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Negro Sermon

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-"Tkere are.;' said % sable orator, addressing hits brethren, "two roads tro dis woild - the one am a broad aud narrow road that leads to perdition ; aud de oder a narrow and a broad road, that Jeada to destruotion." "What s dat ?" said one hearer : " say it agaiu." 'I say my bredren, there ara two roads tro dis world - the oue am a broad and uarrow road that leads to perditiou ; the oder a narrow and broad road, that leads to destruotion." "If dat am de case," said his sabio questioner, 'f dis eluded individual takes to de woods !" I3P A jealous womaD at Washington cowhided her husband for dancing witb. a former sweetheart, and was fined $5 for assault and battury. What is the country coming to if a wife can't whip ter own husband. jL3L" You ueed not make mouths at the public because t bas uot accepted you at your own fancy valuation. Do the prottiest thing you can and wait your time. 3jP "Heroïne" is perhapa a peouliar word as any in our . lunguage ; the .two first letters of it are male, the three first female, the four first a brava man, and the whole word a brave woinau.


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