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New York, Dec. 8. The Richmond Whig of tbe 3d talks n the followicg plain fashion : " With no other motive or thought than to advance the public interest, we would again suggest to tho President the advantage of reconstruoting his Cabin-et and calling to hio aid the very ablest intellects of the country. We have a Department of State that haB not been able for nearly three years to establish relations with any other State, a Treasury Department that has fuiled to keep its finances from runuing to ruio, a War Department in the hands of a chief whoso studies and course of life has been peculiarly eivic, a Navy Departrcent -without a navy, a Postoffice Department with a very shackling system of maih, a Department of Justice vacant. The business of each department separately shows tho want of a more masterly hand, and the united powers of their ehief councils, if counoils are ever held, fail to supply tho quantum of wisdom the country needs. We are getting into deep waters, and a feeling oí dread is shaking the souls of the people. There is nothing the President can do that will so reanímate their hearts and stiinulate their confidence in an aflection for him as the oalüng to his side ae his daily acivisers, i Cabinet oí the wisent, trjiest and noüt experienced men in the country, ■egaidlesg of what may have been their oriuer politica! associations. The time s propitious, the occasion urgent, snd tho pecplo msiously expectant íor bis own (ontinuing ospacity for usafului'ss md future lame, as we!l as on account of the rarely necefsitous and exigent condition of the country. We with jarnestne?8 press this recomraendaion."


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