, and is ahvays clean ly as vpll as indestructible by ordinarv iinage. If not Kiitifiaotory after a fair trial of sixty days, it may be rturned. It challenge s coroparison with any truss tnown. Dr. RIGGS' Office. No. 2 BARCLAY Streef,. NewVwrlt. pfïff ifOR "r fiSVKDY SCBOFÜLA AND SCEOFDLOÜS DISEASES. From Emery Eden, a tvell-knowit merchant of O.rford, Mazne. 11 1 have soM lare quantitiesof your SarsaparII.LA, but nevur yet one bottle -whioh ïailud oi' tbc desired eflVct and full satisfaction to thosc who took it. As fast lis our people try it,' they agree there hae l)een no medicine like it beibre in our comraunity." Eruptions, Pimples, Blotehes, Pustules, Uloers, Sores, and all Diseases of the Skin. From Itev. llobt. Stratton, Jliistol, England. 11 1 only do my duty to you and the public, when I add my testimqny to that you publish of the medicinal virtues ofyour Sarsaparilla. My daughter, aged ten, had an alïiicting humor in her ears, eyes, and hair for ycars, whfch we were unable to eure until we tried your Sarsaparilla. She üaa been wtll for some montas." From Mrs. Jane E. Rice, a irell-knovm and much-i esteemed lady qf Dennisville, Cape May Co., N.J 11 My daughter lias sanered lor a year past with a scrofulous eruption, which was very trouble?ome. Jsothingafforded auy relief until we tried your Sarsapakilla, which soon completely cured her." From Citarles P. Gage, Esq., oj'the widely-knownfirm qf Gage, Murray if Co., manufacturers qf enamelled papers in A ashua, AT. H. " I had for several yeare a vcry troublesome humor in my face, which grew coustantly worse until it distigured my features and became an intolerable atïliction. I tried almost every tilinga man could of both advice and medicine, but without any relief whatever, until I took your Sarsaparilla. It immedirttely made my face worse, as you told me it might tbr a but in a few weeks the new skin began to l'orm under the blotches, and continued until my face is as smooth as anybody's, and 1 am without any symptoms of the disease that I know of. 1 enjoy perfect health, and without a doubt owe it to your Sarsaparilla." Erysipelaa - General Debility - Purify the Blood. From Dr. liobt. Sawin, llouston St., N. T. Du. Ayer: I seldomfail to remove Eruptions and Scrofulous Sores by the per6evering use of your 8AR8APARILLA, and 1 have just now cured an attack of Malignant Erysipelas with it. No alterative we possess equals t he Sarbaparilla you have Bupplied to the profession as well as to the people." FromJ. E. Johnston, Esq., Wakeman, Ohio. " For twelve years 1 liad the yellow Erysipelas on my right arm, during which time I tried all the celebrated physicians I could reach, and took hundreds of dolíais' worth of medicines The ulcere were 80 bad that the cords became visible, and the doctors decided that my arm rnust be amputated. I began taking yourSARSAPAKii.LA. Took two bottles, and eomeot your 1'ills Together they have cured me. 1 am now as well and sound as anybody. Being in a public place, my case is known to everybody in this community, and excites the wonder of all." From Hon. Henry Monro, M. P. P., nf Newcastle, C. W., a leadinrj member of the Canadian Parliarnent I " I have used your Sarsatarilla in my family, for general debtlity, and for purifying the blooa, with very beneficial results, and feel cbnüdence in commeuding it to the afflicted." St. Anthony's Fire, Roso, Salt Bheum, Soald Head, Sore Eyes. From JTarve; Sidder, Esq., the able editor of the Tunckhannock Democrat, Pennsylvania. " Our only child, about three yearfi of age, was attacked by pimples on his forehead. They rapidly epread until they formed a loathsome and virulent eore, which covered his face, and actually blinded his eyes for some days. A skilful physician applied nitrate of silver and other remedies, without any apparenteffeci. For flfteen days weguarded his hands, lest with tuem he should tear open the festering and corrupt wound which covered liiswhole face. Having tried every thingelse we had any hope from, we began giviug your Sarsaparilla, and applying the iodide oí potash lotion, as you direct, 'lhe sore began to heal when we had given the first bottle, and was well when we had finished the secoud. The child's eyelashes, which had come out, grew again, and he is now as healthy and fair as any other. The whole neiehborhood predicted that the child must die." Syphilis and Mercurial Disease. From Dr. Hiram Sloat. of St. Louis, Missouri. "I find your Sarsaparilla a niore effectual remedy for the secondary symptoms of Syphilis, and for syphüitic disease tnan any other we possesa. The profrssion are indebted to you for some of the best medicines we have." From A. J. French, M. D., an eminent physician of Lawrence, Mass.. who is a prominent member qf the Legisiature of Massachusetts. "Dr. Ayer - My dear Sir : I have found your Sarsaparilla an excellent remedy for Supnilis, both of the primary and secondary type, ana effectual in some cases that were too obstinate to yield to other remedies. I do not know what we can employ with more certainty of success, where a powerlul alterative is required." Mr. Chas. S. Van Lïeto, qf New Bntnswck, N. ƒ., had dreadful ulcers on his legs, caused by the abuse of mercury, or mercurial disease, which grew more and more aggravated for years, in spite of every remedy or treatment that could be applied, untjl the persevering use of Ayer's Saesaparilla relieved him. Few cases can be found more invetérate and distre8sing than this, and it took several dozen bottles to cure him. Leucorrhcea, Whites, Pemale Weakness, are generally produced by internal Scrofulous Ulceration, and are very often cured by the alterative effect of this Sarsaparilla. Some cases require, however, in cid of the Sarsaparilla, the skilful apjalication of local remedies. From the wcll-knoton and widely-celebrated Dr. Jacob Morrill, of Cincinnati. "I have found your Sarsaparilla an excellent alterative in diseases of females Many cases of irrcgularity, Leucorrhcea, Internal Ulceration, and local debility, arising from the scrofulous diathesis, have yielded to it, and there are few that do not, nhen its effect is properly aided by local treatment." A lady, uuioilling to allow the publication of her name, writes: " My daughter and myself have heen cured of a very debilitating Leucorrhoea of long standing, by two bottles of your Sarsaparilla." Rheumatism, Qout. Liver Complaint, Dys pepsia Heart Diaease, Neuralgia, when caused by Scrofula in the system, are rapidly cured by tbis Ext. Sarsaparilla. ayTr'S cathartic pills possess so many advantages over the other purgatives in the market, and their superior virtues are so uuiversally known, that we need not lo more than to assure the public their quality is maintained equal to the best it ever has been, and thut they rnay be derjenrted on to do all that they have ever done. Prepared by J. C. AYEE, M. D., & Co., Lowell, Mass., and sold by STEüBlNb X W1LB0.N. A,m Arbor, F. SAMSON, Ypsilauti, A EWIXO, Dexter, WHKfclION í: IHTCH Chelsea. Wholesale bv & Co Detroit. C. E. COBURN, Travelling Agent. UNIVERSAL CLÜTHJMipM No. 1. Ieie Familï Wrixgbb $10.00 Nn. 2. Medium " " 7.00 No VÍ ' " " 6.00 No 3. Smaix t( M 5.5o No. 8. ImbgeHi.tfl u 14.00 No. 18. Medium Ijuxdky ( torunby ) 18.00 No. 22. Labge il } steam or 30 00 ( haml. j Nos-. %% and 3 have no Cogs. All otliers are warranted. No. 2 is the size peuerally ued in private families. Oraxge Jcpd. of the "American Agriculturist " says of the UNIVERSAL CLOTHES WRINGER. "A child can readilv wrinj? out a tubfull of clothea in a few minutes. His in reality a CLOTHES SAVER ! A TIME SA VER! and a STRNGTH SAVER I The f ving of garments will alone pay a large per centage on its cost. We think Ilie machine much more than PAYS FOR ITSELK KVKRY YKAR in the savinff of garmeots! There are scvoral kinds, nearly alike in general construction but we conskler it important that the Wringer bo fitted with Cogf, a mass of garments may clog the rollers, and the rollers upon the crank-shjift slip anti tear the cloihes, or the rubber break loose from the shaft. Our own is one of the fiit make. and it ie uearlv as GOOH AS NEW after nearly KOlTR YEARS' CONSTANT VSE " Every Wringei with Cog Wheels is Warranted in every Particular. NO WRINGER CAN BE DURABLE W1TB0LT COG MHEELS. A gooil CANVASSKI! vaated in every town. i f On receípt nf the price from places where no one Ís relling, we will senü the wringer fhee OF EXPKXSE For pnrticulars tind circulars addreas 915tf R C. IÍROWNING, 347 lirnadway, X. Y. LÏVERYMLIVERY! ! J. GREEN & E. BROWN, ave purchaed the Horses and i'arriagcs of B. Green, 1 nd have also added some very fine Horse.s k Carriages o the above stock, in th.e sanie barn, so that they oan uif you all on reasonable ternis. s Cali and See! .Anti Arhr, Jnly lüli. !S(fj. Cni9t4. Mortgage 8ale, DEFAUI,Thavi„r boen mode n the condition, of certa n Indenture of Mortgasre exec„ted by !L„„' 5 D Goodale and Sarah A. Goodaïc his wire, oUhf 7? of Ann Arbor, Countj of Wahii,m and ü . - Michigan, to Maria B. Royce, o? tte Tvof W 6 "' Stat, of New York, bearing date tltvLíy day of August, m iheyearof our Lord onee fhoSsS eightbuodredandsixty.aadrecorded ia the OffiCe „ the Begister of Deed. in and for said County of K J' tcnaw, on thO.22d day of August, A. 1). 1860. „ 'gg 27 of Mortgages, on page 182 , by wbich default tF power of sale contained m said moitgage beeam, , orative, and the amount claimed to be dueon saj),; dsntureof MortgaRe at the date of this notice bilí eight hundred and eighty dollars, and no snit or „7 ceeding having been instituted at law, or in chm„ï to recover the debtsucured by said rcortgag or ,? part theroof: Notice is therefore hereby ven tha'?' Sr. t.mlay thr, twenty.flrst day of November A f 18SÍ, ut ten o'clock in the forenoon of that diT' ,, the South door of the Uoort House, in the City f i Arbor ui said county of WasWenaw and State of Wil' Kan, (said CourtHouse bemg theplace.for holdim, Í Circuit Court 'r said couoty.) I shall Bel] or caLï be oíd at public auction , in forecloBure ot said MortM„ to the highest biddor the premise described K orsomuch thereof as .shal be oecessary to satisfv tï ainountdueon sad rnorlgage. with interest. and ,1 thëTeasonablecosfs.disbursements and expem. óf !i proceedings relatiTe to the roreclosure of the earo. ' c.udingreasonable charges for attorneys' stnirtr providedin saiii indenture of mortgaee : that is to 4 "AU that certain tract or parcel of land situated in ík. Ity uf Ann Arbor, knonn, bounded, and describa, fpUowa, viz ; The Easthair of Lots number Scvh„ ..] iS1 ten Ea8t-in u-emud,A.f. 22,1863. MAMAB-RS Notice of Attachment. -l'HE CIRCUIT COURTfor the County of Washtera Thomas L. Humphreville ) „ vs■ In Atachment. Hugh Downey. y N"ticeishereby given that on the eighteenth i„ .. September, A. . 18(13, a wrif of attaclimrat TOS I?, issned out of the Circuit Ceurt for the Oountv cf ff. ■ trnaw.atthe suit of Thomas L. Humplirêïille ft above named plainüff, agaiust the lauda, tenemwt, goodsand chattles,monejs and efffets of Hugh Dot the Dcfnr.dant above named, for the sum of Si E dred dollars, wliich, said writ was returnable on il. tnenty-seventh flay of October.A. D. 1863 'J2á'6 Ai.FHtL'S FELCn. _ . Attorney lor Plaintis Dated, this 29th day of Oetober, A. I), 1863. Commissiooer's Notice. OTATE OF MÍCH1GAX, COBUTY Dl Waphiw O The undersigned having been appoiuted by the'h.' bate Court for said County. Comnrissioners to" rec examine, and adjust all claims and demands of all 7 sonfragalnstthe estáte of James J O'Brien late ofih. loivnslup of Northfleld in said countj , deceased herik! give notice that sixmonths from date, are, bron! of the Probate Court, allowed fi.r creditors to prese! their claimsagainst said (leceased, and that thej M meet at the residenee of ilr. George SnttoD tb, Township oí NortliSeld in said Couat7,on Saturjav ih. rwemythird day. of January, and Saturdav tb, Twenty-Third day of ipril next, at one o'clock , the afternoon of ench day,;o receive, examine amúa just said claims. ' " THOMAS WHITE. 1 „ TlMO'iilV HONOVAN. c'-ommissionen Dated, Oetober 26th, 1863. 928! Estáte of Eobert Dubois. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County ol Washtenaw „ U At asessionof the Probate Court for the CouWof Waahtenaw, holden atthi Probate Office in the Citf Z Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the twenty first day nfö oerin ihc joar thousanrl eight hundred anii saxl three. Present. Thomas Hinde, .ludge of Probate In the matter of the Estáte of Robert Dubois,dee. On reading and riling the petition, duly veriflil s( Hamet Ilubo.-s, praying for the appointment of an ldmimstrator on the estáte of said deceased. Thereupon t is ordered that Friday, the tiiirtentb day of November next at ten o'clo"ck in the fort noon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition iri that the htirs a.t law of said deceased, and 11 other persons rrterested in said estáte, are requirs! to apppar at a session of said (Jourt.then to be holden at the Probate Offlce . in the City oí Ann Arbor in at lnuuty.and show eae Jfany tberebe, why thewiin of thepetitioner shfmld not fie grantedr And it is furtaer ordcred, that said petitiwui fcive notice to the persons interested in said estáte' 3 the pen.iency of said petition, and the hearing t)inf by eau8ing a copy of this Order to be published in tbi mclitgm Argvs,n iic -paper printed and circulutiia in -i.-ud. County of Washtenaw, three successïte rei. previous to aaid day ot heanntr. (AJrue Copy.) THOMAS NIN'IIE, 927 Judge of Probate. S-heriiPs Saïë! BY VIRTUE of an execution issued out of and tnta the seal of the Circuit Court for the Countj il s ashtenaw, and to me direeted , b5arng date Jnly isft A.D 1863, against the goods aial chattles, or for tbs want thereof, the lands and tenements cf J Gilbert sniith and William 8. Maynard, I have this du !it ied opon ani seized all the and intereit 'M hilbert Smith in and to the fojltminy described pigú sestowit: all that certain tract or parcelo! land situated in the City of Ann Arbor in the Couitt of Washtenawand State of Michigan, known, boundri and dficribcd is follows, to wit Bein Lot numte four (4) in block three (3) south of Huron streel m rauge numl er six [] east acesrding to the Eecnrdil plat ol the ViUage, nu city, ol Ann Arbor, bemg Mli [8] rods on Fifth street and sixteen [161 rods on Williii street. AU of whicli premises I shall exposé for nlrii the law directs, at tlie front door of the Court How ia thf City of Ann Arbor that bting the place for holi ing the Circuit Court for said County of Washtem, on Saturday the flfth day of December, A. I). 1863, il ten o'clock in the forenoon of said dav. PHILIP W1NKUAR, Sherif. Octobor. Sth IPfiS. É -' s acH U Sb TvmSmBvL2l!' ' ! Por Bats, Mlce, Roaches, Ants, Brd Bug. MiMhs In Fors, Wnnlt'iiK. &c. Insccb on Plants, Fowis, Animáis. &c. "Only itifalible remedies known. n " Free from poi.on.v' " Not dangeiouB to the Human Family." " Rats come out of their holes to die." ,KÏ Sold Wholesale iu all large c ties && Sold by all Druggists and Rfetnilers er&rywlieieM&- I 1 ! iikawaek ! : : of all worthless imitatie.!. jQés See that "VpaTAH'8" name is on each Box, Bol tle and F!ask, before vou buy. Address II K it V R COSTAR. Princïi)l Depot, o. 428 BroadwayXew Tori rp= Sold by all the Wholesale and Retail Drug) Ann Arbor, Mich. 915m3 WiMiawiimniimiBwuirofgii'mKwmiwiBiruHWHiiiiiiiuiiii"11 o. :o Xi i js s Would take this method of informing his oïd ff'11 and patrons and all others wbo may favor hím $ their patronage, that hehas greatly enlarged his Stock and Assortment ! and having adopteá the CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BUYING & SELLIXG is prepared to sell Goods at RasOtt; ble Pnces, Hls stock conslstaW ff ot the following: -r% AMERICAN AND OTHEB P%y_ Watches! Bri SETH THOMAS (JLOCKS! Fine Jewelry Seth GOLD CIIAINS, TABLE ANP POCKET OUTLEBY I Eazors,Shears,Scissorsand Brushes, EOOKKS PLATEi) WARE, the best in ma1' Gold Pens, Steel Pens, FencilSi PAPER and ENVELOPES, Musical Instruments, Strivgs SfBoo&s for lnstrinnenlt, S 3E E C T A. 33 S, of Qold, Silver, Steel, and Platea, reilk PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior article Persons having difficult watches to fit witü S" can be accomodated, as my stock is large'and cou' plete. P. S. Particular attention to the HBPAIRIKTÖ of all kinds of üne Watches, such as Making and Setting new Jewelit Pinions, Staffs, and Cylindirs. Ala CLOCKS, Sc iTB"WELB icatly repalred and "warranted, at his old standst ido of Main Street. C. BLISS. 01


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