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Why Are Hoops Like Obstinate

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men r - Jiecaase tboy often stand out aboui trifles. $5L" There is no monarch's signet tag that ia typical of as raucli duty as the wedding ring. J53ST The correlativo to loving our neighborsas ourselves, is hating oureelves ae we hate our neighbors. ËF" It ia ouly by labor that thought can be made healthy, and on]y by thought tbat labor can be mado happy, ; GP If the ant gives an example of ïodustry, it is much more than a goud many úneles do. EP When men are together they listen to one another; but women and girls look at oüe another. Ep A hypocritieal scoundrel in Ather.s inscribed over his door, "Let nothing evil enter here." Diogenes wrote andar it, "How does the owuer get in." GF We have now in the United States at least two hundred and thirty-fiye general hospitals for the use of the soldiers. containing about 80,000 patieuts. LS Boasting is sometimes out of place. We wero once amused at hearing a gentleman remark that he was a bachelor, aDd his father before him. JJ3C" In vain we chisel, as best we can, the mysterious block of which our life is made, the black vein of destiny contiuually re-appears. S" A Yankee wishing to be understood by his Russian neighbor at table, remarked : Mr. Thingumbobski, I wilí thank you for the pepperdorf. L3T" Sorrow for the dead has a sacred cfficacy. ïhere may be some truth in the oíd superstition, that no touch is so hcaling as that of a dead msn's hand. '; - - JB:X""There's sweet musio in dreams," said an old gentleman. " Yes, there may be," said his wife; " but I hear nothing of it, except a snore." L2" How the moon's fair, pale light, and all its magie pass away when it is brought near by the telescope, as when the future beoomes the present. [ JG2L" Renta in Washington are so high that many Congressmen have been obliged to engage board in Baltiraore. A house, worth $10,000, two stories high, in Washington rents for S4,000. JC" The payment for all branches of the public service for the fisciri year ending with the last of June, were 932,000,000, of which amount 600,000,000 was for tbe army, and 66,000,000 for the navy. ( IJohn K. Steller, of Fhiladelphia has been eenteocod by court-niartial to five years' imprisonaient in the Albany PeDitentiary, for fraud in furniahing aupplies to the arniy. The sentence has been approved by the President. G"A Knoxvillo letter to the Herald of the 7th nientions the fight between the Union and rebel North Caroliniana on French Broad Kiver, in ivhich the former whipped the latter. During the fight raany of the regiraents skedaddled to the Union ranks and poured their -firfi tuto their former comrades, tdPNew Orleans is filling up with a Northern population. Two steamers from New York recently arrived with 452 passengers. The New Orleans Timet of the 27th uit , says that every veBsel from the North comes frjighted with the wives and children of those whc have seitled permanently ia that city. JC3T A London prftfessor lectured reeeutly oa adulterations of food. He hauied round coffee which was pronouneed excellent, thèn told the audience that they had been regaled with a mixture of bullock's blood, chickory, sheep's liver, dried aud old coffee grouts. He gave them capital porter too, made of spirits of wine, gum arabic, and burnt sugar. %yST A little three-year old child ran aw;y from home and camo over to a neighbor's house about eight o clock in the evening, while her mother had gone to the well for a pail of water. Eather surprised at seeiug her out at so late an hour, we asked her : "Are you not afraid to come so far from home in the night ?" "Oh, no sir," replied the confiding little thing. "I've got on mother's hood."


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