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An Ingenious Prayer

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The following very singular prayer, says an excbange, was made by John Ward, of Hackiiey, EDgland. The document was found in Ward's own hand-writing. It is one of the examples on record of men combining in themselves the utmost fanaticism with the total absence of anytbing like feelings: " O, Lord,thou knowest that I have üine estates in the city of London, aód likewise that I have lately purchased an estáte in fee simple in the county of Essex. I beseech thee to preserve the two counties of Middlesex and Essex from fire and earthquakes. As I have a mortgage in Herfordshire, I beg of thee to have an eye of compassion on that county, and for the rest of the counties thou mayest deal with them as thou art pl-eased. O, Lord, enable the banks to answer all their bilis, and make my debts on good men. Give a prosperous voyage and return to the Mermaid sloop, because I have insured it. And as thou hast said the days of the wieked are but short, I trust in thee that thou wilt not forget tby promise, as I have purchased an estáte in revisión, which will be mine upon the üeath of that proflígate young maD, Sir I. L.- Keep me from sinking, and preserve me from thieves and houöebreakers, and make all my eervants so houest and faithful that they may attend to my interests, aud never cheat me out of mv property, night or day."


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