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Mtxc Mvtúmmi$. THE DfAFT On neKon-atVN'aiiünal CuiTee ia wiiderful. Everybody seems to have iouml uut iu iuperior qualitiea and go ui for a supply lt is warèaoted to give satisfactiun and to be bitter tban any other coffee in market, at any price, or the money refuuded. Twa shilling per lb. A.DkFOREST CAME into 1lip enolosure of the pub.icriber about the first iJ of Jly las'., tl tliree y.-ar nU .Stfor, red and wbite with sjiread ]iuru. ís retiuestod toprove ppöperty, i#ay c&'fcrges, :. i ike t-aid steer away. KR VAX COMI.SKIE. XurthSold, Dec. 3, 1SC3. 9S3w6 MJCBIfiAFcWB AL RA1LRÖAD. ■■■3 tintar Su -- -Bir" t'aRengertraiu.s now l&avt; Detroit, Chicago, and t li severa! m thi. (.'(ii.nty .as follows : GOING WEST. Leave Ilay Ex. llext. Ac. Ews.Ex. NisilitEx. Detroit. 10.00 a. M. 4.00 P.M. 6.30P.M 9.30 P. X. Ypsilanti, 11.20 " 5.30 " 6.50 '.' 10.50 ' Aun Arbor, 11.40 " 6.00 " T.15 " 11.10 " Dexter, W 05 p. m. 6.30 " Ï.45 " ' Chelsea, 12.Í5 " " Ï.05 " " Ar. Chicago 10.30 " " 6.00." 10.80 a. m. GOING EASÏ, Leave. Efe. Ex. De. Ao. Nigbt Ex. Day Ex. CLicago, 5.40 P.M. - - ■ 10.00 P. M 6.30 A. M. Chelsea. A. M. 7.40 A. M. 4.00 p. M; Dexter, ' 6.15 " 8.0 " 4.20 " Aim Arbor, 4.20 a. M. 6.45 " 8.-5 " 4.45 " ylt,:i,,l, 4.40 " 7.10 " 845 " ó.0ñ f , Ar. Detroit, 6.00 " 8.30 " 10.00 " tWO " The Day RïprMi eacb way Ih tïle Mail Train. TttuUf V ii' 't 1 "V :it tatians wberefiguresareomittediit tïe talil-'. Trains oonnect :it Detroit vritb tbe Creat Western aiul Grand 'i'runW Klu'lvtajK f Canada , tnd the Ilctruit anrt Toledo, and Detroit and MilwauUee Railroads. and Cleveland Pteamorp. At Üt-Couipïniy'p Ticket OfRoes :t üfiroitjrbicigo, .ioliotiarid Lftfa ett, thröugh tioketa cao be parchase! to:Ul tlie jn-inci t'-;i L cities and töwoa iü tlu' l"nited States apfl Canada. LÚXültlOUS SLEEP1ÑG CAES apon all niglit trains. Rutlan's icu')i;in-l entilatiiiic ApDaijitus upon all dav trains - tho bst dusl pr&ywittiveio use, R NT. RIL K.(oner,Ll Superiatendent., SkeriiPe Sale. BY VIRTUE of an cxecution issued out ff and tender the soul of the Circuit Court for the (Vnntv of VVaphtenaw. and to me directed, hearing date,. July lötlt, A.l) 183,agaiust thegoods and chattles, or lor tho want thereof, the lanils and teuements of J. Gilbert Smitb and Williain S. Maynird, I have this day Itvieduponauö scizedallthe righttitle and interest ofj. Gilbert Smith in and to the following described premisos to wit : Benig all that certain traet or parcel of land situated iu the City of Ann Arbor in the CounW of Washtenawand State of Michigan, known, bounded and described as foUowi, to wit: Being Lot number four (4) in block three (3) south of Huron atreet in range numt er six [6] oarit according to the Recordod plat of the Village, now cty,ol Ano Arbor, being eigth [8J rudson Fifthstreet and sixteen [16] rods on William stieet. All of which prcniises I shall expose for sale as llio law directs, at the front ioor of the Court House in the City of Ann Arbor that being the place for huid ing tho Circuit Court fnr said County of Washtenaw on Saturday ■ liflli day of December, A. 1). 1803, a ten o'clock in tho fortman of said day. l'HILIP WISEGAK, Sheriff. October, 5th 1863. Farm For Sale. CHANCE FOR A BARGAIN, in the town of Ronald, Ionia County, Mirli., in the best wheat growing rogion iu the State. Thii-. farm contains 16O ua.CiH.3E3S, of clioice lanü with seventy veres uader improveraont, vith sorae thrce milos of crood oak lence. It ia well wattiied, has a good log house, a frame horse ham a GOODBUGAR BUSH, and athrifty Orchnrd. ]t is wolUncated for aebool and oUior privileges. The ewMorhaving no holp ot'hiis own, and -winning to loarte in the región of tho Uuivemty would Wie to orkuvige for property in or near the city of Ann Arbor. Address l'.O. Box fif5, Ann Arbor or in ,juin. of Dr.GEO. PRAY. 929in3 Detroit St: , opposite Arksey'd wagon shop. ---_ "AÏRBANKS7" TpT Standard SCALES! gK OF ALLK1NDS. fÊf Atso, Warchouse Tntcte, Letter Fahlanks, Greenleaf & Co., 172 Late Street, Chicago. Sold in Detroit by f'ARRAND .t Si 11 1 ;i,K Y. AjrBe carefu! to buy onlj the genuin."O 886j'l


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