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Warlike Preparations In Russia

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A letter írom St. Petersburgh publisbed in the New York Times says that the war preparations continue upou a scale unprecedented íq tbo history of Russia. An immense rearuitment has been ordered throughout the Empire. Very large earthworks and stone fort& have been constructed at St. Petersburgh, Cronstadt, Helaingfors, and other places. The oíd granite forts at Cronstadt are to be covered with 12inch rolled iron plates. Ten or twelve monitors, and two or three iron-clads, of a different construction have been ordered, and will be ready for sea in May or June next. Large quantities of cannon and shot and shell have been ordered írom England, and will be delivered during the winter. All the Government shops are being enlarged and eve'ry effort is making to render Russia independent of other countries in war material, as she is already in food and clothing ior her armies. On the first appearance of the war cloud, the Russians dreaded it very much, although they were determined to do their utmost to sustain the Emperor, if it ctime to that. Now, however, the íeeling has entirely changed, and they do not dread it at all. In iact, they rather court it than otherwise. Alexander's pópularity is immense, and inoreasing every duy.


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