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Around the ideas of one's rnother the mind of a man clings with fond afl'ection. It is the first deep thought stamped upon our hearts when yet soft and capable of receiving the most profound impression, and all the after feelings of the world are more or less light in coniparison. I do not know, that even in our oíd age we do not look back to that feeling as the sweetest we have through hfe. Our passions and willfulness may lead us far from the object of our filial love ; we learn even to pain her heart, to oppose her wishes, to viólate her commands ; we may become wild, headstrong, or angry at her counsel or opposition ; bnt when death has stifled her monitory voice, and nothing but calm memory remains to recapitúlate her virtuea and good deeds, affection, like a flower beaton to the ground by a past storm, raises up her head, and smiles among her tears. Around the idea, as we have said, the mind clings with fond affection ; and even when the earlier period of our loss forces memory to bo silent, fancy takes the place of our remeuibranee, and twines the image of our dead parent with a garland of gi aces and beauties and virtues, which we doubt not that she possessed. JBSrThe Governor elect of Alabaras, accused oí favoring reconstrucción, said in his last speech : " He should bo almost ashamed to own himself an Alabamian if he could believe there was a man in the State who vvould agree to the reconstruction of the old Union," - Boston Post The Governor of Alabama and our northern radical abolitionists agree perfectly. The reconstruction of the old Union is not more hateful to the one than to the other, and the grand danger is that these extremes, vvorking together for a common object, will accomplish it. Said Vice President Hamlin, in a public harangue in Maine a few weeks ago : ' There are those who want the old Union : well, they can't have it." How faithful is his echo ia


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