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The Right Sort Of Religion

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Some one whose head is unusually " level " has written out his ideas of religión, as follows. It will do to read and think about : We want a religión that goes into the family, and keeps the husband from being spiteful when the dinner is late ; keeps the wife Irom fretting when the husband tracks the newly-washed floor with his muddy boots, and makes the husband mindful of the scraper aDd the doormat ; keeps the inother patiënt when the baby is cross, and keeps the baby pleasant ; amuses the children, as well as instructs theni ; vvius as well as governs them ; projects the honeymoon into the harvestmoon and makes the happy hours like the Eastern fig tree, bearing n its bosom at once the beauty of the tender blossom and the glory of the ripened fruit. We want a religión that bears not oaly on the sinfulness of sin, but on the rascality oí lying and stealing ; a religión that banishes small measures from the counters, small baskets from the stalls, pebbles from the cotton bags, clay from paper, sand from sugar, chickory from eoffee, beet juice from vinegar, alum from bread, lard from butter, strychniue from wine, and water irom uiilk-caas. The religión that ia to advance the world will not put all the big strawberries and peaehes at the top, and all the bad ones at the bottotn. It will not offer more baskets oi foreign wines than tbe vineyards ever produced bottles. The religión that is to sanctify the world pays its debts. It does not consider l'orty cents returned for one hundred given is according to gospel, though it may be according to law. It looks on a man who has failed in trade, and who continúes to live in luxury, as a thief. It looks on a man who promises to pay fifty dollars on demand, with interest, and who neglects to pay it on demand with or without interest, as a liar.


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