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Look On The Bright Side

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-It Í3 better to tread the patk of life cheerfully, skipping lightly over all the obstacles in the way, rather thaa sit down and lament your hard fate. The cheerful man's life will spin out loDger than that of a man who ia continually sad and desponding. If distress comes upon us, de. jection and despair will not afford relief, The best thing to do when ovil comes upon us; is not lanientation, but action; not to sit and suffer, but to rise and make a vigorous effort to Seek a reniedy. Ü3F3 Some wise person sagely retnarked : "There is a great deal of human naturo in man." It crops out occasionally in boys. One of the urchins in the school-ship Massachusetts, who was quite sick, was visited by a kind lady. The little fellow was suffering acutely, and his visitor asked him if she could do anything for him. " Yes," replied the patiënt, " read to me." "Will you have a story ?" asked the lady. "No," answered the boy ; "read frora the Bible- read about Lazarus;" and the lady complied. The next day the visit was repeated, and again the boy asked the lady to read. "Shall I read froia the Bible ?" she inquired. "Oh, no," was the reply; -'I ara better today ; read me a love story."


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