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The vlctory at Chattanooga proves complete, and Brngg's aruay is effectually scattered. The latest estímate of prisoners captured is 7000. As a winter campaign is practicable in that section, it is not probable that Grant will rest long over this victory. The siege of Knoxvillo has been raised, but we are without report of either our losses or gains. The reported capture - in auother column - of two entire rebel divisions is probably a canard. Longstreet is said to be falling back into Virginia. Gen. Meade's campaign has terminated by his re-crossing the Rapidan. - The losses and gains of the Army of the Potomac are yot to bo summed up, but from what wo can make of the many rumors we fear the balance will not be largely in its favor. When the suioke has cleared away we Bhall see. The news froui Banks' department is favorable. At Charleston matters are as "of old." L3L" The Gov. of New Hampshire - a sound Republican - is repovted as eaying that it is now time ior tbose who have talked war so long to enlist. True, and why will not some of the " origináis " in this State say come inetead of longcr crying gol EP Gen. John Morgan, and Captains J. C, Burnett, S. B. Taylor, Ralph Sheldon, F. H. Hines, L. D. Hockersmith, and C, S. Magee, esoaped from the Ohio Pcnitentitary at Oolutubus on Friday, ! night last. With two knives they dug through tho cement and nine inch brick floor of one of thcir cells, followed the air passage under the building to the wall, mined that with their hands, and sealed the prison walls by raeans of rope ladders made fróm their bedding. After ; preparing for their exit, Col. Dick Morgan obtained permissiou to exchange rooms with his brother for the night. prefcriing the escapo of the General to his own. The following note was left behind for the Warden : " Casïlk Mekion, Cell No. 20, Nov, 27th, I860. - Coinmencement Nov. 4th. 1863. Conclusión, Nov. 20th, 1863.- Number of hours for labor per day, 3. Tools, '2 small knives. La patience est amer muis son fruit est clonx. "By order of my six honorable Confederates. ' HENKV HINES, Capt. C. S. A." Gen Morgan arived at ïoronto, C. W. on Monday, and will probably leadj, the next Canadian-rebel invasión of the States. His assoeiates have all probably efl'ected their escape. JJ3L The Legislature of Massachusetts, convened in extra session by Gov. Andrews, enacted a law giving a bounty of $325 to volunteers, payable in advan ee, or in lieu thercof $20 per month extra pay during service. Massachusetts evidently desires to fill her quota with volunteers. Gov. Blair, of our State, by proclamation withdraws the bounty of $50 he is authorized to offer j volunteers, assigning as a reason the liberal bounty offerod by the Government. Is it not fair to presume that Gov. Blair does not wish to fill our quota with volunteers, but prefers that a draft should take place on the 5th of January. He has cortainly done all that he can to stop enlistments. ËP Maj. B. Gr. Bennett, of the Eleventh Michigan Infantry, was killed in the recent battle at Ohattanooga. - 51 aj. Bennett was a practical printer, and for years publisher and editor of the Centerville Chronicle. During Pierce's and Buchanan's administration he was Postmaster on the Michigan Southern Kailroad,buton theincorning of Mr. Lincoln gave up his place to a " peace " Republican, and immediately "shouldered arms," serving as Orderly Sergeant in the oíd Michigan First. - When that regiment was mustered out he raised a company for the Eleventh, and on a change oí Colonels was promoted to Major. Knowing him personally we ean vouch that he was a brave and gallant officer. [3P We regret to see the name of Lieut. Col. Comstock in the list of the reported killed in one of th recent engagcments at Knoxville. Lieut Comstock held the same position in the old Michigan First, went into the áeventeenth as Captain, and by merit won his way up to his old position. Lieut. Col. Comstock was iormerly in business at Manchester, and was well and favorably known to many of our citizens. SjS" Appearances indícate that recruiting progresses slowly, and unless something is done to encourage enlistments, the next draft - to take place January 5th - will cause greater fluttering in our county than the last. ♦! - II t3F The reported arrival of John Morgan at Toronto, C. W., is denied, and it is supposed the ancouncement was made to make his escapo easier in another direction. Two of the eseaped Cap tains have been re-captured near Louisville, Ky. ... EF3 The Detroit Tribune says that the Provost Marshal of this State has received official instructions that by paymcnt of the $300 communation money, a drafted man will be exempt for three years. Eïf Sam Houston is reported dead agtnn. This Urne he is said to have died at Huntsville, Texas. Date not given. Ëp The Tenth Cavalry lcft Grand Rapids on Wednesday for Tennessee. The regiment is full nearly to the maximum. Tiiaddeus Foote is Colonel, and Lutiier S. Trowbridge, late Major in the Fifth Cavalry, Lieut. Colonel. SS" Capt. J. S. Newberry has tendered his resignation asProvost Marshal of the First Congressional district, and the position has been offered to Lieut. Col. Flanigan of the 24th Michigan Infautry. The wife of Ex-President Pierce died at Andovor, Mass., on tho 2d inst, Mrs. Pierce was an accomplished lady. L3C CoDgress will convene in annual session on Monday ncxt. The chances are thought to favor Colfax for speaker. jgjjg" Gen. Meredeth officially announces that all supplies sent foward by the Sanitary Commission or State agents are received aud forwarded by the rebel authorities. - We believe the Soldiers' Aid Society of this city has received advice of the receipt at Richmond of the box forwarded to our Michigan men.


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